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What happened to RMN Rayelan aka Raye Allan Smith? Her last "alarming" post dated 22nd Oct. 2017. Since then, nothing, her name not mentioned, no articles, no referrals! Makes me wonder ... *PIC*

Even her harshest critic, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster at
stopped to talk about Rayelan and the RMN incrowd,
Melinda's last input was October 26, last year.

Not that I would bother that much, but then, what might have happened?
Was Rayelan taken out behind the scenes?
Am I the only one who is asking?
Is she still alive? :O

First all her RMN archive is deleted two times, in 2009(?), then again in 2014, allegedly by unknown hackers, and each time no server backups available, then she herself seems to be deleted, maybe only from the public...

Has Rayelan's last posting something to do with her stealth disappearance?

The Biggest Terrorist Attack Is Coming
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 22-Oct-2017 19:45:41

Subject: [RMN Contact] The Biggest Terrorist Attack Is Coming
Date: Oct 22, 2017 4:10 AM

Hello Rayelan,

This info should be spread far and wide to stop the largest terror attack in US history.

George Soros has flooded his terrorist groups with 18 billion dollars as well as made a 2 billion dollar put option on the stock market. This indicates that he knows the stock market will crash.

He will accomplish this from the 18 billion he has funneled to his parent co. that funds Antifa and BLM etc. for the November 4th attack on our country and President.

A terrorist army can do a lot of damage with 18 billion backing them. This is how Soros' play book has taken down other countries and made billions from their demise by creating the chaos that he bet on.

We are being distracted with Weinstein, Presidential tweets and events that have already occurred instead of focusing on what is imminent danger. If America doesn't stop Soros' diabolical plot...

think mass American casualties and the ushering in of the NWO.

God help us all!

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