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Re: My Little Hedgehog Baby *LINK*
In Response To: My Little Hedgehog Baby *PIC* ()

Amazing pic! Although this is less and less common these days. Hedgehog numbers are falling. We need to be careful before they become an endangered species.

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My Little Hedgehog Baby *PIC*
Your killing me!! it is SOOO adorable!!!! *NM*
"And NO, tonight I'll not come out of my cardboard for a photosession, I miss my Momma!" *NM* *PIC*
Now thats about the cutest dagome thing I have ever seen !!!!! :) *NM*
hedge fund bottoms up haul, the screw in sink for a clean sweep baby hedge
Re: My Little Hedgehog Baby *LINK*
Hi Clive! Big thanks for chiming in and linking to :) What a pleasure! Methinks we are on the same wavelength, sincerely, I'm deeply touched by your creativity and love for nature. *PIC*
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