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Re: The Obama Deception HQ Full length version ---> I am blown away ... Some feedback .... And More from Ron Paul *LINK*

More from Bruce the Goose: (Not necessarily the opinion of the poster)

Dear Drumspirit:

Thanks for your valued input. Of course as you know I always use
capitals, sending 3 or more e-mails on a single day to my large
e-mail list. But this new experience forced me to use my intuition
to try and find a way through. Having some of the specifics on how to fly
below the radar from you is very helpful indeed. The links-not-
opening part is another instance of the hidden hand of the invisible
hand giving us the Zen slap to remind us of the "Farhenheit 451"
image of holding the living words of the living truth off grid in the innermost
recesses of our sacred hearts when it's no longer worthwhile to play
with the beast 666 techno- toys! You know, beautifully
reciting the Koran or the Tao Te Ching while you walk boreal forest
paths with the snow blowing by your head....and loving it!

One of the concepts that I decided not to mention is the one about the assassination of
b.o. just before his charm wears off completely, as if he were our latest Kennedy, in order to kick the blacks and hispanics and other people of colour in the balls hard enough to get them rioting so you can declare the much longed for and well prepared Police and Military State. That one was given to me by a spiritual practitioner as what came to him when
we mused about what is happening. In other words our minds are relatively clean of negetivity, so we know we're not making up this shit as a way of amusing ourselves to death.

Hum. Time for some more Poetry and Tai Chi Dance Movements,

Much love. Bruce.

On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 12:41 PM, Drumspirit wrote:

What's even more trying on my patience is that the links won't open they just keep buffering.

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From: Drumspirit
To: Bruce
Sent: Saturday, March 21, 2009 3:36 PM

Dear Bruce:
Just a side note. Capital letters in the subject line is often considered spam by email filters. Also you might want to break your recipients down to only 10 and send out 10 emails.
Cheers Drummy :-)

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From: Bruce
To: Bruce
Sent: Saturday, March 21, 2009 2:35 PM

Dear cyberpals:

As you know from past e-mails, I don't believe in clinging to past
pessimistic perceptions or projecting them onto the future. When
the video of obama's inauguration speech was enthusiastically sent
to me, I passed it on with the comment, "A masterpiece of
the artform delivered by a great speaker, now let's live those
ideals ourselves, and not expect a political admininstration to do it
for us" And this was because my fellow Canadian church-goers were
really talking like all this represented a significant shift for
the better. Privately, I would say, whenever anyone asked
me for a purely political view: "Well, they gave a choice
between an obvious villian (McCain), a woman (Clinton) and a
black man (b.o.). Then they temporarily took away the woman, But
after the only possible choice was made they brought the woman back
as a key member of the government." (Good thing relatively few
peple have read "The Clinton Chronicles" or seen the video to
know more of her back story!)

When I tried to send a collection of links to Alex Jones new film
about b.o. as a part of an e-mail that eventually made it through
as "Tia Chi Poetry and Dance Movements," it bounced back 3
times. Upper case titles "the obamamara deception," the warrior
sage," and "court jester." were all rejected by 92--94 of your
addresses. Each one had more of the links shaved off and were
retitled to try and discouver what was creating the allergic reaction.
The last one that bounced back and the one that made it through
proved it was the inclusion of the links to Alex Jones latest film
themselves hat were triggering the effect. To give you the contents
of the film in a nut shell, Alex shows us point for point, with names,
numbers, and detail after detail, how the people who are now
running the so-called "new" government are the same as before,
and b.o. has already done the opposite of every single one of his
campaign speeches. I hate to say this, but when you check out
Ron Paul's crystal clear analysis below on video, you' ll immediately
see through the same veil of corporate media deception that has
created the fantasy that some bearded hippie fanatics and a Charlie
Manson clone in a cave not far from the poppy patch dreamed up
9/11. I was going to say more, but, remembering that poetry
speaks to us heart to heart, let me hand the mic over to Ron Paul...

We're on The Verge Of A Major Crisis : Ron Paul


Ron Paul discusses the AIG bonus controversy.


This article is long but definitely worth reading if you have the patience
because it shows very clearly how anyone with half a brain is waking
up from the spell that was cast by the corporate media about the latest
head puppet orator.

Barack Obama and the Altar of Greed

By David Michael Green

Barack Obama is dumber than a bag of hammers.

Hopefully this information will help prepare you for the unspoken
but clearly perceptable things to come. With peace in my heart.


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The Obama Deception HQ Full length version ---> I am blown away *LINK*
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Re: The Obama Deception HQ Full length version ---> I am blown away ... Some feedback
BTW i had better admit that I have not as yet watched the film and probably won't *NM*
Re: The Obama Deception HQ Full length version ---> I am blown away ... Some feedback .... And More from Ron Paul *LINK*
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