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This post is to..Drumspirit, Loveofasongbird, Dancer & Maya with much Love & Gratitude.."The Message".please read...Cosmo

Dear Soul Friends & Family...
Cosmo has been taught another lesson and given a very profound message in my little issue that I have titled "Tooth Message"...So..here goes from my heart to yours....

In this life we are given many test, lessons and messages...it is up to us how we recieve and understand them. Each of you reached out to me in a time when I really needed some help and guidance and not only did you reach out...But...you each reached out with such kindness and compassion that your energy came across the miles of space and time and circled me with so much positive energy of unconditional LOVE. Thank you so very much!!!

The Test...for me was to teach me the meaning of trust in those I have never met in person...only in energy over the miles...But...to feel it and trust it for the real positive it was/is and except it with gratitude...which I did!

The Lesson.... No matter our differances in whatever way...it's all about the beauty of our differances as a whole and the coming together in compassion in times of our need as ONE!

The Message...We are all very Strong, Powerful Great Beings of LOVE & LIGHT, on each our own indivual missions and when we combine these energies together in a positive, compassionate way and for the good of something or someone we are VERY POWERFUL and we can do MIRICLES....

Now here goes what I mean by all of this...

Lastnight the only thing I had was the collidal silver (patis 30) the clay that Dancer suggested and your good energies and love....so...with these two items and prayer telling the infection that it had served it purpose and now I had gotten the message and it could move on...this I did before going to sleep and as crazy as this may be to hear, the lump that was under my thoart that was as big as an egg and the whole side of my face swollen and could not eat...upon awakening this morning there is just a very faint sign of swelling and no pain at all.

THANK YOU DEAR SOUL FRIENDS AND FAMILY...I consider this a miracle as I was in real bad shape yesterday with laboured breathing and pain and buring in my heart as well as other signs that I was really in big trouble. Thank You for caring, Thank You for reaching out and Thank You for being you... a very special soul/being each and everyone of you!

This has also taught me that we here on this board are really met to be here together and even if at times we do not see eye to eye...we are really all combining our energies together each in our own indivual way and making a POSITIVE Differance and POSITIVE Change here in this World.

My deepest gratitude and Thanks to each of you and I want you to know from my heart to yours no matter how jaded at times Cosmo may come across...I do Appreciate, Care and Unconditionally Love each and everyone one of you and will always be there for you too. Just Please let me know and I promise I'll be there! Much Thanks and I am Blessed to have soul family like you in these here times it gives me strength to carry on. From this day hence forth...I promise to take things lighter, never jump to conclusions and each day appricate this my lifes journey, excepting that it's all test, lessons and messages and in the end it is all going to be just as it is supposed to be according to my and each of our journeys divine plan. Much Love.... Ciosmo

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This post is to..Drumspirit, Loveofasongbird, Dancer & Maya with much Love & Gratitude.."The Message".please read...Cosmo
what it means to have a FRIEND AND FAMILY LIKE YOU ~ Cosmos I pass this on to you and give it to you now as your own. *PIC*
Awww...Thank You So Very Much! How Beautiful and I love the picture of the Mermaid....they do exist you know. From..
Message *LINK* *PIC*
WOW! How grateful I am to have you as my friend!!! You are one very SPECIAL Lady...Songbird, with a heart of love, kindness and caring understanding...Thank you! *NM*
Moving with the Flow ..... *LINK*
Thank You! Beautiful! Thank you for the things you tried to teach me that I was not ready for then, But...now understand! *NM* *PIC*
 ♫ ♫ ♫
Ah....Beautiful! Thank You...my friend... the music man...keep healing hearts with your music...music man...Bless You! *NM*
I Believe In Angels....& I Fly....Connie Talbot
Re:  ♫ ♫ ♫, DIG
Re: This post is to..Drumspirit, Loveofasongbird, Dancer & Maya with much Love & Gratitude.."The Message".please read...Cosmo
Bless you Maya....
Re: Bless you Maya....
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