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Spiritual Warfare - The Definition *LINK*

Spiritual Warfare
August 28, 2009 by bridgingwisdom | Edit
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From: talentrees@me.com
Subject: Spiritual Warfare subject for copyright and not to be spoken just assorb and pass the word in your own words.
Date: August 28, 2009 5:19:36 AM EDT
To: cathycook@positivepowerproductions.com

Spiritual Warfare, the definition

Spiritual Warfare


The spirit is the energies that give signal to the human thought process radioing signals into the communication waves through out universal voice that is proclaimed thus evolved.


The feelings of give a away in action combustions of reactions needs are thus met, by ways and means of non verbal and verbal cues.


The touch of its memory embedding codes within ones heart from the exchange of any given matter through sight and sound, by way of exchanging the discharging toward energy fields of the targeted


The charge of receptors feed into via actions toward process of ones actions. Discharging the cause changing the change into effective gratifications. This comprehensive result leaves total verbatim at its full blown force, directly irrevocable through its breath brought forth exhaling life of letters to the ‘t’ totally crossed giving life in such winds charting all crossings within what is now air born.


In raw form left behind thus memory serves its purpose brought forth
choosing the draw of which role of spiritual battle, will evolve both during ones life here, within human form of body while earthbound, as well as spiritual energy spent. As the sprinklings of baptism by way of tears, be it happy tears or hurtful tears in a spectrum of this passion can not be measured. Through all the ones a human ex.is.trance is/was/ here or later after human beings passing, these communications are by way of which manor of speaking, this is the how comes encircling to a slight or total contact with.
By breathing ones name the spirit of the name worn takes its roll in the after math of life breathing here upon this mother earth. Choosing is at will by the masterhood one has accomplished during the life span on the universal world via world wide web or person to person in the real world.


The Spirit is worn through energy.
What one speaks truth or lies about a person… evolves
The spirit of the one that is leaving their mark with the universe fights the spiritual warfare alive to evolve into masterhood as well as passing by impacting memory from what one has felt or said about them selves while living.

The spirit is the energy feelings thoughts memory left upon its impression.
Now without the spectrum of the Saints and the Angels Holy and Evil, the spiritual understandings would of not been able to abide for me to write this into words for all to realize, THE SPIRITUAL WARFARE is YOU.
YOU are FIGHTING Your, yes yes yes indeed SELF Fulfilling Prophecy.

WIthin the Spirit world what is that?
Do we not have our spirit within us as humans alive?
Does our spiritual being of self evolve by ways of energy spent in the actions and words of self and others? Now Reflect back and PONDER what type of spiritual world do you wish to warfare afterlife? Karma Blessings
A BrightlightsPathfinders Way

Friday, at 5:15 A.M. EST
August the 28th of the year 2009

subject for copyright

Cathy Hill, Cook
Ms. Tassy

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Spiritual Warfare - The Definition *LINK*
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