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Unexpected sources that create weather related problems and will continue to do so until well intentioned people learn more and then change their ways. .

Research Summary and Interview on a 'New' Method for Drought-Abatement and Desert-Greening: Cloudbusting.

A 1950s Discovery, Tested Out Globally, Holds Promise to End Drought, Diminish Wildfires and Green Deserts. Methods Already Proven in Israel, Africa, the USA and Elsewhere.


Busting chemtrails seems to make sense to anyone who likes to breath clean air. Cloudbusters usually do have a positive effect, sooner or later, in cleaning up chemtrails.

But there is a catch, that other than at the links in this post, I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere. It might be out there. I just haven’t seen it. Here’s the catch!

A Rife Cloudbusting machine properly designed is made to break up STATIC energy. Once the STATIC energy is broken up and the atmosphere is normalized there is no further need for "busting" at this time.

People who make their own cloudbusters leave them up thinking they are cleaning the air 24/7/365.

Doing so creates more weather related problems than were present originally. You can see for yourself in reading the article at the link below.



On the Problem of Growing Irrationalism and Mis-Application of Reich's Atmospheric Discoveries A Personal View by James DeMeo, Ph.D. Director Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory Greensprings Center PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA

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