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CAC General Reading Nov. 12, 2008 Will Berlinghof Interpreter, Joan Mills Questioner

May we have the 2009 forecast please?

This Awareness wishes to start with an opening message. In the forecast for 2008, this Awareness spoke of the year being a 1 year: the combination of 2 and the 8 in 2008, creating the 10, creating the 1 year. 2009 will represent a 2 year- 2 being the number of substance, two 0s being the number where that initial action is now starting to create and manifest in the reality, that which was the new beginning, now starting to materialize and actualize.

In the 1 year, there were new beginnings, such as the election of a new President Elect, the completion and the creation, the new beginnings of a new economic system. As the old system began to fall apart, and in other areas there were those areas of the 1 energy, the new beginning energy. 2009 will take the process to its next level, its next step. The newly elected president will begin his term in office and start to try to manifest that which he has promised: change. He will try to bring change into the office and into the country, the land.

The economic system will take it to the next level; will try to create a solution to the economic woes that were so prevalent in 2008. On personal levels many will find that in their lives they are starting to build a new comprehension of the reality of their lives. They may start seeing some effect to that which was the new beginning, the new thought, the new spark that presented itself in 2008. Thus it is seen that the general energies of 2009 are energies that will commence a building process, a building of the new way of things as it begins to manifest during the year 2009.
This is the opening message at this time. At this time, this Awareness wishes to launch into specific areas ahead, in the year 2009. It asks the energizer to present to this Awareness the first category.

The Economy: What's Ahead?
(Much More Than a Challenge) A Calm Before a Greater Storm

The first category would be the economy.

The economy will continue to be a challenge throughout 2009. It will be more than a challenge. There will be seen for a period of time, a period of months, that there seems to be a steadying of the markets, and even an escalation of the markets. It will seem as if the dark days are finally over, and there will be much hope and encouragement that things are on the mend, but these times still seem very heady, compared to the turmoil and the fear and the stress of the dark days of September and October of 2008. However it is not seen that this will last. lt is simply a calm before an even greater storm hits.

Bailouts Will Not Work: A Total Collapse is Coming
With the collapse of the economic markets, especially first and foremost in the United States of America, many will lose everything. Many will be in despair and despondency. The government will propose new measures and new actions to create stability and recovery. It will be seen that other plans, such as the bailout plan will be presented to help stabilize the situation, but this is seen as a useless gesture, for it is not seen that other acts will be able to save a rotted out corpse of a system that has been oppressive to many in the past, that has held great pain and sorrow for many in the past.

Even those who have gained through their investments do so, and have always done so at the cost of those who could not afford to do so. This system has never been a system of equality, has never been a fair system for all involved, and part of the reason for the collapse in the times ahead is so that a fair and equitable system for all will be created in the future, but for this fair and equitable system to be created, first the old must be done away with and must collapse, and the collapse will take many with it.

By Springtime You Must be Prepared to Shift Focus
This Awareness speaks this not to frighten people or cause undo concern, but to prepare one and all, to help one and all to understand that even with the collapse, which is seen to start in the latter stages of that period of time of Spring into the early summer months; that all and one are prepared. One and all need to shift their focus away from the collapsing system and look to their own personal lives and the lives of their family and their local community, to start looking for ways to create systems in local communities that will support one another and help one another through difficult times.

Plans Made Will be Similar to the Great Depression
Such events did occur in the Great Depression, where people came together to help one another. It is seen by this Awareness that this again will begin to become so. Agencies will form to help those many who have been affected. The purpose of the collapsing economic system is so plans can be presented that will suggest there are solutions, but the solutions will come at the cost of nationhood. It will begin to be suggested more and more in 2009 that the only solution is a global solution. Already in the present year, such comments are starting to be made more and more, that this is a world-wide situation, a worldwide collapse, and as such, will demand a worldwide solution.

When the events deteriorate even more, this will be spoken of more, but this too is only part of the overall plan that has already been formulated. The plan is to create that which this Awareness would call the New World Order, the One World Government. To do so, events would have had to occur to create a dire enough situation suggesting that a nation give its sovereignty up to some degree would be then considered as feasible, as an option that needed to be seriously considered.

The Collapse Will Hasten the One World Government
It is to be remembered that part of the goal of the elite, of the dark cabal, is to create the One World Government, and that the collapse of the economic systems of the planet would do much to engender this situation, to create this situation; but it has already been seen, it has already been planned. The events of 2009 are meant to escalate the plans of those who have the power, those who have always wanted to push to this degree, to create the One World/New World Order. It is therefore seen that it would be wise for many to stockpile supplies, stockpile that which will help families get through harsh times.

Have Some Gold and Silver and Jewels for Trading
It is also seen, and this Awareness has spoken of this matter before, that those who can perhaps buy gold and silver and precious jewels as resources to be used at a time when the economic situation of the planet is in chaos; but that which is the most important thing to do in the troubled times that this Awareness is seeing as possible in the year 2009 is not to believe in the difficulties and hardship that are being presented, not believing that one will be seriously and radically affected.

Do Not Believe in the Hardships and Destruction Occurring
Many will find the statements of this Awareness as ludicrous, for how can one simply not believe when all around you is the evidence that everything is collapsing, everything is in chaos, everything is being destroyed? Is it not truly so that when one sees chaos, destruction, panic and upheaval, all around them, that it is indeed so? This of course would appear to be so for one is reliant on those senses and beliefs that support that which is seen around them, as a result of the beliefs that are held, and that those beliefs are controlled and manipulated by those agents that would control and manipulate.

It is controlled by those powers that be, for the intent and purpose of creating a race of people who are naive and gullible, who are ignorant and will not question that which they are being told and shown and what they are led to experience. This is why this Awareness speaks these statements to those who have the consciousness to start to look through the plot itself, to seek an answer to the chaos and the challenge that will be presented in the times ahead, to understand how important it will be to not buy into that which is presented to the senses as truth and reality.

Harbor the Belief Within that All Will be Well
To harbor within oneself the inner core belief that one will be all right, that all will be well, will do much to bring this energy into focus to be experienced by the individual. If that individual can then share this truth, this unique way of seeing things with another, then those two individuals will be well, and if those two individuals share with several others, then those several will be well, and they will experience realities that while there is chaos all around, that they will be experiencing that calm place in the eye of the hurricane.

This Awareness speaks this so that many will become more focused on this as a way of thinking, a way of being, so that they will not experience that which is the direness of the forecast that this Awareness has spoken of, and will continue to speak of in the rest of this forecast. Remember that the beliefs that one holds will very much affect that which will be experienced by the individual in the times to come. This Awareness is ready to go on to the next category.

The Year for President Obama (To Stay Alive He Must Comply)

(Thank You) The next topic is politics, and if Obama will be able to do as he plans, or will there be considerable opposition to that?

It is seen that in the first year of his leadership he will not be able to do much to create anything new. He will make gestures, and there will be some changes, especially revoking executive directives issued by the past president, President Bush, and President Obama will revoke some of those executive orders, and this will make it seem like he is already starting to make a difference. What will need to be seen is the people he surrounds himself with, his cabinet, and to see where their inclinations lay, to see how much he would be willing to start afresh with individuals who are not known as servants to certain powers, certain countries. If he does indeed choose a new cabinet of fresh faces, then it will be seen that he is willing to go at it.

But it is not seen by this Awareness that this will be so. It is seen that he will be handcuffed in the first year of his presidency to comply to the wishes of his political masters without it looking too obvious. It is seen that many will start to become frustrated with the new president, for despite the new hope that he seems to bring with him, it will seem as if not much will change in that first year and there will be some frustration and impatience.

A Danger of an Early Assassination is Ever Present
It is seen that this man, while he does perhaps hold a potential to lead a nation through a difficult time, and to bring change to this great nation of the United States of America, that the truth of his situation is that while he still has political masters, he will have to be incredibly careful in how he does things. It is seen that there is an ever-present danger to this man in the early stages of his presidency of assassination. It is not seen by this Awareness that this will occur. It is seen that the threat of assassination, not only of this one man himself but of his entire family will be held over his head and he will be reminded who he is serving.

This will create a situation that will make it difficult for the president to be radical in his actions. He will see this as a need to take it slow, and to look for opportunities in the future when the systems collapse, for he has also been informed already that those systems that are now totally in control will be collapsing for the purpose of leading the planet into One World Government, New World Order. He is already aware of this scenario, but he has a secret hope and desire that perhaps this will create a collapse that is beyond that which was planned and prophesized and at that point, maybe then he could create that which he would love to create.

As long as his hands are shackled, as long as his actions are monitored, he will not have that freedom in the year 2009 and he will have to be patient, as will the people themselves who will endure much during this time. They must see that the truth of the situation is such that there must be patience, for only when the old system is totally sloughed away, and even the political power pundits are gone, the elite are no longer in charge, will there be any hope at all of change. Until this occurs, and until this happens, it is seen that the political front will stay much the same as it is now.

More and More Secrets Will be Released in 2009
One thing that is seen is that more and more will be exposed, more secrets will be revealed. There will be more dissention on the part of the populace as many of those hidden secrets are revealed to the masses and many will start to speak out strongly against those power brokers who have been in charge for such a long time, and who are still in charge. Thus, on this level of politics, it is seen that the people will start to find their voice again. This has been one of the most powerful effects of the election, of the coming together of many people who had formerly been voiceless and powerless, having found a measure of their voice and power, this now being so, with the revealing of certain secrets and information, those voices will start to speak up and demand change, demand that those who have been corrupt and in charge and have taken the nation down such a dangerous road be accountable for their actions.

A Hue and Cry to Prosecute George Bush & Company
It is seen that certain information will be released about George Bush and his regime and whereas in the past clemency would be given to a former president and cabinet members, there will be a hue and cry against these people and that many will demand that they be prosecuted and charged and punished for that which they caused to happen. This hue and cry, this finding of the voice of the people will grow as the year advances and it is seen that it will continue to grow into the near 2010. This will be a finding of the political strengths and power of the people and a beginning to establishing a new order for the people, by the people, and of the people.

Canada to be Most Stable in 2009
This is seen to be the events in the United States of America, which seems to be the focus at this time. The country of Canada to the North is seen to have recently gone through a Federal Election itself and the Prime Minister Stephen Harper was reelected to the office of Prime Minister, and it is seen that 2009 will continue to be a year where they have the control-- they being the conservative party of Stephen Harper. It is seen to be a rebuilding year for the oppositional parties, primarily the liberal party, and that a new leader will be elected to lead the liberal party in Canada.

It is not seen to be a year of upheaval. It is seen that the country of Canada will be one of the most stable countries in the world in the times ahead and in the year 2009. It has a much more stable government and stable economic situation than many other countries have. It will seem to be a leader of sorts and will start to rise up as an international power that will be seen as a role model to many other nations as a country that has political and economic stability.

Mexican Population to Increase in U.S.
It is seen that the country of Mexico will continue along its present path. Many more will still immigrate to the United States via the back door and this is seen as part of a shifting in balance in population, creating a large Latino community in the United States and creating a situation that when the unification of Canada, the United States and Mexico occurs later on, (it is not seen that this will occur in 2009, but perhaps in the years after this) that this situation will be more acceptable for the Mexicans, for so many of their own relatives will be by then living in the United States and they will see that this is the only logical answer and they will be perfectly okay with it.

European Union Ready for One World Government
It is seen that the European Union will continue along its own path. It is gaining strength and power continuously and it will become one of the 5 regions of the planet that is proposed under the One World Government. The North American Union, the South American Union, the Asian Union, the African Union are seen to be the other four regions. There will be more and more talks during the year towards this One World Government, this super global government that will be spoken of more and more in the year 2009.

It is not seen that there will be any political upheaval in any of the European countries in the year ahead. It is seen that in some of the other regions of the planet, that there may be political unrest, but it will not be seen as significant to the rest of the world. These will be more local events to the people of those countries, smaller Asian countries where there is seen to be unrest and upheaval, but on the world stage this does not seem to be anything that will press a need for action. This Awareness is ready to go to the next category.

Any Significant Wars in 2009?

(Thank you) This topic runs alongside of politics and I think you discussed war already. Are there any additional wars proposed in the next year?

It is seen that there are several skirmishes of major proportion that will take place in 2009. It is seen that the situation in Russia with Georgia is still a hotbed. There are still vested interests that would like to see this region erupt and war return to this region. There are certain agencies within the Black Ops, the covert operations of the secret government of America, that are still pushing this matter and still have their hand in the pie.
The matter of Iran and the possibility of Iran, that it will continue to be a hotbed and in 2009 it is seen that there will be more saber-rattling, the rattling of the sword, and there will be more who speak out that there is a need to deal with Iran to prevent her from doing anything that will be dangerous to the United States of America. It is seen that the status of America as a world power will begin to diminish in 2009 as other powers become more capable of asserting themselves.

Obama Will Reduce Size of U .S. Troops & Bring More Home
It is seen that the forces and troops of the European Union will have more power in the areas where there is conflict at this time. One of the attempts that Barack Obama will do is to reduce the size of the troop participation in the country of Iraq. Some troops will be brought home, much to the pleasure and joy of the family and friends remaining in the United States who await their loved ones return. Some will be transferred to that country Afghanistan next door for there is an escalation of hostility in that nation.
It is seen that the country of Canada will continue to be involved in Afghanistan and that more of its young men will meet their ending in that foreign country also, but at this time it is not seen that the people of Canada are opposed to withdrawing their troops Immediately, where it is seen that in the United States there will start to be a political upheaval against the war and that protests will begin to be much more vocal and energized, and this will begin to have some effect in the year 2009.

India, Pakistan and North Korea

It is seen also that there is tension in that region of India and Pakistan and there may be a flaring up of border skirmishes between these two countries. India is seen to be moving forward in the building of its nuclear program that will continue to threaten the Pakistani government. Finally it is seen that North Korea will still be a burr in the side of the present regime and the next government of the United present of America, but it is not seen that it will pose any great difficulty nor any battles or wars that could occur there. It is not seen that this will take place in 2009.

It is seen that generally speaking 2009 will be a continuance of 2008 and the energies of 2008 in that realm of armed conflict. More will start to protest involvement in foreign wars, especially in the United States of America, but it is not seen that the war in Iraq and the troops entirely will be brought home. Some will, but not the entire commitment of troops at this time. What is the most important is that the people do see and understand that having now found their voice and found a sense of their power that they begin to use that voice and begin to step into their power in 2009 in protest against the aggressive actions of the United States government.
This will have an effect the world over when it is seen that the American people themselves are starting to stand up against the war. It will take a few years longer for this to conclude and for the troops to be brought home completely. This is complete at this time.

What About China?

There is nothing on China? China's okay?

China is seen as the sleeping giant who is being prodded. It is not seen that China will openly attack in the year 2009. It is seen that there are covert activities taking place by the Chinese government and their military, but it is not seen as overt. This Awareness spoke of this issue recently and did express that the United States and China are involved to an unofficial war, and this unofficial war will continue into 2009. It is seen that there will be escalation, but it will remain hidden. It is not seen that it will erupt in a public way in the year 2009, but it is seen that there are more energies that will come to play in 2010 that could lead to an open declaration of conflict in the year of' 2010.

The Medical Field in 2009
(Awareness Has a Difficult Announcement)

Our next topic is medical, and within this category, is there a possibility of additional Stem-cell research that could possibly help other people, or is this in fact able to help other people?

It is seen that there will be a continuance of research in this area. It is not seen that any breakthroughs will occur that will have an immediate benefit to those who would need the research of Stem-cell research, however research is an area that is ongoing and long-term and very seldom is there a radical discovery made in the research that comes overnight. It is a long drawn-out process, so it is not seen by this Awareness that anything radical will be brought to the surface in 2009.

It is seen however that the region of medical concern is one that will start to show itself radically in 2009 through the release of illness and disease on a global level. This Awareness has a difficult announcement. It wishes to preface this announcement with the comments that what this Awareness is about to say does not mean it will be so. It is simply seen as an energy that is available in 2009, in a negative way. It is seen a plan to release major viral infection, a pandemic that will affect radically the health and well-being of billions of individuals the world over.

An Evil Long-Planned Pandemic Event
This is a planned event and has been on the books for many years. There have been many attempts to prepare planetary consciousness for the release of this Illness, this disease, this pandemic, and it is the design of powers that be to eradicate millions and millions of individuals through this extreme action, this destruction through pestilence. It is one of the planned actions designed to collapse the world structure, to force many into a situation where they would willingly give over their control to the agencies of control, to those forces of the governments of the planet who would start to impose strict stringent measures, martial laws to control the movement of people, to quarantine millions of individuals.

This is all part of that overall plan that has been talked of in the past, not only by this Awareness, but also by those who make such predictions. This Awareness wishes to speak of this matter, not only in predicting this, forecasting this, but in also presenting the importance of not energizing this event. While the energies are seen by this Awareness at this moment, it is not at all a guarantee that they need to unfold in the way that they are planned, the way that they are being held by those powers and agencies that have control of these matters.

It must be energized away in the sense that those individuals who have that capacity to believe otherwise, to know otherwise, to choose to focus otherwise, will simply do this, will not see themselves involved in such realities. Again, this Awareness brings it back to the point of one's beliefs and one's capacity to truly tune in to those beliefs, to intend not to experience that which is seen as a possibility for 2009, for it has long been planned that there would be a pandemic that would destroy billions of lives, kill off millions and millions of people.

Those Who Are Ascending Must Now Take Responsibility
This Awareness understands that this is radical and while that energy is seen as a possibility, this Awareness would again ask that the focus is not put in this direction. Awareness of the plan is relevant, awareness of possibilities is important, but so is the awareness and understanding that in these times that will be released, it is those who are totally wrapped up and believing in these events that will be most affected by them. This Awareness was somewhat reluctant to even share this information, but It understands and wishes to share with those who have that capacity, that consciousness to understand that it is time now for true responsibility to be taken by those who are ascending, those who are wishing to raise their consciousness, those who are willing to take on the new reality and the new way of' thinking and believing and knowing.

While this Awareness presents the possibility of a pandemic event in 2009, It does not energize this event. It does not choose to focus on this event. It simply presents a possibility and asks those who have heard of this possibility that they simply be aware of it, without energizing it or focusing on it. This Awareness is complete on this matter.

There Are Alternatives to a Worse Case Scenario
This Awareness also wishes to state that by seeing the event, if it were to start to unfold, that this would validate that there are agents and powers out there who do not have the best interest of humanity at heart, and to understand that the individual holds an amazing degree of power within themselves. Upon understanding this, upon harnessing this energy, this power, this force, they will do much to avoid the very plans that the powers that be hold for those who remain ignorant. Thus it is sometimes important to look at the worse case scenario but not to energize it, knowing that there are alternatives, there are other ways that this can be done or can be handled.

The Galactic Federation in 2009

The next topic is the Galactic Federation situation. Is there anything new that could be considered for 2009?

The basic information this Awareness has is that there will continue to be an escalation of the belief that there are extraterrestrial forces that are ready to present themselves. The event of October 14th, the planned First Contact, even though it did not occur, did much to escalate interest in this matter and escalate belief that there was likely to be an event sooner or later when the extraterrestrial beings would present themselves. This Awareness in its forecast in 2007 for 2008 did indeed suggest that the plan was for a First Contact. This is still the plan, but the timing of this event is affected by the consciousness held on the planet, and it was deemed that while more and more individuals were aware that such an event could occur, and were even looking forward to it, there was also energy that would have made this event a very negative one.

First Contact Will Occur in 2009 For Sure
It was understood by the Galactic Federation that humanity was not quite ready, but that it had taken a huge step forward. The plan is still to have a First Contact in the year 2008, the present year, in the remaining weeks of this year, but this will not occur if the event is still not appropriate, if consciousness still has not quite shifted to the degree it needs to; then it is seen that 2009 will indeed finally see such an event occurring.
It is seen that lesser events than just the Mother Ship appearing will start to manifest themselves more and more in the skies ahead and above, and there will eventually be an official First Contact of such a degree that it will be undeniable. There is seen opposition to this event by the elite, the powers that be, for they are still largely controlled through the Orion-Reptilian energies and presence. This event will do much to break open those who are the followers of the present government powers and authorities versus those who are working toward their own Ascension and are willing to open up their world to the presence of extraterrestrials beings who are also part of the universe, who are ready to assist and guide humanity forward at a very critical time.

It is seen that the powers and energies of the Galactic Federation will continue to work toward First Contact in 2009. There is not seen a specific time frame, other than this event is still seen to be on the books at this time for 2008.

Some Other Information About 2009
(Ancient Civilizations to be Revealed)

(Thank you very much) Are there any other areas that were not covered that should have been?

It is seen that there will be revealed ancient civilizations. This is also part of the changing consciousness that will help humanity finally step out of the egocentric position it has been in for so long, that it is the only consciousness on this planet or in the universe. The two events: the extraterrestrial contact and the evidence of Atlantis and even Lemuria will help many see, those who do not already have the understanding of these two continents and the extraterrestrial connection, that we are not alone, that we are not the first. That is how it will be seen, and this will do much to shift consciousness.

The Most Remarkable Thing About 2009
What 2009 may be most remarkable for is the shifting of consciousness, the shifting of awareness away from an insulated and isolated consciousness to one that is expansive, that will embrace more than one small world, or one defined history, that will allow a shifting of perspective, that will allow an expansion of reality beyond the narrow limited borders that it is currently confined by. The box that so many live in will expand. In 2009, many will finally come out of the box.

The year 2009 promises to be an exponential year. While this Awareness has been speaking and dealing with energies of the powers that be, of what their plans are, this Awareness wishes all to understand that one does not have to be privy to such plans or under the power of such plans. One can indeed start seeing that there are many other agencies and forces out there that have power, that are part of the destiny of this planet, and of the expansion of human consciousness.

More Mummy Consciousness to be Released
It is seen that there will be a further releasing of the consciousness of the mummies that this Awareness spoke of earlier this year. This expansion of the Ra consciousness of those who chose to be mummified so that their consciousness would be released in this year, 2009, will do much to expand consciousness on this planet. While this Awareness has spoken much of the plans of those agencies that have sought to control the destiny of this planet, to create an enslaved race, to kill off many individuals; that there are also energies that will help to expand consciousness and free individuals from that enslavement and expand the boxes that so many have been in for so long.

Those who have already stepped out of their boxes will find that this is a year of marvelous opportunity, of joy and hope and happiness, for that which is available to them. It is not simply a year of doom and gloom. It is not to be simply a year of suffering, but rather a year to become aware of certain plans, to see through those plots, to understand that this also has been part of the plan to get humanity to this point where choices can be made, responsibility taken on to shift consciousness, to step beyond the confines of the realities defined for so long by those power agencies that would control and enforce and create a negative reality.

2009 Is a Year to Look Forward To
2009 brings the planet one year closer to that magical time of 2012, that ending of the present journey, and much will still occur on the planet that will help advance consciousness in the year 2009. It is an exciting year, one to be looked forward to, even if events around one seem to indicate that all is in collapse. This will be the challenge, not to believe this, but to act and believe otherwise, to experience the other reality, to look to other sources that will help to promote this expansion of awareness, this expansion in consciousness. It will indeed be a very interesting year indeed.

CAC General Reading 11-17-08 (November 17, 2008)
Will Berlinghof Interpreter, Joan Mills Energizer and Questioner

Earth Changes and Weather in 2009

After concluding the last session, it was felt there was additional information Awareness wished to speak about and a continuation of the 2009 forecast is requested. The topic of earth changes or events was not discussed. Would you carry on please?

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness did indeed wish to mention that it is not seen that in the year 2009 that there will be any catastrophic events of such cataclysm that the world itself will be sent reeling. This does not mean that this Awareness does not see serious earthquake events occurring that will have impact. It is seen that there may be several more earthquakes in the Asian continent, especially the country of China, as well as in the Himalayan areas that define the borders and boundaries of Pakistan and India.

The Pacific Ring may also be somewhat active during the year 2009. These earth events that have already been carried out and occurring over the last several years will continue. It is seen also that some of those events in China are part and parcel of manipulated energies. This Awareness discussed this previously, that the use of the HAARP technology might be involved in the earthquakes spoken of just now. However, it is not seen that the great geological catastrophe, the geophysical event that this Awareness spoke of several years ago in the Oregon, Northern California region will occur in the year 2009. Those energies still remain dissipated at this time.

Many Weather Patterns Being Manipulated
It is also seen that the continuous erratic weather patterns will continue, especially over the United States of America. Part of the problem is that many of these weather patterns are being manipulated and controlled as a retaliation for the geophysical warfare that is being waged on China at this time. But quite independently of the manufactured nature of some of the climatic weather conditions, generally speaking it is seen the world over will again see the continuance of the erratic weather conditions that the earth itself has been experiencing over the last several years.

Droughts Created Will Cause Food Crisis Later
It is seen that the continent and country of Australia, the Austral-Asian region will continue to experience severe drought conditions. It is seen that there will be drought-like conditions in Asia also that may have serious impact on the production of food; especially the rice crops being affected in those rice-growing regions. This is part of a plan that is meant to create difficulties for the world's population with certain food crops being severely limited, thus affecting the availability of food in the world. This too has been experienced in the last year, but these have all been dry runs due to the manipulation of the world's food stocks in the future. It is seen that 2009 as a preliminary year to the greater food crisis that may come in the years after.

An Active Hurricane Season is Seen
Finally it is seen that Europe will also undergo some extreme weather this year. It is seen again an abundance of rain over the United Kingdom and similar throughout Europe and Russia, with an intense summer, a hotter than normal summer for those regions. It is not seen that there will be any extreme hurricane events in the order of Katrina and Rita from a few years ago, however it is seen that there will be an active hurricane season once again in 2009 with a high level of destruction, perhaps not as high as the two hurricanes that were just mentioned, but there is seen to be concern yet for the hurricane season of 2009.

This basically concludes this Awareness' forecast of the weather condition, the earth change conditions for the year 2009.

More on the Belief System (Why One Shouldn't give Away One's Power)

(Thank you) Are there other areas that you started to talk about in the last session that you would like to expand on, in a sense of perhaps an alternate forecast?

Cosmic Awareness:
Indeed, this Awareness does wish to provide an alternate forecast, if you will. It is more an alternate focus, an alternate way of looking at the events that this Awareness has spoken of. In the last session, this Awareness spoke of the importance of not putting all of one's attention on those forecasted events. This Awareness wishes to speak on this. This Awareness wishes to remind one and all that the belief system of this planet is based on dualism, a duality consciousness. Everything is seen as this or that, a binary system, if you will: on/off, light/dark, good/bad, love/hate.

In this duality the approach is to view events as outside of oneself, and the individual must then experience that outside event. The duality side of the coin is that there is an inside perspective, an inside event also. To view reality as a series of events outside of oneself that will impact and affect the individual does not allow for the other side to be understood. Everything comes from within. It is the individual's belief system, their knowing of what is, that will define the outside.

A Forgotten Region of Thought
Since this is a forgotten region of thought for the majority, it is easy to manipulate the concepts of reality that will be experienced by the individual. The outside events are deemed as good or bad, given the impact they will have on the individual. Thus, when this Awareness gives Its forecast, in some ways this is a forecast of outside events that have a certain degree of power to them because this Awareness is viewed as an authority, an expert, and as an expert, often the opinion and conclusions of the expert are what are viewed as truthful, as real.

How One Can Die From a Forecast
This is the case for example, if an individual goes to a doctor and the doctor, the authority, the expert declares that the individual has but 9 months to live, more often than not, the individual receiving this forecast will indeed take the forecast and make it so. The inner power of that being as the Creator Being will energize the opinion of the expert to such a degree that often the event occurs as predicted, as forecasted by the doctor. Does this mean that the doctor was right and accurate in his prediction? It does not. It means that the individual received the forecast, energized it to such a degree because of the belief held of the accuracy of the expert, that it was then possibly experienced as the reality for the individual, so much so that the individual may actually die from that forecast given by that expert, never once realizing that they themselves perhaps were more than a small part of the equation.

It was not an event that was forecast outside of oneself that killed the individual, but rather the belief in the forecast that was given that may have detrimental effect that could cause the results. This is part of the reality that humans experience and in their non-understanding of the power that each and every individual holds, there is an abdication of responsibility for the creation of one's life that occurs more often than not because the level of consciousness, especially that which is collective consciousness does not hold to this truth, does not teach this level of awareness or understanding.

That which is taught is that the person is defenseless, is powerless, and cannot ever alter the reality of the outside events that define an individual's personal reality as well as the world's collective reality. This is now changing. More and more individuals are beginning to understand how they can draw into their lives the events and circumstances that they wish to have in their lives. The movie/book The Secret did much to bring this to collective consciousness, although there have been many who have shared this secret with the masses over the ages.

More and more are beginning to recognize that one's beliefs, one's attitudes, one's feelings can very much affect one's reality. This being so, when this Awareness speaks of the power of belief and the importance of understanding that one must not give away one's power on the outside, that one must understand that the manufacturing of the outside reality truly comes from the Creator Source from within, will allow individuals to start to shift their focus, to shift their understanding, to create that which is not the given forecast of any authority, not even the authority of this Awareness.

The Alternative Forecast is Given
The alternative forecast that this Awareness wishes now to give is that there are those agencies that are available to help shift consciousness. Those agencies come from within. They are part of that higher multidimensional consciousness. This includes extraterrestrial beings that have achieved a higher level of awareness and of consciousness. This also includes the Devic world, the elemental world, those beings who have long lived on the surface of the planet as the fairies, the elves, the gnomes, the unicorns, even the dragons and other mythical beings, that are still available to be seen and interacted with, to create a magical world, a magical kingdom.

The Multidimensional Aspect is Opening Up Daily
The multidimensional aspect is opening up on a daily basis. Many are starting to understand and appreciate their own multidimensional realities, their own multidimensional consciousness. New healing techniques are becoming available more and more that put the onus of healing back into the hands of the individual themselves so that they do not go looking outside of themselves to be cured and healed. There are agencies available to help the healing process. There are techniques available that will help the individual gain a greater understanding of their individual capacity to heal themselves, to even create a highly resistant immune system so that they will not become subject to the illnesses that this Awareness did speak of in the first part of Its 2009 forecast.

When the Extraterrestrial Card is Played
Such is available, such is part of the alternative reality that this Awareness wishes one and all to start looking into and start calling into their lives in this year 2009. Thus it is that if the extraterrestrial card is played, and it is intended that this will be manifest, that this will be the reality and truth for those who have opened their inner consciousness to a degree that they can participate in the alternative reality that will experience the arrival of the Galactic Federation. Then those beings who have arrived can do what they are really here to do, and that is to assist humanity in its growth and development into truly conscious and sentient beings of a high order, for it is not their purpose and goal to save humanity, to come in and rescue humanity, for this would just put another outside master on the pedestal and still keep the individual at that subservient level of reality, expecting the extraterrestrial beings to do it for them.

This Awareness has spoken in the past that the extraterrestrial card will not be played until consciousness has reached such a stage of development that the higher developed conscious being will step forward into a greater role of responsibility, both for self as well as the collective. This remains so. It is why this Awareness is now speaking of this matter, and is suggesting that no announcement of the event will make it so, such as what happened on October 14th when the planned event of an extraterrestrial First Contact did not happen, but simply being open to and aware that when one is ready to take the greater responsibility to create the responsibility, this will open up the threshold of the event that will then allow an extraterrestrial First Contact to be experienced by those who have raised their consciousness to that level in 2009.

Another Alternative Way to Avoid a Negative Reality
This is but one alternative way to view the situation. Another alternative way is to understand that even though it was requested of this Awareness that It present the forecast of 2009, and It has done so, that it is still behooving the individuals themselves whether they wish to truly 100% believe that the forecasted possibilities will occur and they will then experience them in their own individual lives, or not. In other words, if the individual chooses to simply be aware of those possibilities but to energize from within that they choose rather to experience a reality where they will not be severely affected, even if those events occurred in their lives, that they will not be at the full measure of those events and if they are truly fully competent, that they will not even experience them at all, then this can indeed be the alternate reality.

Jane Roberts Channeled Seth in the 60's and 70's
This is starting to open up to one's own multidimensional nature. There was in the 1960's and '70's, a strong voice that spoke of these matters. Through the Interpreter Jane Roberts, the voice of the entity Seth spoke of probable realities, alternate realities, all based on the choices that individuals made, and that for every choice there was another choice that would go down that line of a choice made versus a choice not made, but that ultimately, both realities would be experienced. Even though one would think that because they made another choice and experienced a line of reality based on the choice made, that there was another parallel reality created for following the other choice, the road not taken.

Probable Realities Occur When You Choose to Experience
Thus it is that all roads are taken in every choice, but what is the determining factor is where you keep your focus. Choosing to experience the events that this Awareness forecasted, or that others are forecasting will indeed create those probable realities that would experience the results of those predicted forecast events or one could choose to focus on experiencing that which will not include those events, that will say that, "This is not my truth, not my reality!" In that choice, the alternative reality will be experienced. That will be the focus.

Therefore, this Awareness is asking all to remember in a dualistic reality where there are always two choices, that both choices can be experienced. One can experience the light side and the dark side, but one can choose to be more focused in a line of consciousness along a probable line of reality. This may seem somewhat confusing, but this Awareness will indeed be prepared to discuss this matter further at a later stage. Mostly It wishes now to present that concept that the inner and the outer are part of the dualistic concept of reality and it is important not to just focus on outer reality and outer choices, but to remember how the inner world, the inner creative capacity can indeed create the outer world, and indeed does create the outer reality, and to start working more and playing more from the inside out.

Dualistic Nature Allows You to Create in the Light or Dark
This will help create the alternative reality that this Awareness spoke of. This Awareness also spoke at the very beginning of Its forecast, that this 2009 was a 2 Year. The 2 Year energies being such that it is starting to create substance, starting to create that manifestation of the 1 Year, 2008, and because of the dualistic nature of mankind, one can choose to create in the light or in the dark. To create in the light one must come from within and be more and more aware of how it is so that the reality one experiences is really created from within and projected outward, to be experienced as the reality that is outside of oneself.

Coming: A True Experience of the Words of Awareness
It is not projected from the outside inwardly, feeling that one must experience that outside reality with no recourse to affect it or change it. It is simply not that way. The two energies will be available to be played with in 2009 and one will start to see more and more how you can, as a Creator Being, affect your alternative reality, can create an alternative reality of experiences. Finally, this Awareness wishes to say that there will be, through the heightened consciousness that is already emerging, more energy available to effectively see the results of the creative energies that each and every individual holds, so it is not to simply be a bunch of fancy words that are expressed by this Awareness, but rather a true experiencing of the words of this Awareness.

This experience will begin to create even greater understanding and power, the power to truly create the manifest reality that one understands and holds from within. This is the nature of the alternative forecast that this Awareness wished to talk about. Opening up to such events, as peace and tranquility and solutions will start to call those events into one's life. To open up to guides coming from the multidimensional levels, extraterrestrial beings here to assist, as well as the other events that could happen to create such a positive hopeful planet, are all there to be participated in and called into one's life in 2009.

2009 Can Indeed Become a Magical Year
It is this message that this Awareness wishes to leave the membership with. 2009 can indeed become a very magical year as individuals begins to see more and more how it is possible to create an alternative reality for themselves. By not choosing to totally give power to the outside world, the outside powers and authorities, by starting to take one's own power, by starting to exhibit to oneself their capacity as a Creator Being, it will become easier and easier to step into that role, to share this knowledge and advice with others and to redefine and recreate one's world.
This is the powerful message that this Awareness wishes to leave one and all at this time.

…An Exercise to Experience Alterative Realities The Anti-matter Stream of Consciousness (Continuous Motion in Film)

(Thank you) Would this be a good time to discuss the one quarter of one billionth of a second manifestation on/off scenario, sort of like the film frame-by-frame analogy? Would this relate to what you just said?

Cosmic Awareness:
This indeed does relate to what this Awareness has just spoken of. In the past this Awareness has expressed that every quarter of a billionth of a second reality blinks off. It experiences that which is its opposite, the anti-matter stream of consciousness. It is in this void that it is possible to change all. Of course, this is a time frame that is so incredibly short that it is not easily conceived of or understood. This Awareness would rather use the analogy as spoken by the energizer of a film, an 8-millimeter film for example.

A film runs on the principle of continuous motion, so that when one views the film, all that is seen is continuous motion and action, but in truth, each frame is separate from the next with a black strip between each frame. It is only in running the entire film that one sees the continuous motion, but if one were to take the film and look at it, there would be seen that between each frame is the black strip, that which separates one action from the next action, from the next. It is that black strip that constitutes the quarter of a billionth of a second where things could change radically.

If one wished to edit the film, it is always edited along that line, and that piece that is no longer needed is cut away, and the two pieces of film are joined again at a later point, thus giving again that illusion of a continuous action, a continuous event. So it is with life. There are many black strips, quarter of a billionth of a second voids, where if one understood this concept, could be used to change reality. It is a thought process again, connected with the inner creative process.

In meditation and in contemplation, one can formulate the thought and the idea of what one would wish to experience. Even though in the process of thinking the thought, the affirmation, the new plan, billions of these frame voids have already passed. Still, eventually the message does get translated into that split second where a change can occur. This Awareness understands that at this time, the majority of individuals have not quite reached that place of refinement where they can use this technique successfully, but it is in the practicing of this way of thinking, of using this concept, that eventually more and more individuals will be able to use that quarter-billionth of a second to effect change, to experience alternate realities.

This is something that needs to be looked at and played with more and more, but eventually, through practice, this way of thinking, this technique could be used effectively as a way of changing one's reality, one's moment

(Thank you) That's most encouraging. I'm pleased that you were able to talk further on that concept.

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness will always be prepared to talk more on this concept if this is still vague or confusing to the readership.

Ancient Civilizations to be Rediscovered (The Mummies of the Ra-Ta Experiments)

Question: (Thank you) Would Awareness please speak more on the other civilizations, Atlantis, Lemuria, all the ancient civilizations.

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness has said that there may be evidence in 2009 of previous civilizations coming into consciousness, being discovered, or rather rediscovered. This is indeed a distinct and true possibility, for there is in truth a continuum of those civilizations into these modern times. This Awareness has spoken of the mummies of the Ra-Ta experiment, of their consciousness being reactivated and introduced into this timeline at this time to help the expansion of consciousness so that the many who have already begun that spiritual journey, that expansion of consciousness and awareness, can be enhanced and helped by this new flowing of stimulation to the consciousness of the planet and to humanity itself.

In 2009 Many Will Experience Contact and Communication with Ancient Civilizations

This is also seen as part of that re-emergence of the previous cultures, the rediscovery of those cultures. On the multidimensional level of things, the Lemurians, the Atlanteans, the Mayans do indeed still carry on, do indeed still exist. Part of what this Awareness was speaking of, is that many in 2009 will begin to experience contact and communication with these previous civilizations, these multidimensional brothers and sisters who still are connected in that continuum that is the planet earth and her history. The history is one that also extends forward in time into that which is known as the future. It is part of the present also.

As human awareness and consciousness expand, that doorway to the previous civilizations will again open wide and thus, those who have the ability and the trust and the capacity to connect with the previous civilizations will be led to discoveries regarding those previous times, peoples and civilizations. They will also be able to take on board information presented to them by past cultures and civilizations, all for the purpose of helping the future evolution of mankind, especially at this time as mankind draws ever nearer to that magical time of Ascension that this Awareness has spoken of many times in the past. The future is also available for this Awareness to speak of this matter again.

The previous civilizations are not completely gone. Because they are of a multidimensional character, some of them can communicate with the citizens of this planet at this time. This Awareness says "some" for others have gone on to do other things, and yet there are many who have made it their choice to be involved with humanity's evolution at this most crucial time. They are in communication and contact with the extraterrestrial beings that are also multidimensional and have the capacity to work with those who are on the other dimensional levels of reality.

How to Move Backwards and Forward in Time
Time, as it is understood, simply does not exist in the same way, once multidimensional consciousness is reached. Thus it is that individuals can move backwards and forwards in time itself. The whole definition of time as it is now known loses its meaning. It is a process that those who have achieved that higher level of consciousness and awareness are very familiar with and very comfortable with. It thus can be seen and understood that they are indeed time travelers and that there is even that which is the influence of those Ascended Beings from that which could be considered earth's future, coming back in time to assist in this process of Ascension at this time.

The Wing Makers: A Group of Future Beings
It is known that there is a group of future beings who have presented certain information in that which is the wing-makers caves, those caves that have been found where there is evidence of future humans who have come back to leave evidence of themselves to help humanity at this time. The wing-makers are indeed part of the overall equation of the development of human consciousness and the assisting of humanity at this time of great relevance and great importance.

It is seen that in 2009, more and more individuals will become aware of not only those past civilizations, but even those future civilizations who have all come to this nexus point, this fulcrum point of human evolution to assist in the process.

Why So Many Interpreters Today? (For Many Years C.A.C. was the Voice in the Darkness)

A related question: Is that why there are so many channelers and interpreters at this time that are on the Internet that are being made available?

Cosmic Awareness:
This is indeed so. This is in the affirmative. Many humans are starting to open up to their multidimensional being, their capacity to communicate with non-corporeal beings, extraterrestrial beings, beings both from the future as well as the past, beings who would be described as Ascended Masters coming from the 5th plane of Ascension. This is now becoming much more a norm than ever it once was. If it be looked back, the history even of the organization Cosmic Awareness Communications, much has developed since the early days when this Awareness and the information presented by this Awareness was very unique and almost the only information that was available.

There simply were not a lot of other sources that were channeling at that time. There were a few, but this Awareness at that time was so unique, so novel, that many were attracted to the organization and to the information that this Awareness was presenting. As the years have gone by, human consciousness has begun to expand, not the least of which is because of the information that this Awareness and the organization Cosmic Awareness Communications presented during those very important years. For many years, CAC was the voice in the darkness, the sole Light in a sea of blackness, and many were guided by that Light, heard the voice and derived great council from the information given by this Awareness.
This Awareness continues to give this information and Light, but it is no longer the sole Light and sole voice. Many now, in the time of expanded consciousness, have learned how to be a voice for those levels of consciousness that they may channel for, be they an entity or being or a force such as this Awareness. This Awareness remains still the only force of Cosmic Awareness that speaks loudly and clearly, but there are many other voices now: Abraham, Matthew, Tobias, to name but a few that have gained the focus and attention of many, and it is for this reason that many have wandered away from the organization Cosmic Awareness Communications , away from this Awareness and the message that this Awareness presents.

This Awareness is not jealous or envious, but rather says that this is as it was meant to be. More and more in hearing those other voices, of being aware that there are levels of consciousness that need to be reached and are available, are indeed fulfilling that very plan of evolution that humanity set for itself. There are many who also are voices for this Awareness. The present Interpreter is not the only Interpreter for this Awareness, and Its voice is channeled in various ways. It is not simply in the channeling of vocal information but rather also in the channeling of artistic images and poetry and other artistic works as well as even through certain scientists who are now looking beyond the limitations of reality that are defined by physics and the like.

There are many ways that which Awareness is also being channeled to help promote the evolution of human consciousness at this time. Such is the time and such will be the time ahead, that many more will begin to feel completely and totally normal in the knowledge that they are more than ever they were thought to be, that they were ever taught they were. As the quote in Shakespeare's drama of Hamlet says, "There is more in heaven on earth Horatio, that you and I could ever have dreamed of." While this may not be the exact quote, this Awareness suggests that many dreamers are starting to wake up to the greater dream that is out there and it is a much more complex dream than anything most have ever thought to be so or ever dreamt of before.

The Need to Question all Interpreters and Channelers

With there being so many Interpreters, it is each person's responsibility to decide for him/her self whether the information is meaningful to them…is this correct?

Cosmic Awareness:
This is indeed so. Not all those who channel or beings who have passed over are channeling high levels of consciousness beings. There are also those who channel controlled information, who think they are channeling from a high level of consciousness, or a high sentient being, but in fact are providing disinformation. This Awareness spoke of a certain individual a few days ago, Dr. Boylan, who is apparently, he thinks, channeling high levels of information, but it is seen that he is not channeling what he thinks he is channeling. He is being used to provide disinformation.

This is so for many who are channeling the various levels of consciousness or various beings and entities. Thus it is imperative that each and every individual remain completely open to that information that is being presented; that they do not simply endorse it and believe it because a certain individual says it is so, that this or that entity is channeling through them. Each individual must question all information presented. They must feel that information out from within. They must start to open up their inner capacity more and more. They must be willing to sometimes say, "This does not feel right! There is no reason why I feel this, it simply does not feel right!" and to go on that intuitive feeling.

This is one way that the individual will be able to censor that information so that the information that is appropriate and correct can actually come through and be experienced, and that which is erroneous and false can be discarded. This is also part of the process of learning about one's multidimensionality. Again, the mistake of simply believing someone who is outside of themselves and accepting their truth and their version, is an experience that needs to be comprehended, an experience that needs to be experienced as an individual starts to develop their own trust for their own intuition, their own sensing of the truth.

This is why this Awareness has always said that It is not to simply be believed unconditionally without question. This Awareness has always said that that which this Awareness speaks and shares be questioned, be looked at, be worked with. If you work with the information, question the information, and dig deeper, if the information that this Awareness provides is correct, then that will be validated through other outside sources that one can also then question and test, but eventually, the ability to truly sense from within will become so refined, so honed that an individual will simply know the truth of something upon hearing it, for all of their inner capacity will be focused on that and they will sense and know whether or not that which is given and spoken is true or not to their own personal standard.

This Awareness does not say that occasionally when one takes on board that which is spoken by another channel, authority or interpreter, does not even if false, even if inaccurate, play an important part in a person's journey, for sometimes it is needed that they have an experience of giving away their individual power that will help them see and understand how they have done so, and this may lead an individual to expand their own sense of their own inner truth, their own inner trusting of their own intuitive abilities.

So it is sometimes that even though a false prophet is believed, that this too may be part of the journey, part of the unfolding of the understanding of one's individual unique intuitive power and ability. Then the individual could take it to the next step of taking that inner sense and inner knowing, and then creating from it, but this Awareness has spoken of that, wishes now to move on.

(Thank you) Basically the bottom line then would be if it resonates, then it might have some substance. Is that correct?

Cosmic Awareness:
This is so.

2009: A Hell-Ride or a Magical Mystery Tour

Question: (Closing Message)
Before carrying on with another question, does Awareness have a closing message to the 2009 forecast?

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness does suggest that 2009 will be a magical mysterious year. There is seen that there will be much energy available in this year to effect change one way or another, and that in the manifesting of that energy, will be determined what the individual will experience in terms of that which is created. In the following of the information provided not only by this Awareness, but by others of the tumultuous events that are forecast, predicted and focused on every day by individuals and by society, it is indeed inflective of the fact that this will be a year of great change as humanity moves ever forward towards that point of acceleration that is ahead of all.

This journey can be a hell-ride of terrible consequence or it can be a magical mystery tour that will open so much for individuals as they see their capacity and their power to redefine themselves and their experiences and their lives. It is really a 2 Year in the matter of choice, that one can choose the good or the bad, the high or the low, the light or the dark. It is a choice that each and everyone will have for themselves in the year 2009 that can indeed fully propel them along their way, or hinder them and drag them down. It is each and every person's choice to make.

With Infinite Choices There is Infinite Possibility
The choices that are available are infinite, and this is to be remembered also. In infinite choice, there is infinite possibility. This Awareness will end by saying that the year 2009 will be an interesting year.

More on the Reptilian Race (Not all Reptilians are Bad Guys)

(Thank you) That was very much appreciated.
There is one question that came in to the Interpreter from Jan, who is part of the Lightnet workers. It reads, "I enjoyed (as always) your last newsletter, and thank you so much for presenting the inspiring message from Awareness to the Lightnet crew. I loved that Awareness was pleased with my expression as being also "Our First Cause Captain."

Then I wish to share with you some thoughts about the Reptilian race, and if you think it is appropriate to present it to Awareness for comments. Over the many years I have noticed that from many different directions and sources, the Reptilians are seen as very negative, to be feared of. I wonder if the Reptilians we generally speak of (those behind the New World order) are only a fraction of the Reptilian race and if there are others of the same race who live in peace with each other. I do not have any negative feeling about this race as these represent for me a very basic energy, and according to the Law of One, they are also cells in the body of Awareness, as we are.

Further more as they love to conquer planets (as we know) they are not different from humans who play the game of colonizing countries. I remember the time when I lived in South America when England made war with Argentina to conquer the Falkland islands. Also it is said that Reptilians do not have compassion, are cruel and see humans as animals to be used for their farm. Again, when one enters a slaughterhouse and observes how animals are treated and killed, little or no compassion is shown by the humans either. Sometimes I think that as long as we treat the animal kingdom in the way we are treating them, without respect, we are treated equally by other life forms.

Many people are worried about the chip implants agenda for humans. But again, how does the animal kingdom feel about getting chipped by humans? I can extend this thought to the chemtrail issue. What about the vegetable kingdom, getting sprayed by human action with all kinds of toxins? We spray and intoxicate and are being sprayed and intoxicated. I think that the universe is teaching us a valuable lesson and before considering something cruel, negative or wrong, we have to look into our human actions towards the Creator and Creation first.

These considerations are difficult for most people as we are educated and love to change the outside world without willing to change our inside world." Your comments please?

Cosmic Awareness:
The entity Jan is very perceptive in his comments and observations. He has accurately drawn attention to an ancient hermitic concept, that which is expressed in the statement, "As above, so below." The Reptilians indeed can be seen as a higher expression, not higher in consciousness, but a more evolved race technically, and in terms of their awareness of the reality of the extraterrestrial system of consciousness and participation. That does not however mean that they are all of the same ilk. The entity Jan very clearly did portray that there are those Reptilian types who are not given to brutality, violence, rage and repression, who are not seeking to dominate and conquer, who are very much seeking a higher level of consciousness and awareness.

There are indeed spiritual Reptilians also. There are those who seek their own highest expression and those Reptilians are part of the overall mix that this Awareness has spoken of previously in Its forecast, when It said that there would be extraterrestrial types who would act as guides and assistants in this time of evolution and expanded consciousness. Indeed, there may be for some Reptilian guides of that nature, of a higher evolved Reptilian.

This does not mean that all Reptilians are of that ilk, just as it does not mean that all humans are of the ilk of those who are the perpetrators of the con and scam of the illusion that humans are powerless and that they do not understand or know. The entity Jan was perfectly correct in pointing out that many humans themselves engage in activities that are dark in nature, including how they treat the animal and plant kingdoms, including how they treat fellow human beings for their own profit and gain. This too is part of that hermetic saying, "As above, so below."

If those who are in the elite have the illness that allows them to treat humanity as they do as well as the planet, as well as the animal and plant world, then there are those who are not even of that level who would indeed carry on so. There are those in that elite level who may have now an inkling of that which is coming, that they too may start to see that there is a new world about to dawn and they too may start to reflect upon their previous actions and start to become repentant of them as they attempt to change their ways. Again the concept, "As above, so below."

There will be those who at those elite levels will begin to work for humanity as opposed to against humanity. That has already begun, just as there are many in the masses that are starting to see the greater picture, who are starting to change themselves, while many stay at the lower levels of consciousness. All is a reflection of the duality that exists of that concept of, "As above, so below." As one chooses to focus into the higher levels of consciousness, the Light Consciousness, that the concept of "As above, so below" will begin to reflect on the lower levels of consciousness, the higher attitudes, the higher concepts.

If one chooses to focus on that which is the dark and the low level of consciousness, then one's life will be a reflection of this very factor, of this very truth. This is all part and parcel of that which this Awareness has called that system of duality, that which is a reflection of, "As above, so below." This Awareness applauds the entity Jan for his very astute comments and observations. This Awareness is complete.

The Next Quantum Leap For CAC Readers:
It's Time to go Beyond Just Thinking About the Awareness Messages and Start Implementing Those Thoughts

(Thank you) That was very informative, and Jan is to be congratulated. There is just a little left on the tape. Do you want to carry on or would you prefer to offer any comments you would like to discuss that have not been covered?

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness feels that It has covered much today and has presented to the readership concepts that are becoming more and more important as the times move forward towards that moment of Ascension. It is also imperative to understand that the energies are moving towards accomplishing versus simply reflecting on the matter. By this, this Awareness suggests that in the past, many have taken on board the message of this Awareness and others, in a very intellectual manner. They have read the message and they think about what this Awareness has said Much thinking takes place that keeps it on a mental level.

Implementation of the Messages, Not Intellectualization
What needs to now occur is that a step must be taken that removes the process from the intellectualization towards rather the implementation of that which has been thought of. Energy must now be added that is of the heart, of the emotions, that will add passion, that will add a drive, a force to the accomplishment of that which is the thought. Intellectualization is not enough anymore. Implementation, making it so, is now needed. That is the next big step, the next quantum leap for many; to go beyond just thinking about the concepts that this Awareness presents, the ideas, the information that this Awareness offers, into actualizing that information, actualizing those concepts.

Awareness Asks You Readers to Send in Questions on This
The book and the movie The Secret speaks of mental images held of what is intended, what one wishes to attract, but the failure in this is that if there is not an energizing on an emotional level, then often that which is thought of cannot be manifest, because the energies will not come together to manifest that which is intended and desired. This Awareness invites the readers to ask questions on this matter, for this is very important now in the process that lies ahead in helping one and all achieve the very things that this Awareness speaks of, versus just thinking about those things because they are interesting concepts.

The times demand much more than just intellectualization and reflection. They demand action. They demand implementation. They demand manifestation of the very concepts that this Awareness and others speak of. This is something for the future, and this Awareness does invite one and all to send questions in that will present this matter again and again until it becomes an actualization for many. This Awareness is complete at this time.

(Thank you) That was excellent. (The Law of Gratitude is given)


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