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Help !! The BING Monster has taken over? Get me out of here!


I Search mainly with Google

Have FireFox browser.


All of a sudden today every search is with BING.

I am going DINGY trying to lose BING...

EVEN when I specify I want to search with Google I get BING results.

Go Awaayyyy!

I don't know if BING is any good or not, but when sometyhing takes over my computer without my OK - well OUT you go!


Any advice.???


(I have backdated system restored you name it!)

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Help !! The BING Monster has taken over? Get me out of here!
In Firefox go to Tools, then Options, choose Search and another search engine like Duckduckgo? Works for me! :-)
it was some extention Add-On thingy a mabob, on Firefox that just happened to sneaK UP ON ME. Once I removed that everything went back to normal. Wheh! *NM*
May also try "" ? ;)
dear drummy, which (per)version of gates & bills o-pe-rating weendoze do you have inside your compi for unwillingly serving (npi) the glowball WWW aka 666 spider web ? ;) 8 or 10 :(
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