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The Irrefutable Argument Against Vaccine Safety - with Author Del Bigtree...YouTube video. Multiple vaccines are in development for adults.

Del Bigtree is a journalist specializing in vaccines. He is science minded and looks for the science behind vaccines and proof they work as promoted. He uses the governments own figures in his presentation. I suggest you watch this video and ponder what is said.

In 1986 children were scheduled for a total of 11 vaccines.

In 2017 children were scheduled for a total of 53 vaccines!

Yet the US experiences a 50% more first day of life infant mortality rate than ALL industrialized nations COMBINED!!!!

And note the health issues that present later...

Whether you care about children or not, as an adult you might be interested in the plans under development to mandate dozens of vaccines for adults!

Understand the effects the FDA and other gov't agencies have have on people and ponder if all agencies are like minded.

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