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What do YOU see when you COMPARE these two FACES? *PIC*

posted deliberately without giving names
the first face you certainly know quite well
the second face probably not by the exact name

please look at the upper part of these faces, ears, noses, eyes, the human expression of the view

what do you see

do you see
the same
as me

thanks in advance for your comments highly appreciated indeed, as always

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What do YOU see when you COMPARE these two FACES? *PIC*
Well then, here is MY answer: Medvedev and Tsar St. Nikolay-Alexandrevitch have a striking resemblance!
Thanks .... Could see the similarities but did not know who either men were. I guess I had better go and research them now. *NM*
Vladimir Putin's amazing resemblance with another of the Russian Royals *PIC*
The Kremlin Palace. *PIC*
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