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The Future of Medicine: Boost Your Health, Mind, Vitality, Mood and Athletic Ability with Light. Light? Yes light...a certain wavelength of light.

"If there was a pill which could boost your health and vitality, sharpen your mind and supercharge your athletic abilities … you’d take it, right?

Especially if there were no negative side effects … and the pill was cheap?

Well, there is something like that.

But instead of a pill you pop in your mouth, it’s a special type of light. Scientists call treatment with this special type of light “photobiomodulation” (or “PBM”), and they used to call it “low level light therapy” (or “LLLT”). Or some people simply call it “red light therapy”.

"Thousands of Scientific Studies from All Over the World Demonstrate the Power of This Approach

Let’s jump right into the scientific proof that this approach is incredibly powerful for a vast range of conditions. We will link to the scientific studies, and note the academic institutions with which the researchers are affiliated."

It boils down to stimulating the mitochondria in our cells...where our energy is produced as well as the signaling molecules our cells need for their instructions. Up to the past couple of years I never gave much thought to how do our cells know what to do.

The following link has, conveniently, multiple links for further research.

I have used the products of this site There is no shortage of companies offering this therapy.

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