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Here's How You Can Rent an RV for Just $1 a Day and Take the Perfect Summer Road Trip. I never would have thought of it.

“As summer heats up, you may be thinking about your next big road trip. Prime months to explore the open road, RV rentals can be hard to come by—or extremely� expensive—as people scramble to book their vacations. But, if you are a bit flexible, you could find yourself traveling in comfort for just $1 a day.

The trick? Relocation rentals. Sometimes RV rental companies need to move their vehicles from one location to another and rather than spend a lot of money to do it themselves, they're willing to slash their prices if a renter will do the work for them. This is particularly true during the summer months when companies need to move their inventory often. These RV rental deals can include fees from just $1 a day, gas reimbursements, and even a travel allowance.

As many of these deals are announced last minute, you'll need to be a bit spontaneous with your travel, but the payoff is worth it. So where can you look for relocation rentals? One of the world's largest RV operators, Apollo, has a special section for relocation offers in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, while sites like Imoova and Transfercar aggregate offers from large rental companies. Juicy and Cruise America are two other RV rental companies that advertise relocation rentals directly on their website.

Just remember to read the fine print when booking your deal to make sure you are clear on all the regulations, and then you're off! Something to consider when booking is how many miles are included and the charges for overages. And you'll also want to take into account the number of miles you'd need to drive each day to hit your destination by the return date. RVs move slower than cars, so your speed will be limited and if you are thinking of making stops along the way, factor this in. Some relocation deals will allow you to add on extra days for a small fee, so that's also a possibility.

While there's no special license needed to drive an RV, most companies do require drivers to be over 21 and often don't allow children on board. Start searching now and you could be hitting the road in no time.”

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