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Sinister Sites – The Manitoba Legislative Building ... The Centre of America Hmmmmm... *LINK*

Born and raised in Winnipeg I can say with certainty I always innately knew something was up in Winnipeg. Government testing on the population and the likes of mind control as evidenced in the "purple hazing" as described in the article below. Go directly to the site for the full story and more pictures of the legislative building.

Sinister Sites – The Manitoba Legislative Building

The representatives of Manitoba’s population pass legislation in a magnificent building but few realize that it is entirely based on occult and masonic principles. The great amount of details in this recreation of Solomon’s Temple reveal the importance of secret societies and hermetic philosophies in today’s democracies. This article, written by collaborator Harm One, explores the numerous occults symbols in this public building.

There is no shortage of Gothic elements in North American architecture, in addition, an abundance of neo classical and esoteric designs from various periods are seen in a number of buildings, in any given city. But, Winnipeg, Manitoba, is home to a very unique architectural example of the masonic term, hidden in plain view. Just a few kilometers from the exact geographical center of North America, is Manitoba’s Legislative building (MLB) finished with with tyndall limestone, complete with marine fossils. It sits on 30 acres of parkland on Broadway, the outskirts of downtown Winnipeg.

Winnipeg is at the geographical center of North America!

It’s quite the spectacle to be seen from the outside alone, but upon exploration of the interior one finds the design to include an integration of Christian, Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian and Jewish imagery, combined in an alchemical fashion with the most ancient magic tradition of Hermeticism. Although for years we didn’t pay much attention to the building itself, the high pressure lighting around the MLB kept us hanging around as kids to abuse the lights; when you stare into them long enough your colorful view of the world is reduced to a strange, purple psychedelic effect, an adolescent activity known as “purple hazing”. Little did we know what this building actually represented, even though it looked us dead in the face for the most part. Only in 2006 did the degree of masonic influence incorporated in the MLB became mainstream news, with the Winnipeg Free Press and others who did extensive and exclusive reports, exposing countless numbers of sinister symbols while propagating it as a very positive and good intentioned project to “celebrate rebirth”. The dedication and show of power relating to Hermeticism throughout, is what I partially consider the most important symbolism in the MLB.

Solomon’s Temple – The Three Holy Rooms

The most interesting aspect of the MLB? Arguably it’s the fact the building is in proportion to the original Solomon’s Temple, according to researcher Frank Albo (FA) from the University of Winnipeg. The researcher studied the measurements and details of the MLB and concluded that all the proportions have been meticulously kept. The original Temple of Solomon was constructed during the 10th century BCE, and was eventually brought to ruins by the Babylonians in 586 BCE. A second temple would be built four hundred years later in the same location as the first, in Jerusalem, on the holy city’s highest point of elevation. It was the center of worship, and generally a meeting place for the Jewish people of Jerusalem. The original was designed by Hiram Abiff who presented the plans to King Solomon. Historically, masons place Solomon’s Temple in very high regard; it’s place in the spiritual hierarchy, and as an initiatory theater of thought. Upon entering the MLB from the front you will enter a great hall which is a perfect square, and each side is 66.6 feet long. According to Albo, the 666 is a reference to the occult work “De Occulta Philosophia” by Cornelius Agrippa. While the number 666 is usually associated with the beast of revelation 13, there are several different possible meanings. Most relevant to the MLB according to the media, its relation to the sun and its power of life; one finds when you add the numbers 1 through 36 together it adds up to 666. The significance of 36 being the number of constellations controlled by the sun.

Back to this hall, you are first greeted by two life sized bison statues, intricate in their detailing, with the intent to capture the protective magic of the bulls in ancient temples, they are believed to ward off evil by the ancients.
Article continued Here

My Footnote: As kids under the influence of "purple hazing" we would often see an expensive car of the day driving in circles around the building: the driver an old lizzy type character. Eventually the car would leave. The stories were that they were pedophiles picking up young boys and to stay away from them. The "golden boy"?

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Sinister Sites – The Manitoba Legislative Building ... The Centre of America Hmmmmm... *LINK*
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