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Fear of tourist trade being affected?? locals in VEGAS are in the know of the REAL story.

Many people in Vegas know people who are employees at the various casinos and they all talk, right??? Well there are many hundreds of them who personally eye witnessed 4 shooting incidents at the exact same time at 4 different hotels. This is Las Vegas locals ALL know.

If it were Chicago maybe that would be no big deal and normal or some other big cities with high crime rates. Just a total coincidence.Could it just be a coincidence or wouldn't it be worth noting on the news that there was much confusion and including potentially a good time to attempt a robbery at a different casino.., thus other shootings at four different hotels. however they would have to be somewhat psychic to know intuitively at the same exact moment when to start shooting!!!

Most all residents feel it very odd when the media coverage only showed the biggest incident. So we were wondering if perhaps the city officials and hotels police all got together to tell some white lies so as to not scare off their future tourist trade. For example in San Diego not all shark attacks made it into the newspapers. Locals knew these things from word of mouth. Other thoughts are perhaps they are aware of a much bigger actual war starting or something but for our safety while they are getting a handle on the REAL situation give a fake report to buy more time to catch all the other criminals involved. Sort of like on the TV show the mentalist. The team would trick the suspect by making it look like the real suspect got arrested in order to flush the actual REAL criminal out. Often times it totally worked, they basically did psychological operations.

So the people in Las Vegas are counting on them figuring out the ENTIRE situation and catching ALL the criminals then giving the new updated report.

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Las Vegas -ground crew- view
With all the data being constantly collected it would not surprise me if someone wrote a program to “mine” the perfect suspect/patsy! Can't expect MSM to tell the truth. *NM*
Fear of tourist trade being affected?? locals in VEGAS are in the know of the REAL story.
Re: Fear of tourist trade being affected?? locals in VEGAS are in the know of the REAL story.
I would think the local authorities whom are getting the phone calls would make sure it is part of the investigation. Yes, I see your point about how easy it would be to set anyone up based on
Hi Frothy! ;) I wanted to share my thoughts on Las Vegas, decorated with gematria and other oddities, then my browser stopped, the active window went foggy, RAM, memory and pagefile.sys clogged *PIC*
yes, good idea to listen
Thank you for your thoughts and imagery
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