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One Understanding!

You must learn this

Now! In this dimension

of ours

You cannot rise higher

not knowing this

Now! It is that important!

There is no separation

that exists

Polarity fools you

It's not opposite

but lies on the same line

In want of definition

belies this

Like a magnet with two poles

on it resides

In contrast to the other

still on the same line

attracts and rejects

Duality fools you

It cannot exist

from the beginning

Then an angle

opinion and persona

we divide

to understand

what's our minds

But Stop

It's not over there

apart and at contrast

Even light overlaps

melds, but shows colors

Stop battling

over definitions

Be wise

It's really very simple

you know

it's really just you


by Douglas Newsom this 28th day of August, 2009

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