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September 2008 - Strategy Magazine

New York Fries gets real

by Marija Djukica

The new effort from Toronto-based New York Fries charts a novel course for fast food, targeting women ages 25 to 49 via ads in magazines like Chatelaine, Hello!, Flare, Canadian Living, People, Style at Home and Canadian House & Home.

The campaign, dubbed "Real Fries in a Fake World," aims to establish the authenticity of New York Fries ingredients. In the creative, produced by Toronto-based Zig - New York Fries' AOR for five years - real potatoes are portrayed among fake goodies.

"The campaign is a departure from our traditional marketing of 'beauty shots,'" says New York Fries president Jay Gould. "By juxtaposing our real fries against fake breasts, nails and toupées, we are educating Canadians that New York Fries are made from real potatoes and cooked in non-hydrogenated, trans-fat-free sunflower oil. No preservatives, no coatings, just real, fresh ingredients."

New York Fries' previous advertising consisted of mouth-watering images on billboards; the new print ads will run through May 2009.


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