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When you fall into the Abyss of the BIG Asshole ... *PIC*

it's inevitable. You will lose your mind in there. You have no soul left, things get clouded and you forget what you went in there for. Your wires become more twisted.

I am sure it is not his fault: he probably hears less about the present stage of reality than we do.

What do you think Don? I know at one point you were pretty happy with this leader.

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it turns out, like I had indicated: Tronald Dump is just another zio-pussy, a blackmailed stooge and/or a full-mouthed actor rambling in his golden cage, reeling while tethered to hIS RELAtives :D *PIC*
When you fall into the Abyss of the BIG Asshole ... *PIC*
Mike Rivero WRH made a conclusive comment on the regurgitated claim "Assad gasses own people" *PIC*
OY! Falling into the Abyss of the BIG Asshole ...that's SO ABYSMAL :D (no, not abyss small, just the contrary) *PIC*
GLP-POLL: Would The DOD or CIA Give Trump False Intel To Further Their Agenda? 95 % say: Yes They Would! *PIC*
instead of full-mouthed better say: full-bo-died :D ?
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