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Altering human genetics through vaccination - Here is the inconvenient truth about DNA vaccines—They will permanently alter your DNA.

Here is a fact. Scientists know most real foods, non GMO varieties, are good for you. Nature inputs an abundance of elements that support your life and health...not a single ingredient.

Big Pharma's desire to make Billions of Dollars knows this too. Big Pharma (BP) thinks the only way it can make money is to offer products that have a patent.

Being in the health business BP researches plants for what they call the therapeutic ingredient, isolates it and sells it as a cure/ symptom relief solution.

Docs prescribe dedications. They do so via a reference manual/book/app. Thing is this...each of the 5,000+ drugs listed has adverse effects, side effects, contraindications, etc., etc. No one drug is perfect for everyone.

However most people can eat a food or drink a fluid and not get seriously sick.

If the medical establishment wants to poke us with a DNA altering substance, the effects which are said to be permanent, how do we know the DNA changes will be a total benefit to out body?

There is already evidence of unintended negative consequences.

In which gov't agency do you place your ABSOLUTE trust? And it you experience a problem...who you going to call?

It is a war folks! They will kill you and you'll pay for them to do opinion...and how does John Q Public do his/her research when most research is fraudulent?

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