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Astrologer Steve Judd’s overall view of 2018 (Not every word but a quick summary of the important points)

Steve Judd’s overall view of 2018 (Not every word but the important points)

(Mid May to end of July...crunch times.)

Steve says, “I’ve never seen a year ahead, as interesting, stimulating, and potentially challenging as 2018. There are certain trigger points where it is looking crazy!

The big one, over the course of the year, at least at the superficial level…on the surface is May. But there is even bigger stuff coming up in July.

Let’s start with the easy stuff. January is not easy…from the 14th to the 17th there will be 6 planets in Capricorn…there will be some type of specific development and event globally will set the tone for the year. A confrontational time. It will push people’s buttons. The status quo will be challenged…(source not determined) a dodgy time…if you are prepared to grab the moment, move with the flow, take chances, not risks, will be all right. Inflexible people will be challenged.

February, March will be quiet.

April 2nd to 5th an argumentative time...3rd week of April sees a change of course...(from what to what?)

May is an absolutely crazy month. 13th to 21st of May an extremely volatile time, affects the British royal family and the UK. Not holding his breath for Prince Harry getting married. A time of radical change.

June 28th is the start of the most critical time of 2018.

July 13th 27th, an explosive time, radical shift. Volatile, militaristic, subversive action on 27th. Pay attention to your gut instinct. Be safe. (This time period freaks him out.)

August things have calmed down.

September quiet.

October sees clearing, a conclusion to what has been going on earlier in May, June and July.

November and December...quiet.

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male cuckatoo loves Elvis, gets excited :D female partner only raises left foot ... what may this tell us? :O
Bird on the right is the rocker! One on the left is uptight! Ha ha! If you want to get your “bird” on, so to speak...
Thanks for the hint :D I'm just sifting thru YTer prophecies for 2018 and reviews on 2017. Turns me pessimistic as a precaution, on purpose.
Astrologer Steve Judd’s overall view of 2018 (Not every word but a quick summary of the important points)
So, what may or will occur in the critical periods of the new year? Long predicted earthquakes and/or volcanoe eruptions? Repeat of 911 scenario? 3rd World War turning hot?
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