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time to relax, to get and give - hopefully good - inspirations in Paradise :D *PIC*

After sifting thru a lot of fotos I had taken in recent years I started to clean bottles, listening to radio, pop music to stay up-to-date, when I heard the second time a new unusual song. This time I tried to listen closer to catch some text. Okay, I thought I got it, went to my web machine, picked up the live version, looked up personal details of the band and now finally have to say: for me, a new sound experience, something unique, well made performance, in their own words they make "alternative songs". Who is it?

X Ambassadors

from Ithaca, New York
they will come to Hamburg on 24th of March

wiki X Ambassadors
I like this new style but I prefer not to elaborate on their social background and welfare activities.
For this, please decide on your own.

surprising connection to Don't Stay sung by Sam Harris LOL :)
see my side note, life is stranger than fiction, some times

As part of my homeworks I had to open a channel shaft. Just when I looked down a big fat rat was to be seen on the bottom,
walking in the rain pipe waterway towards the main street channel. Shocking?
Not really, but proof for stealth creeping underground guests. LOL!

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