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In Response To: CRUCI - FICTION ()

I grew up for the first 10 years of my life with a very reglicious family and I always questioned the big WHY?..... Why do you go to church and sing prasises and offer up prayers to God and when you leave church you can see you brother or sister on the street hungry, alone, cold and homeless and you all look down on them and call them a bum,,,Why??? How can you say you love Jesus in your songs and not follow Jesus teachings? Why? No one in my home or church could or would ever give me an answer and would say I was being rude and blasphimious to God....Of course I did not see it that way...I saw the people in church professing to be better than others, casting false assumptions about others and really not caring about those less fourtunate and I always questioned why and was very uncomfortable with this. How could God love us and Jesus so much and send his only son to Earth to be murdered for us the very ones that did not care about each other or even God and Jesus as far as I could see? did not Jesus say "LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS THY SELF" This all confussed me to no end and the real biggie for me was...How could God love us... his children so much and if we even slightly stepped out of line with just a simple mistake and misunderstandind not knowing any better at the time, this loving God that loved us so much would cast us into a hell fire to burn for all etertinity when we die. Why???? Today I am grateful for all my questions and all the times I was smacked in my mouth for asking these quesdtions...because that was my beginning of a long and great journey that took me to where I am today and now I have found many answers and a peace from a new understanding about God and not the one I was taught about in church through religion...But, a truly loving Creator.In my humble experience I've found religion to be about nothing more than Fear, Threats,Control and just another greedy orginized way of doing buisness at the expence of the people...No Thank You I'll stick with Spirituality...Just my two cents worth...Tink:)

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same with me - totally agree ;)
Thanks for sharing Dancer...I love learning about new stuff, people, places and things.I never heard about this man before.Thanks again... *NM*
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