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UFO Examiner: UFO hovers near CA Navy weapons base

Eight witnesses watched a saucer-shaped, controlled craft hover and maneuver in the sky here for 26 minutes March 17 - and then saw it disappear when more than 10 helicopters approached in what appeared to be a search mission.

The sighting was very close to Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station.

The reporting witness, who filed the story with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database, said he first noticed the object about one mile off the Pacific coast and hovering on the southern horizon.

The craft, he said, took a 160/180 degree turn traveling east - then returned moving west - and then repeated the maneuver as it drifted further south.

While it was difficult to see the exact shape of the object, the witness said the lights on the craft were visibile. At one point, he said the object appeared to be shape-shifting.

From this same vantage point, the witness said he saw a triangular-shaped craft on November 12, 2008, which he sketched and provided a UFO report to the UFOs Northwest web site.

The earlier report, in part, includes a description that they witnessed a “large triangular object in a southwesterly direction coming from the ocean. The object appeared to be moving in a direction parallel to the coast. The object was described as having red lights and apparent windows. The witness stated that the object was an equilateral triangle and no sound was heard in relation to the object.”

March 17, 2009 - Long Beach, CA - Long Beach CA UFO Hotspot

From 6:59 to 7:25pm on March 17th, 2009, my sons and I saw another UFO in the skies over Long Beach, California. We were in the backyard of our home taking pictures of whatever might look interesting, as sky-watching is our hobby. We do it at least 5 days a week to relax after a long day and I’ve been teaching them the constellations.

I then noticed something that didn’t fit what we’ve come to know as a terrestrial craft, whether a jet, prop or experimental aircraft. There was an object that was going from the west to the east and there was no red light visible (FAA REG) as with ALL OTHER AIRCRAFT taking off from the airport.

… Then it started to hover and immediately changed direction and again… did not have the FAA green light on its opposite side.

I have almost 60 photos of this sighting… you really must see them all to be able to appreciate what is going on here.

From my vantage point of about a mile off of the Pacific coast, this craft was hovering on the southern horizon - probably above the electric company at the corner of Studebaker and 2nd Street/Westminster.

Shape was unclear

At the time of our sighting this time, it was not clear what shape the object actually was until the photos were analyzed upon download to my computer, and even then, it seemed only the lights were visible. As far as structure and the apparent “shape-shifting abilities”, this was one spectacular sighting!

Earlier sighting of ‘Mothership’

However it didn’t beat the Triangle “Mothership” we all saw last November 12th, and I don’t think anything else could! That was reported the same day on UFO NorthWest, if you are interested.

Anyway, I took a few “real-time” photos of the craft, but didn’t want to “waste” the pictures and knew the only way to be sure to “get proof” was to take timed shots, so - as a result - most of the almost 60 photos I shot were 8 second exposures at a F 2.5 setting with an exposure value at +2.00 (the highest my camera goes) and certainly showing the true colors of the crafts lights and its flight pattern/path. I used a high-pixel, Sony Cybershot digital camera and did not alter the originals AT ALL!

I have kept their integrity to help you to prove or disprove whatever it was that caused more than ten helicopters to be in the air after it disappeared, and caused them to refuel and return to the search for the next 2 hours or so.

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