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We are at war. THEIR enemy is us. THEM warmongers are .... well known? YOU name it! *PIC*

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We are at war
It is about the extinction or annihilation of European peoples and cultures.

[included: all people of European origin, living in the Americas, in Africa, Asia or Australia]

Only when one recognizes this realization does the whole madness that we all experience make sense.

The European peoples are deprived of cultural identity. It is also necessary to blur boundaries. Not only geographic boundaries, but also limits of social norms including gender boundaries. In this way, the European cultures and peoples are deeply destroyed (see the quotations above).
The decomposition leads to weakness. The weakness is exploited to flood the European peoples with immigrants from foreign cultural areas. As the European peoples were weakened, it is easy for immigrants to install their own values ​​and norms, ie cultural values.

What we are currently experiencing is a new form of warfare. [not really new in history of mankind] The war is being waged with the so-called refugees against European peoples and cultures.
The goal may have once been to create a pancreatic space with a heterogenized population. But in the end, European culture will perish and be replaced by an African, Asian culture and population. [as planned by creeps such as Coudenhove-Kalergi, Barbra Spectre, Winston Churchill, alien led ilk and comrats]

The war against the European peoples also includes an economic war.
An economic war of u.a. This leads millions of people from Africa and Central Asia to move to the settlement areas of European peoples. At the same time, the war of aspiration should lead to a weakening of the once stable economies and social systems. After all, functioning economies and social structures are indispensable for stable social interaction. In this respect, CO2 levies, energy turnaround, economic boycotts and also billions of lawsuits against individual car companies, TISA, TTIP etc. are methods of warfare.

This war is accompanied by appropriate propaganda measures. [disinfo as usual, lies as weapons] The much-cited Welcome Culture is an example of this. Anyone who does not submit unconditionally and uncritically to the culture of welcome is the system enemy. He is marginalized, criminalized and persecuted. This still happens at a relatively low level. But the weapons (censorship, surveillance of the Internet, closures, deletions, hate laws and organizations to prosecute the critics (Kahane authority)) are already being sharpened.

In any war, it is important to disturb or control the communication of the opponent. The classic media have long been in the hands of those who promote the war. That's why the internet is an important battleground.

Because on the internet, enlightened and critical people still have the opportunity to inform themselves independently, to communicate with each other and to enlighten other people. [a free area in rapid decline thou, be aware of fake aka controlled opposition, wolves in sheep's clothes, false prophets and pied pipers]

If conventional warfare against states or groups is added, the above-mentioned effects are intensified on the one hand, and on the other hand, enemy images are created for the majority of the people, but only serve to divert attention from the actual problems and objectives. [and the real enemies behind the public scenes and those walking'n talking under false flags according to their rule: if you want to beat opposition take the lead of opposition]
The war has already begun.
The so-called refugees are the soldiers.
[well known fifth column strategy used by baal-shevik communists, illumiNaZis and other dark side devil-worshippers]
We are the enemies.

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We are at war. THEIR enemy is us. THEM warmongers are .... well known? YOU name it! *PIC*
Agreed! Excellent Post! Sums things up nicely *NM*
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