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Wilhelm Reich hated to be commercialized and misused as a Pope of Orgasm.

As far as I have learnt Reich never said or wanted to be interpreted in the way that 'making love' would solve social and economic problems. He was not so much degraded, simple minded and stupid as his enemies many of them profiteers of his research (in his own words) would have liked to have him. Mankind is not a herd of bonobo monkeys in a Skinner-Pawlow merry-go-round using genital contact for social appeasement and reduction of frustration.
The problems of mankind are not the result of a lack of a maximum high-quality orgiastic genital practice. This is total nonsense and would be in line with satanic sex cults to weaken and enslave the masses.
Anybody who really learnt Reich's scriptures, especially the fewer ones from his later years should know that Reich distanced himself from all kind of opportunistic addicts, false apostles and sex cult activists.
He expressed true empathy for the fate of the Jesus Christ figure. Perhaps he anticipated what his enemies and false friends had prepared for him as a fate and focus of remembrance.

say what

"It was Wilhelm Reich who told us that all the problems in the world are genitally based. That he managed to prove it"

Take out the name Wilhelm Reich in this postulate and it still remains
one of the biggest misleading nonsensical unproven claims I have ever read.
say what

all the problems in the world are genitally based
? ? ?
he managed to prove it

Did he, when and where?

Reich became dangerous for the rulers because he didn't follow the sexist-communist one world guidelines of his former sponsors in Vienna.
He was a really independent thinker,
he never stopped asking, he knew that sex was a problem for mankind but not the source of the problems, he started to go further,
he despised communism, fascism, hedonism and orwellian porn cult, he questioned the established churches, he asked for the true message of the Jesus Saga, he was interested in alternate technology, in flying saucers and in aliens from outer space and because he was not under control of freemasons, communists and zionists they decided to kill him and destroy his works.

Reich hadn't had all the means and the sources that are available to us nowadays.
His main topic was the life force, prana, orgone energy (not power of orgasm), the way others researched destructive forces like radioactivity or chemical explosives. He was closer to Victor Schauberger and alternate physics of implosions than he might have realized, he was closer to ancient Indian mythology and cosmic consciousness than he could express within the academic frames of psychology.

The way the Jesus Christ Message was misused to found the pseudo-christian churches of power and enslavement,
the same way the Wilhelm Reich Message is misused to foster the New World Order of satanic sex cult pseudo-religion by degrading people to greedy lascivous suckers and fuckers for personal pleasure.

the phrase

make love not war

and the whole New Age movement was promoted by Tavistock Gangs in order to weaken and mislead the stupified masses.

But for whom do I wrap up this what can be studied elsewhere time and again, thanks to many other true truth seekers?

Why is Reich's work Character Analysis still used in Psycho Academia but the works of his later years are not mentioned?

Beware of the false prophets, the false friends, the traitors and exploiters who take only what pleases their preferences and sinister goals but who suppress the other parts of the message.

For many gullibles it started with 'make love not war' and led straight forward to drugs, halluzinations, delusions and physical exhaustion, decline of body, soul, spirit and social bindings. What was intended!

If Darwinism and the pseudo-theory of perpetual evolution were right, why didn't the bonobos evolve into perfect peaceful societies?

What are the fruits of the so-called sexual liberation and education since 40 decades?

Less war?
Less poverty?
Less divorces?

What did really change for the better?

One of the most beautiful and cultivated humans I learnt about, the Attics, live 100 miles east of Sotchi in the Caucasian Mountains. They have strong family bindings, old traditional values, the parents prepare and care for the best possibilities for pro-creation within their closed society, they decide who mates with whom and take responsibility for their decisions. Genitality is embedded in a well-regulated society and not an egotistic pastime, not a drug for optimum pleasure of individuals, not a carrier to sell Westheimer garbage.

The result is stunning:
Beautiful, pleasant, friendly and powerful people.


and finally

"It is me who tells you that MANY of the problems in this world are genetically based."


gen i tally (= sex me up addict)


gen etic ally (= DNA ethics family)


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Wilhelm Reich hated to be commercialized and misused as a Pope of Orgasm.
Excellent Points! Interesting and likely! Thanks! *NM*
Thank YOU for your comment despite my harsh rant :)
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