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March 22 at 6:54pm
Have you ever heard of this?

ASSAP SLI Street Light Interference PDF

Cathy Hill Cook
March 22 at 10:00pm
before I click the site
I could and still do make the street lights go off from light to off
my energy goes up to take all of the lights in my home out at one time.

I am an energy shifter

so any way

I shall click now.

Cathy Hill Cook
March 22 at 10:09pm
here is what happens in my home,

I am on page 11 and just stopped the pdf file
the insidence was written in 92 and this is when the lights along with my boyfriend peter kok started noticing the lights etc.

here enjoy the paranormal photos I have with in my home and at ocean isle
blessings in an awakening to the light of each brightest light
finding the pathfinders way.

goose bumps

These angelid Figures are photos I have taken in my home origionals, others are sequenced at our "Hills by the Sea" beach front. Daddy surely is showing himself in these photos. with the angels and spirits. ...

March 22 at 10:16pm
Me too. First noticed it when I was driving home from UNC Charlotte in 1982. Lights started blinking out one after one as I drove under them. Then I started noticing other lights in other situations. Always when I'm in an intense frame of mind or mood. I didn't tell any body about it for years. Then, a few years ago I googled it and was amazed at the fact there were "others". Kind of relieved too.

Cathy Hill Cook
March 22 at 10:36pm
welcome to the awakening man

spiritual hugs to you and yours

I talked of it since age one and ahalf when I awoke due to a trama

I am a devout worker for the lord
though it is obvious he is wishing me to know all of the ways and means
as I assure you this is why i reached out to you with your aura red
red is the hardest color to work with due to the passion that it reprosents
the opposite of its polars are as intense as the positive is to the negitive
love to hate
in the passion must be balanced

I believe you understand what i mean with the temperments ones passion runs through.


Cathy Hill

thank you for sharing ones slide.. no pun intended

March 22 at 11:41pm
Thanks for sharing fellow slider. Kind of a weird acronym huh. I have always believed it is a manifestation of something spiritual. Some try to explain it in scientific terms. I believe science just serves as a looking glass into gods miracles.

I must tell you that you touched me when we were in high school. I always felt that you were special. Even though you kissed Buddy Phillips
Ha Ha!

I'm glad you have found your footing on the twisting and sometimes rocky path we are on. Keep the faith...

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