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We all need teachers from time to time, and we serve the greater good by teaching others from time to time. The key to effective teaching is not to open your mouth unless asked a question! This distinguishes an act of service from gossip and one-upmanship. Unsolicited commentary is usually just ego banter. If a person asks for help in reaching clarity or discerning guidance, then an opportunity to serve another has arisen.

A good therapist or teacher will help you trust yourself and find your inner compass. The pitfall is that some teachers and therapists are aligned with belief systems that are birthed from Density Consciousness. Thus, while they offer emotional support, they also offer another refinement of the density limitation.

This can be helpful as we lean to cope better with conventional living. It is also helpful to create a sense of competence in addressing life's challenges, and that is as far as it goes. When you decide it is time to set aside ego evolution in favor of Ascension Consciousness, your priorities will shift, as will your teachers. So get clear on what your choice is. Is it conventional empowerment, or is it spiritual in lightenment that you want?
Thus, you are seeking a level of experience that is beyond emotional quietude. You are seeking true Union, true Peace. When we seek to rise from the stream of Density Consciousness, we do need a Torchbearer to show the way. It is as if your being has been swept downstream in a river. Someone needs to be on shore to extend his or her hands and help lift you out.

Their light helps you find your own light. It is the reason we are all here: To provide all with the opportunity to reunify with their own light by simply being present with ours. Ask for guidance, listen, and you will be led. It is up to you to find the doorway to inner communion. It is up to you to listen to that communion. It is up to you to take action based upon that
listening. These three steps--find, listen, and act--are yours alone.

Once you find your path, commit to it. With your inner communication channel open, you'll know the difference between the light and shades of density. You'll know, because you are the Guru! And, as you catch yourself knowing and being this truth, let a smile appear. This is the Bliss of Conscious Beingness.


The year 2012 represents a date on the calendar. It is an estimated "boiling point" in mass consciousness. It is not so much a cosmic deadline as it is the arrival of a critical mass in consciousness. The image of raising the temperature in a pot of water is quite appropriate. When does water actually boil? As the heat increases in a pot of water, little bubbles begin to form and rise to the surface. As the temperature continues to increase, more and more little bubbles rise. At some point
these bubbles combine into a large mass rising, a rolling boil. Those who have lifted from the water have undergone a phase shift-they have become steam. The water is still present in the vapor-it is just a lot less dense.

The temperature of consciousness, so to speak, has been rising for some years. Since the release of karma, the heat has steadily increased. Little bubbles are starting to rise, and those bubbles represent the people who choose to activate their full awakening now. We anticipate that in the coming three years, more and more people will lift off the game board of Earth school and anchor in the fifth-dimensional energies. Those who have found their way to other dimensions will illuminate
the path for many. In fact, we believe that by the year 2012 more people will have realized Enlightenment than ever before in the history of the planet. Thousands of people holding Ascension Consciousness at that time will offer an energetic balance to those who are holding on to polarized positions. This provides a balancing energy for all to have their culminating experience.

Remember, it is the various levels of consciousness that stimulate discernment about your own choices. While you are in a body on the Earth you often need a mirror in order to call forth your awareness. It is the wide contrast in ways of being that helps us to understand our own choices. Be grateful for them all. The teacher needs the student just as much as the student needs the teacher. We are interdependent. We are traveling on this journey together. During the coming years, more and more people will affiliate with their soul groups. More and
more people will find themselves drawn to associations based upon soul energy. The universe is "raising the temperature," and we are reorganizing ourselves, preparing for the phase shift.

We are in a time of culmination, and as the karmic imperative has been lifted, a time of powerful co-creation is upon us. This Divine challenge and privilege offers you an opportunity to expand beyond all perceived limitations and experience the Joy of Ascension Consciousness.


The fifth dimension is a state of resonance that can coexist with the world of the third dimension. You will recognize it through a felt sense. Fifth-dimensional energies are indeed of a higher frequency and are within reach of everyone here. Moving from density and anchoring in fifth-dimensional energy
takes discipline and focus. The sea of third-dimensional consciousness washes over us at every opportunity. To anchor in the fifth dimension means that you have anchored your energy into your Ascended Heart Chakra and have connected your heart with your expanded crown chakra of the Divine Galactic Blueprint. This experience anchors with Ascension Awareness.

Holding your energy in your heart and expanded crown chakra will result in your taking an observer point of view more often. Instead of being a reactive, unconscious participant in an unfolding drama, you will be watching the unfolding interactions with less concern and immersion. You'll have a different sense or feeling. This a solid sign that you are in fact in a different place.

As you further release judgment, you offer acceptance and freedom to all, without any limits. It is from this place that you can be at peace with the interpersonal squabbling, global wars, and dramas of those who are acting out in front of you. Even those family members who try their best to guilt-trip you into density-based interactions cannot disturb your peace. With one breath they will accuse you of being too detached or apathetic about important issues, and in the next breath they will admire your clarity and seek your counsel! You are then "in the world and not of the world." Once you begin living in the higher chakras of your Divine Galactic Blueprint, the habitual lens of perception can still operate. You may initially see the same outer world. You will notice some new inner sensations and yet the outer world will look familiar. This is partially due
to your habitual lens of perception and partially due to the fact that the third dimension is overlaid with the fifth dimension. It is a superimposed picture. Which part are you looking at?

What you attend to determines what you miss! Start to notice your feelings more. Not your emotions--your felt sense of things. As you cultivate this felt sense of things, you'll begin to notice that the backdrop of your experience shifts. Look for the space between the space! Start to notice that empty space no longer feels empty! It is filled with energy. Be willing to watch your
ego scream something like, "You are losing your mind!" and smile at its fearful warnings. When the ego screams, you are most likely on the right track!


As your own energy vibration becomes more loving and less contaminated with density beliefs, you will find that you naturally begin to lift, to rise above the dramas of the world. It is this lifting energy that will help many thousands anchor in the fifth dimension far ahead of 2012. Those who lead the way serve as Torchbearers for those who come later. That is, their love and their light serve to anchor a frequency of being that others can align with. This is how the new Communities of Light will be birthed into form. If you are one who is called to quickly move through the strata of consciousness in order to fulfill your heart's call, then this work will offer you momentum. If you are comfortable right where you are, then this work will help you affirm your choice. Trust yourselves and celebrate your knowing. The only opinion that matters is your own!

You are dimension-shifting, and you are gaining access. Nothing is lost. In your surrender, all is found. Step through the wall of Density Consciousness and move into the joyousness of the complete surrender. It is much simpler once one is in complete surrender; the only challenge is walking through that wall. Trust it shall all work out. Trust it shall all be correct.

Trust that time is very short, very short indeed. Remember this: every moment is a joyous gift, and that means every moment--this moment, the next moment. Any moment is a joyous gift.
This is a time of great celebration for this is the culmination of many millennia, the third expansionary event. It is important for you to understand that it is in every moment that one should be in Joy, every moment!

Anything that does not look like Joy should not be done.
... and so it is.

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