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Thanks very much...

I'll stay away from the advil...The weird thing is I have no pain in the tooth it is a solid healthy tooth, it the lunp under my throat that hurts ...the tooth has just decided to come lose from the root and very infected and now effecting my heart due to the infection spreading because of the little heart issue I have with the advanced MVP...this always happens to me if I get a bad tooth, an infection in my teeth, which is rare for me to get. I'll have to get this stuff from the health food store tomorrow they are all closed here now. Your humor is fine for you and not in the toilet :)so enjoyyour humor. Guess thats what we all need to learn here on Planet Earth...just because we don't like or understand something or anothers point of view,humor or expressions...we need to take it easier on each other as we are all edgy and jump to conclusions at times due to all the crazy stress we are going through and that day was an extremly bad day for me as I was sitting here with a baby kitten dieing in my arms and not in no mood or mental frame of mine for that or any other kinda of humor.But, after I think about the issue it really was not worth the energy to let it get to me.I've been to hell and back in the last two years and still having loss of my animals each week due to the poison that was sprayed on us where we used to live...death has become a weekly issue with me and my heart no wonder it is hurting from all the pain I have experienced losing my babies that are my deepest passion and love. I have become very tender in emotions and heart and out of patience at times. The animals are not the only ones that have developed side effects from the pescides and massive chemtrails spayed on us, but, myself and friend too, with mine being my heart and his kidneys are in trouble. I get so very saddened by all of this and at times feel so angry at what is intenionally done to the people and animals by these cruel criminal souless morons. But...I will keep on keeping on as long as I can and keep up the good fight for the better days to come, which I hope we will all be able to be around for and enjoy...God knows we sure each and everyone of us have earned some good and happy times before we leave. Thanks again for your kindness and no hard feelings and I am sending you Forgiveness and Hugs as I hope you can find for me by undestanding what I have expressed to you from my heart. Cosmo

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Hi TNT Posters...Old Cosmo needs some Help and Advice....
Ginger Root *PIC*
Re: Ginger Root
fresh garlic juice is a natural anti-phlogistic remedy
Re: fresh garlic juice is a natural anti-phlogistic remedy
It really is too bad I am not allowed to contribute *NM*
You know Drummy you always found a way to make me smile in the worse of times and now is one of them...Thanks for the smile and I feel your energy of kindness:)...Now what is your contributation? and
Who ME???.... Ah you are talking to me? :O *PIC*
Thanks very much...
Re: Hi TNT Posters...Old Cosmo needs some Help and Advice....
just a few minutes ago I thought about this remedy also
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