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David Rockfeller dies at 101 - Steve Quayle comments *NM* *LINK*
embedded: David Rockfeller kicks bucket at 101 - Steve Quayle's bye bye. Jack say: NO pockets in Roguefella's last shirt! :O *PIC*
btw Hungarian fellow tribe's man and stock market speculator André Kostolany once said: 90% of public news is either wrong or unimportant! Golly gosh! Imagine! :D *PIC*
maybe he should have eaten more natural grown bio-organic chicken eggs from Hangarian puszta?
Barney Miller TV comedy series from 1981 tells too much??? *NM* *LINK*
clip embedded for instant & safe watching ;)
jester license: "the joke is the hole where the truth comes out like a mole" :D *NM*
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