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Why I’ve been away? I just got fed up with all the fake news!

Why I’ve been away? I just got fed up with all the fake news! Most of what is published is bullshit, even scientific research. As was quoted not so long ago, mainstream media controls the population through censored news. We must be very powerful beings, we humans, because so much money and effort is spent in keeping us dumbed down.


But I did come across a couple of things that are interesting. This is one of them…and its purpose is to help us wake up by giving us more info about who we are/might be…from the Human Design point of view.


Horoscope columns are very popular. I take that to mean people are looking for insight. Problem with general horoscopes is this…there are about 612,000,000 people for each of the 12 signs.


In the mid 1980s, “Human Design” began development. I never heard of it before.


This is not a subject in which one places belief. If one chooses to look at Human Design, it is suggested one do so from an experimental point of view. See if parts of it are applicable to you, or perhaps people you know.


The basic free chart offers up a couple of simple perspectives and it nailed me! I wish I had known this years ago. It would have saved me much frustration.


I choose not to say more. People will be interested or not.


Here are a few links on Human Design


The International Human Design School

You can get your own very basic chart here

Discover Your Design

There are many Youtube videos on the subject.

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Dear OldmanJr where are you? Hope you're well. We are missing you ;) Also, Frothy, Friend of the Flock, please come back. *PIC*
Why I’ve been away? I just got fed up with all the fake news!
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I had to deal with a few not so unexpected technical problems, so I had to change priorities.
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