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Scientific journal officially retracts controversial CRISPR study.

Last year, a study published in the journal Nature Methods caused controversy in the scientific community after claiming to find over 100 unintended large genetic deletions or insertions related to the CRISPR gene-editing process. Now the journal has officially retracted the paper after a thorough review found the main claims in the study were not sufficiently backed up by data.

With several human clinical trials involving the CRISPR gene-editing process moving forward, the original study resulted in a flurry of criticism from many scientists in the field. Geneticists argued the study was fundamentally flawed, with a low sample size and conclusions that could not be reasonably attributed to the data gathered.

The rest of the story is at

The arguments will likely go back and forth. If eventual harm is discovered...will anyone care?

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Scientific journal officially retracts controversial CRISPR study.
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