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Sex and the Ascension ... From the Spirit of Maat *LINK*

Sex and the Ascension
From Cal Garrison

It was Wilhelm Reich who told us that all the problems in the world are genitally based. That he managed to prove it didn't go over too well with the powers that be. After they incarcerated him for blowing the lid off the function of the orgasm, in 1956, in one of the worst cases of governmentally sanctioned censorship in history, several tons of Reich's publications were burned by the FDA. Less than a year later the free-energy genius died in the Lewisburg PA. Penitentiary of what many claim was an artificially engineered heart attack.

When you look at what's left of his research, it's hard to figure out why they went to such great lengths to suppress it. Reich's discoveries revealed quite simply that the God Force is held in the orgasm, and that our relationship to it, and our sexuality has been distorted by artificial religious and cultural belief patterns that prevent us from accessing that aspect of ourselves. According to Reich, the sexual/spiritual connection disappeared when the church put a lock on our genitals. As a result, what we call our lesser urges have been diverted into channels that are filled with frustration, violence, pornography, pedophilia, and/or the more benign but equally perverse manifestation of no sex at all.

Someone please tell me; why would coming up with the theory that sex serves a spiritual purpose invite a prison sentence, a massive book burning, and a visit from murder incorporated? If God can be found in an orgasm, why have we been sold the notion that the act of making love is sinful, dirty, bad, and/or the work of the Devil? What is it about sex that caused the powers that be to destroy the man who resurrected its secrets and why are those secrets important to us now?

Before we can talk about sex and its relationship to the ascension process we need to erase the blackboard and 86 everything we've been told; original sin, guilt and shame, only for procreation; all of it. Those of us who think we got over that stuff ages ago may be better prepared for this conversation than a recovering Catholic or Born Again Christian, but keep an open mind. Like everything else in this world, there's always more to know about it, and the outer limits of the sexual sphere are certainly no exception.


If we haven't been completely sucked in by our religious programming there's a good chance that we enjoy sex and have a healthy relationship to that aspect of our lives. And unless we're involved in certain Tantric practices, when we have an orgasm, we release that energy into the universe without thinking too much about what it is or where it's going. For most of us, sexual ecstasy feels good, and that's all there is to it; but according to Drunvalo the orgasm is more than just a pleasant, physical sensation:

"Sex, and specifically the orgasm, is more than just something that feels good and allows procreation. There are many other functions, such as the release of dysfunctional energy within the body, which can help to keep one from becoming diseased. There is the function that opens the higher chakras, and under the right conditions allows a person to begin the process of enlightenment. And further, if two people, lovers, practice sacred sex, the entire experience can lead them together into higher consciousness and into worlds beyond this plane."

Who knew? If you're wondering why the Christian traditions are filled with precepts that tell us sex is Lucifer's domain, it's because for over 2000 years that belief system has been controlled by forces whose vested interests are more concerned with keeping humanity asleep than they are with turning us on to the truth. When Wilhelm Reich rediscovered the function of the orgasm he wandered into classified territory, blowing the doors off one of the best kept secrets of all time. Underneath all the Christian admonitions, what we never knew about sex has deterred us from awakening to the fact that beyond serving as a release mechanism, it is one the best ways to connect with Spirit. The following quote tells us a little bit about what happens to our sexual energy when we don't work with it consciously:

"Most people in the world are ignorant about what happens to their sexual energy after they have an orgasm. Usually, the energy moves up the spine and out the top of the head directly into the eighth or the thirteenth chakra (Same chakra, different system). In a few rare cases, the sexual energy is released down the spine into the hidden center, below the feet, the point opposite the one above the head. In either case, the sexual energy — the concentrated life force energy called prana in Hinduism — is dissipated and lost. It is similar to discharging a battery into a ground wire. It is no longer in the battery and so it is gone forever. This is what all the Tantric systems that I am aware of believe, that orgasm brings one a little closer to death because a person loses his or her life-force energy in the orgasm and is made weaker. But the Egyptians found long ago that it does not have to be this way.

All of the ancient spiritual traditions have a Tantric component. Many of them instruct the male to avoid ejaculating. The Hindu, the Tibetan, and the Chinese Taoist Tantra systems all advise the male to withhold the orgasm in a way that moves the life force energy into the higher spiritual centers. The Egyptian Tantra system understood the orgasm to be both healthy and necessary and their way of approaching the sexual mysteries did not include having the male refrain from releasing his sperm.

Within that body of information is a practice that allows one to move the orgasm up the spine, out the back, over the head, and into the heart chakra, in a way that rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit, and doesn't require the male to contain himself. Known as 'Ankhing' this method of experiencing orgasm returns the life force to the heart center and reinvigorates the Spirit. It was held by the Egyptians to be one of the keys to immortality.

The name of the practice derives from the symbol that we see so often we take it for granted. New Age emporiums are filled with jewelry and spiritual trinkets that capitalize on the power we give to the Ankh. Also known as the Egyptian Cross, the textbooks tell us it is the symbol for eternal life, but they fail to tell us why. When you dig deep enough to find out what it really meant to the ancient Egyptians, eventually you discover that the Ankh is the template for the channel that carries the orgasm up the spine and allows us to move that energy back into the body.

Like every other human feature, all of us come fully equipped with an Ankhing tube. When we become conscious of it and start to use it, it opens up. For those of you who wish to experiment with this practice, included here are the instructions for the Egyptian Orgasm. This information first appeared in an article that was written by Drunvalo for the April 2001 edition of the Spirit of Ma'at Magazine titled, "Ancient Egyptian Sexual Ankhing":


"Here is exactly how to achieve the Ankhing associated with the human orgasm. Whatever you do sexually before the orgasm is completely up to you. I am not here to judge you — and definitely the Egyptians would not, since they believe in knowing all sixty-four sexual modes before you enter the King's Chamber to ascend to the next level of consciousness. This is their idea, but it is important to know that it is not necessary. You can reach the next level of consciousness without knowing this information. However, from their point of view, the idea of Ankhing is of paramount importance in achieving eternal life. You will have to decide for yourself if it is something you wish to practice.

1. The moment you feel the sexual energy about to rise up your spine, take a very deep breath, filling your lungs about 9/10's full; then hold your breath.

2. Allow the sexual energy of the orgasm to come up your spine. But at the moment it reaches the fifth chakra (Located just a couple of finger widths above the sternum), with your will power you must turn the flow of sexual energy 90 degrees out the back of the body. It will then automatically continue inside the Ankh tube. It will slowly turn until it passes through the eighth (Or thirteenth) chakra, one hand-length above the head at 90-degrees to the vertical. It will then continue to curve around until it returns to the fifth chakra, where it began, only this time in front of the body.

Even if you don't understand what was just said it will happen automatically if you get it started out the back of the body at the fifth chakra and it will automatically come back around to the front of the body and reconnect at the fifth chakra. You just have to make it turn 90 degrees so that it begins.

3. It will often slow down as it approaches the point of origin, the fifth chakra. If you can see the energy, it comes to a sharp point. When it approaches the fifth chakra from the front of the body there is sometimes a tremendous jolt as it reconnects with this chakra again. All this takes place while you are holding your first breath.

4. The instant the sexual energy reconnects with its source, the fifth chakra, take in the full breath. You had filled your lungs only 9/10's full, so now you fill your lungs as completely as you can.

5. Now exhale very slowly. The sexual energy will continue on around the Ankh channel as long as you are exhaling. When you reach the bottom of this breath, you will continue to breathe very deeply, but a change happens here.

6. It is here that, if you know the Light Body work of the Mer-Ka-Ba you would begin to breathe from the two poles using the Mer-Ka-Ba breathing (He is referring to the spherical breathing method that we outlined in the Unity Breath). But if you are like most people and don't know this work, then continue to breathe deeply until you feel the relaxation spread throughout your body. Then relax your breath to your normal rate. Feel every cell becoming rejuvenated by this life-force energy. Let this energy reach down into the deepest physical levels of your body structure even past the cellular level. Feel how this beautiful energy surrounds your very being and brings health to your body, mind, and heart.

7. Once the relaxation begins, slow your breath down to a normal shallow breathing.

8. If possible, allow yourself to relax or even sleep for a while afterward.

If you practice this for even one week, I believe you will more than understand. If you practice it continually, it will begin to give health and strength to your mental, emotional, and physical bodies. It will give great strength and power to your Light Body as well.

If for any reason this practice does not feel right, stop and return to normal. It just is not time…

…You can talk about it all day, but if you try it one time, you will understand. However, it is not easy to do it in one test. For the first few times, the sexual energy will often shoot out past the point of the 5th chakra and continue on up and out of the body. So it takes practice. Once it is learned, I doubt seriously if you would ever have an orgasm any other way. It's too powerful and it feels too good. Once your body remembers this experience, it is not likely to revert back to the old way."


Why do we need to know this? What does it have to do with ascension?

We've talked about activating the Mer-Ka-Ba and how important it is to reconnect with the Light Body. By now we understand the importance of meditation and prayer as well. And it's easy to see why deepening the inner connection makes a difference because we know that the heart is the key to the ascension process. But no transformation is complete until we experience it at the cellular level and the Ankhing method of achieving orgasm awakens the God in our cells, allowing the physical vehicle to enlighten itself.

When every cell in the body is awake, it serves to support the wishes of the Spirit and opens the mind in ways that allow the consciousness to expand beyond its limits. It's as if the physical vehicle becomes an active participant in the process, or the embodiment of what we mean when we refer to it as 'The Temple of the Soul'. In restoring the life force energy to the heart center, the Ankhing practice keeps the body enlightened and able to hold the higher frequencies that get beamed into the heart and the mind whenever we go within.

Our preoccupation with sex never had a better excuse to turn its attention away from the programming that has kept it focused on everything but its ultimate purpose. I often wonder what would happen if everyone knew about the Ankhing method. What if, instead of draining the battery with every orgasm, we channeled that energy into our hearts? Would it make a difference? I know one thing; it would definitely make whatever's going on in the bedroom much more interesting.

Which gets us to another thing; the statistics indicate that our love making is on a down swing. With all the wholesale sex pouring out of the media you'd think the opposite would be true, but it isn't that way at all. Is this sexual ennui due to the fact that someone forgot to mention the spiritual component? Did it ever occur to us that there might be one? I have a feeling no one's in the bedroom because without that element pretty much everything loses its meaning.

This is what Wilhelm Reich meant when he said; it is our artificial belief constructs that prevent us from accessing the power inherent in the orgasm. Between religious injunctions that tell us sex is only permissible within the sanctity of marriage and the soft porn blaring off the movie screens, our sexual instincts are completely controlled by a system that has no interest in having anyone know the truth. If you think this is stretching it, ask yourself this; why do they tantalize us with hard core sex and leave us to live with the conflict that surfaces when we shut off the DVD player and have to wrestle with beliefs that make us feel guilty for even watching the show? Within this Catch 22 our head trips have us so confused about sex, unraveling its secrets would seem to be the only way out.

If the life force energy that is rightfully ours has been misappropriated by those who don't want us to connect with it, with the ascension process so near at hand could we take it upon ourselves to reclaim ownership of our Spirit and begin to work with our sexuality in a conscious way? Now that we know a little bit about the Egyptian Orgasm, hopefully we can use that information, along with the heart process, the Mer-Ka-Ba Meditation, the Unity Breath, and our desire to remember how to be alive in this world, as a network of mutually supportive practices that fine tune us for our entrance into the Age of Light.

About Cal Garrison

Cal is a writer with four books to her credit. ‘The Old Girls’ Book of Spells’, ‘The Old Girls’ Book of Dreams’, and her latest book, ‘Witch On the Go’ were published by RedWheel/Weiser Press and are available in bookstores or on Amazon.com. In addition to her own work, she also writes for Slim Spurling. Her first book with Slim, ‘Slim Spurling’s Universe’ is being followed up by their second book together which, with any luck, will be out in 2008—2009.

A professional astrologer with 35 years experience Cal has cast over 6000 charts and is one of the best in her field. She is also an expert on the Tarot. When she’s not running the Spirit of Ma'at office, or working on her books, Cal spends her time doing in depth astrology and tarot readings for people all over the country.

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Sex and the Ascension ... From the Spirit of Maat *LINK*
Wilhelm Reich hated to be commercialized and misused as a Pope of Orgasm.
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