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Earth In Turmoil,Mark Kimmel / Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Earth In Turmoil

Mark Kimmel / Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today I welcome the return of Bren-Ton with his message.


Greetings to all who read this and other messages at this site. I offer the following to you as one who comes from Andromeda and who, along with many others, has observed your planet for many, many years.

We find Earth in turmoil as the power struggles between different factions of the agents of the dark energy jockey for the spoils of their declining influence, as they attempt to preserve the wealth, status, and power they have stolen from the planet. They hold power in many places, but realize their time of deceit and domination is coming to an end.

We see that the United States is now the largest producer of arms on the planet, and is a major exporter. Much of the other manufacturing capacity of the U.S. has been transferred to less developed countries around the world to take advantage of their cheaper labor; in the process the United States has uplifted the economies of these other countries to compete with its own. This has resulted in a shift for ordinary people in the United States into lower paying jobs, such as retail, as this country continues to be the planet's largest consumer.

The money of the United States has become increasingly worthless. It was previously detached from any connection to precious metals so it now has value only as an expression of trust in the U.S. government. The recent flooding of markets with money and credit has further debased an already struggling currency. This will result in massive inflation as U.S. money becomes even less honored.

The people of the United States will have a particularly difficult time in the years ahead as they pay the price of these actions. At the same time, the U.S. political system has been corrupted by the influence of money. It is fair to say that most politicians in the U.S. have been bought, in one way or the other, by the need to raise funds to attain elected office.

Recent actions by the U.S. government, and the governments of other countries, and their financial institutions to solve problems by infusing large amounts of money and credit have not solved their underlying problems. These remain and will cause further problems in the years ahead. The inordinate pay of those who head major companies and financial institutions is totally out of proportion to their contribution. We of other civilizations see money as a medium of exchange, not as a means of rewarding individuals for expected service.

Add to this the continuing pollution of Earth's atmosphere, land, and waters. Earth is warming, not as a result of pollution of the air, but as a result of her desire to return to her pristine state wherein global temperatures were more moderate everywhere. Earth's oceans have warmed several degrees in anticipation of this event. Melting of Earth's ice caps and glaciers will continue, along with rising sea levels. These will become extreme within the next few years, much faster than publicly predicted by scientists, and will cause extensive population dislocations along seacoasts.

The scientific community is keeping people in the dark. There is little discussion about the effects of solar flares, energies from outside the solar system, or global warning from within the Earth. Similarly there is little public information about the devastating effects of food additives, and chemicals such as insecticides and herbicides. These are polluting not only Earth's ecosystem, but also the bodies of all humans on the planet. Coupled with the burning of hydrocarbons, they are causing many cancers.

These problems are not confined to the United States. Each country has its own set of challenges. You live in an extraordinary time. All of the factors I speak of will now cumulate into change for the planet and its peoples. We who observe from afar, as well as those of us among you who are working for a positive transition of the planet, foresee a period of difficulty worldwide. Those who have become dependent on the production capability of others at great distances will suffer the most. Those who import food from great distance will likewise most feel the effects. Those who do not have an assured source of clean water will regret that they have not paid attention to this important detail. Those who do not have adequate shelter for the months ahead will find themselves "out in the cold."


Earth is returning to her former majesty; those who would be caretakers are invited to accompany her. Those who cling to the current paradigms will not be included. To what of the current paradigm are you attached? Make preparations now for the changes that are coming.

Do not be fooled by the current positive signs in the U.S. and the economies of other countries. These are not sustainable, because the roots of the problems have not been addressed, because to do so would interrupt the activities of the agents of the dark energy. This upswing will falter because it is not built on a solid foundation, the foundation of Oneness with all Earth humans, Oneness with the planet, and Oneness will all in the universe.

And so what are the practical implications for those of you on the surface of the planet? I would say that first and foremost, do not get trapped in the rhetoric of the media. Little of the true actions of the government, the economy, or other institutions are being revealed to you. In time you will come to know just how little of the truth you are being told.

Second, there is a universe drama being played out, and you are at the center of it. That is why there are so many of your space brothers and sisters residing on the planet. What happens on Earth has important meaning for the entire universe. That is why it will most assuredly become a success within the light. There is so much attention focused on your sphere that it cannot help but ascend into the light.

Third, there will be some dislocations as the final act of the drama takes place. We have told you that these events will happen. Earth will make certain corrections to herself. This will involve warming and changes in everything from weather to sea levels. Your institutions will disappear to be replaced with structures that serve all people of the planet, and the universe. Many of the services to which you have become accustomed may disappear.

Fourth, new ways of knowing and acting will predominate; these will seem strange to you at first. Decisions will be made with the highest good of all involved. Decisions will take into account their impact on the larger universe. Love and Oneness will prevail. Enlightened thinking and intentions will be the order of the day.

Fifth, you will interact with your space brothers and sisters. Yes, we will come to be with you. However, in order for this to happen, you will need to raise your frequency to meet us half way. Facilities for this are being established in various locations around the globe. Teachers will assemble, students will appear. These institutes will raise your frequency to interact with us from other star systems, other galaxies, and other universes.

The moment of choosing is upon you. Awaken to the knowledge that you are at the center of the drama. Earth is returning to her former beauty. Who among you will lead the way in the glorious moments of the final act of this universe drama?

You do not fully grasp, nor could you, the tremendous significance of the drama that is being played around you. Think bigger and realize that it is of cosmic proportions. Some has not been revealed so that all will focus on the immediate tasks, rather than the wonder of it all.


Thank you Bren-Ton. You have, once again, given us much to think about as we see change envelope us.


http://www.cosmicpa radigm.com/ Marks_Corner/

Please do so in total, preserving all notations, attributions, and announcements.

In Truth, Love and Joy,
Mark Kimmel

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