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sending the storm back out to sea sign the peace treaty or reap what one sews *PIC*

over and over this was said to me in a phone conv.

until I one day turned on my hand heald tape recorder
because it sounded like such satanic sick wacko

try me

I dare you
oh and paperclip states I can't to the tyrant
they are running three brousers
who is daniel
slaying the lion
well my brother david
had the halo around him when my father passed
so he slays the GIANT!

pushing me into the neg, only causes the positive to rise higher and higher
push a bit more
this is a national message
if any more harm physical mental or emotional comes to my family
and I am not on one computer in the house that you do not have access to

within 22 hours the story goes to the pentagon
ask pete
he has ...
oh dont worry
he has pleanty of wiggle room with me now.

cathy hill cook


pres and founder and ceo

try to ban me

YOU ARE THE ONE SLINGING THE WAR!@the black hole with the notion of mr. martin will be here for you
remember I have the back view
of the ship
and the program is

let me tell you a story

oh never mind the paralell line is party time

oops party over it has started again

thank you keeps me in the now with my exercise ex er is im's excellent emergency is instant message

shall I ?
now open my yahoo group
it smells
and needs airing out from a rat

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sending the storm back out to sea sign the peace treaty or reap what one sews *PIC*
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