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J. P.Morgan, the main group financing Hitler's regime of megalomania, exploitation and destruction. Were Morgan (more gain!) crooks accused in the Nuremberg Trial? Ever heard of?


The Anglo-American ruling circles, in order to take the initiative in their own hands, waited for France to get caught up in a venturing adventure and to prove its inability to solve the problem. US Secretary of State Hughes pointed out: “It is necessary to wait for Europe to mature in order to accept the American proposal.”

The new project was developed in the depths of “JP Morgan & Co.” under the instruction of the head of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman. At the core of his ideas was representative of the “Dresdner Bank” Hjalmar Schacht, who formulated it in March 1922 at the suggestion of John Foster Dulles (future Secretary of state in the Cabinet of President Eisenhower) and legal adviser to President W. Wilson at the Paris peace conference. Dulles gave this note to the chief Trustee “JP Morgan & Co.”, and then JP Morgan recommended that H. Schacht, M. Norman, and the last of the Weimar rulers. In December, 1923, H. Schacht would become Manager of the Reichsbank and was instrumental in bringing together the Anglo-American and German financial circles.

In the summer of 1924, the project known as the “Dawes plan” (named after the Chairman of the Committee of experts who created it – American banker and Director of one of the banks of the Morgan group), was adopted at the London conference. He called for halving the reparations and solved the question about the sources of their coverage. However, the main task was to ensure favorable conditions for US investment, which was only possible with stabilization of the German Mark.

To this end, the plan gave Germany a large loan of $200 million, half of which was accounted for by JP Morgan. While the Anglo-American banks gained control not only over the transfer of German payments, but also for the budget, the system of monetary circulation and to a large extent the credit system of the country. By August 1924, the old German Mark was replaced by a new, stabilized financial situation in Germany, and, as the researcher G.D Preparta wrote, the Weimar Republic was prepared for “the most picturesque economic aid in history, followed by the most bitter harvest in world history” — “an unstoppable flood of American blood poured into the financial veins of Germany.”

The consequences of this were not slow to appear.

This was primarily due to the fact that the annual reparations were to cover the amount of debt paid by the allies, formed by the so-called “absurd Weimar circle”. The gold that Germany paid in the form of war reparations, was sold, pawned, and disappeared in the US, where it was returned to Germany in the form of an “aid” plan, who gave it to England and France, and they in turn were to pay the war debt of the United States. It was then overlayed with interest, and again sent to Germany. In the end, all in Germany lived in debt, and it was clear that should Wall Street withdraw their loans, the country will suffer complete bankruptcy.

Secondly, although formal credit was issued to secure payment, it was actually the restoration of the military-industrial potential of the country. The fact is that the Germans were paid in shares of companies for the loans so that American capital began to actively integrate into the German economy.

The total amount of foreign investments in German industry during 1924-1929 amounted to almost 63 billion gold Marks (30 billion was accounted for by loans), and the payment of reparations — 10 billion Marks. 70% of revenues were provided by bankers from the United States, and most of the banks were from JP Morgan.


And this close connection to J. P. Morgan may explain why Hitler & Comrades
named their top secret mobile railway command center
hold your breath

mind the numbers and think of the abundance of
Amerika train was composed of 13 cars of Deutsche Reichsbahn:
Composition of Amerika: · Two steam locomotives type fast 03-231 BR Pacific, · A car refurbished Flackwagen, Zwilling two antiaircraft mounts of 20 mm, on the roof, · A luggage van. · The personal car of Hitler "Fuhrerwagen" · A car "Befhelswagen" command car, which also included, conference room. · A blegleitkomandowagen, car top leaders. · A car bed for SS troops. · A dining car. · A car of bathrooms. · A guest car. · Two car beds for staff. . A wagon transmissions. · A car for the press. · A car refurbished Flackwagen, Zwilling two antiaircraft mounts of 20 mm, on the roof.
Anecdotally, the train-mounted antiaircraft never fired a single shot during the entire Second World War.

The interior of the car, was luxuriously velvet-lined blue and red, inlays in wood. The bathrooms have gold faucets with hot and cold water, and all the cars were interconnected by a telephone network. Also had radio turntable and official cars and heads. This convoy was traveling with its two locomotives at a speed of 130 km / h, to avoid, possible attacks or airstrikes. Curiously Amerika was not shielded in origin, and it was not until 1944, when they decided to add shielding.

This was not a single train, for the Wehrmacht, had several trains similar to the high command as Himmler, Göring and Goebbels. Often these Sonderzugs, then the Fuhrerzug circulating in the case of massive celebrations.
Apparently the train was kept here sometimes.

The last day that Hitler, in his train traveled, was the January 15, 1945, when he returned from Adlerhorst to Berlin, where he spent his last days, until his fateful end.

52 Führers Geburtstag im FHQ 'Frühlingssturm' (Sonderzug "Amerika") 20 April 1941/b>

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In 1917 J. P.Morgan bought the editorial policy of the 25 most influential papers in the US to get America into WWI. This contract is still in effect. Would that be hard to believe?
J. P.Morgan, the main group financing Hitler's regime of megalomania, exploitation and destruction. Were Morgan (more gain!) crooks accused in the Nuremberg Trial? Ever heard of?
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