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Ultra-quick electric pulses KILLING cancer cells – Time for the world to pay close attention

“Natural News) For more than a decade, a team of cancer researchers at Old Dominion University (ODU) in Norfolk, Virginia have been studying a new type of cancer therapy that utilizes nano-second stimulation by ultra-fast electrical pulses to kill tumor cells, and now, after testing it out on mice, it’s working. Generating about 3 million pulses in about the time it takes your heart to beat once, this new form of cancer therapy is killing liver cancer tumors in less than 10 minutes, and they’re not growing back.

The pulses are generated by a machine no larger than an old computer monitor, and what’s taking place is no less than prolific. The pulse system is generating electrical stimulation that triggers the human immune system to not only locate the bad cells, but to hone in on them with cancer-killing cells and attack. This is an enormous breakthrough for bio-electrics, for the natural health world, and for natural cures in general. Clinical trials on humans are said to begin as soon as possible. There will be long lines, folks.”

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