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Re: Fear of tourist trade being affected?? locals in VEGAS are in the know of the REAL story.

Or maybe the hotels are situated so that the bullets would ricochet ( bounce off of walls then just go flying into entrances of other hotels ?? ) that's why I never bought a gun!!

I thought about it after having a huge rattle snake in my fireplace one night. I panicked and in total shock I accidentally picked up my phone and called 911. I was suprised when they said yes they could help me. they sent a fire truck to my house. But I left the house to direct them to my ranch. But when I got back no sign of the snake.That week I went to a gun store to inquire about getting trained on and using a gun. I asked which type of gun would help me in a similar scenario. (Hard to navigate around a six foot rattlesnake in your living room without being a snake charmer! ) Every one of my friends told me I should not be living in the country without some protection. However what I learned that day was that bullets bounce off large rocks and it changes their direction. They can bounce off large oak trees and large boulders as well. Well I had many large boulders and trees everywhere not really any large open spaces. I just decided I would probably accidentally shoot myself if I had it on my property and was probably much safer to NOT own a gun.

So other thoughts is that those bullets that were hitting glass or sides of buildings bounced off changing their directions and went on to travel straight into the other entrances of the other three hotels. Who knows about various types of bullets of all high powered guns and how they travel. I guess the experts know all of that.

Anyway, crazy horribly sad event. I can't imagine being there or witnessing from various locations.

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Las Vegas -ground crew- view
With all the data being constantly collected it would not surprise me if someone wrote a program to “mine” the perfect suspect/patsy! Can't expect MSM to tell the truth. *NM*
Fear of tourist trade being affected?? locals in VEGAS are in the know of the REAL story.
Re: Fear of tourist trade being affected?? locals in VEGAS are in the know of the REAL story.
I would think the local authorities whom are getting the phone calls would make sure it is part of the investigation. Yes, I see your point about how easy it would be to set anyone up based on
Hi Frothy! ;) I wanted to share my thoughts on Las Vegas, decorated with gematria and other oddities, then my browser stopped, the active window went foggy, RAM, memory and pagefile.sys clogged *PIC*
yes, good idea to listen
Thank you for your thoughts and imagery
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