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Re: Deny THIS Holocaust!! * WHO Was Behind It & The FAMILY CONNECTION To The USA PATRIOT ACT *VID*

Sorry, but this is not simply true and you have not done your research very well. Viet.D.Dinh is absolutely not related to Ngo Dinh Diem. In Vietnamese the last name is first, then middle names and then their first name. So in Vietnam it would be Đinh Đồng Phụng Việt; and Ngô Đình Diệm. They are from different families, the families of Đinh and Ngô respectively. ALso recognise Đình means something completely different in Vietnamese to Đinh apart from the former being a middle name and the latter being a surname. 

Ngo Dinh Diem was a Vietnamese patriot who was betrayed by the CIA. The buddhist monks were known to hide in US embassies for safety from Diem and they obviously were funded by the CIA. Wikileak now shows that Thích Trí Quang, the buddhist riot leader at the time was a double agent to the CIA and communists. 

The reason why Diem and his brother Nhu were assassinated by his generals in a coup is due to CIA funding. In fact there are recordings now in the White House released which prove this. Diem did not want to allow US troops on South Vietnamese soil as he knew this would make him lose legitimacy. He was Vietnamese and he knew that the Vietnamese were fiercely nationalistic and would not side with his governement if this happened. He also was a fervent believer in self-sufficiency, he wanted the money, the weapons, the training but not the advice and bullying that came with it from the US government. He knew what was best for his people. His Strategic Hamlet programme was extremely successful and the communist espionage network was nearly obliterated during these years. When he was killed, even Ho Chi Minh and his politburo exclaimed in utter suprise at 'how stupid the Americans are in killing Diem'. The communists already knew in 1963 that they would win the war eventually after Diem's assasintation.

The long-term aim of America was not for South Vietnam to win the war. SOuth Vietnamese troops even in the late 60's and mid 70s were never allowed to cross the DMZ and take Hanoi which they could have done easily after the failed communist tet offensive in 1968 and raging battle in 1972. The US then betrayed South Vietnam a second time by stopping funding to the SV as well as arm shipments whereas the communists received increased supply from the USSR, CHina and the whole of eastern europe. The US knew what they wanted in the beginning. They used South Vietnam as a bargaining chip to get close to China and when Nixon shook hands with Mao, the US immediately withrew funding and troops to SV in the Geneva convention. If the jesuits had anything to do with it, it was defintely not Diem or THieu or the South Vietnamese but it was the CIA and US government.

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Deny THIS Holocaust!! * WHO Was Behind It & The FAMILY CONNECTION To The USA PATRIOT ACT *VID* *PIC*
sorry, just wanted to do you a favor :D thanks for the link, the RCMBT Roman Catholic Main Battle Tank is frightening though somewhat old-fashioned.
Hunkering Down for the Battle of Armageddon ... :D *NM*
Re: Deny THIS Holocaust!! * WHO Was Behind It & The FAMILY CONNECTION To The USA PATRIOT ACT *VID*
'American' Holocaust? British Holocaust then: Bombing Hamburg, Dresden, Stuttgart, Cologne, Nurnberg, Frankfurt, Berlin? So what was the 'Jewish' Holocaust? Bombing Beirut? Damascus? :O *PIC*
in response to "Deny THIS Holocaust!! * WHO Was Behind It & The FAMILY CONNECTION To The USA PATRIOT ACT *VID* *PIC*"
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