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My article, titled Cruci – Fiction, was prompted by the following question, on the cover of December 1, 2008 edition of Watchtower magazine, What Influence Does Jesus Have on Your Life?

(The Laundromat I use usually has several back issues of the Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower magazine for patron to peruse while washing and drying their laundry.)

The question caught my attention and, so, I looked inside and actually read the two lead articles, JESUS, WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT HIM and JESUS, THE PERFECT MODEL TO FOLLOW.

People do talk about Jesus and he was dedicated to his purpose for incarnating on Earth. I present the content of my article for your consideration concerning the accuracy of the Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower Magazine articles about Joshu ben Joseph’s message to Israel.

A corrupt bible leads to a corrupt religion and false beliefs.

So, please let the following article introduce itself and, if your soul and mind are willing to do so, ponder the thought that things may not have been the way think they are.



“whether the teachings of Jesus are being practiced or In Whose Service the Christian religions are operating, as religions tend to become a Twisted Message; why the Mormons and Paganism are considered a threat;”

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The Zetas talk about whether there is myth or truth in the prophecies of Nostradamus or if World War III will occur; why the White Buffalo prophecy and the Bible's Revelations are being fulfilled; whether aliens are disturbing the Earth's Etheric Grid system or manifestations occur along Ley Lines; why Scientology is deceptive and whether Clonaid cloned a baby; whether Bon is based on respect for the dead; whether we can live on Divine Nectar alone or can Levitate or reach Nirvana; whether the faithful saw Ganesh Milk disappear and how Yogas manage mind over matter; the true identify of Jack the Ripper and the fate of Steve Fossett; why Hitler was acting; why Wilhelm Reich was sent to prison; whether Fate dictates our lives or Horoscopes apply; why we think there are Magical Numbers or Numerology patterns; whether fortunes can be told by Tarot Cards; whether the Ouija Board invokes spirits; whether Reverse Speech exists; whether Robert Monroe could teach others how to go Out-Of-Body; why we have Deja Vu; whether Chi exists; and why Homeopathy and Acupuncture and Voodoo work and the Blaire Witch applies.

The Zetas talk about whether Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed were Star Children and accomplished their missions; if the Maitreya has arrived; why Taoism has a lasting message; why Sai Baba is embraced; whether Jesus could perform Miracles, was the Messiah, was born as a result of a Virgin Birth, and died for our sins during the Crucifixion; whether the Shroud of Turin is a fake; what the Da Vinci Code reveals; whether Holy Icons have special properties or the Bible Code exists; whether St. Germain held secrets and why the Knights Templar were persecuted; whether we can rely on Mary's Message for guidance; how Stigmata occur and who spoke to Joan of Ark; whether the teachings of Jesus are being practiced or In Whose Service the Christian religions are operating, as religions tend to become a Twisted Message; why the Mormons and Paganism are considered a threat; why King David was special and the tale of David and Goliath real; whether taking Sunday as the Day of Rest is an order from on high; whether Damnation can occur, and why Speaking in Tongues occurs.

The Zetas talk about whether Angels exist; whether Adam and Eve were truly the first humans; whether the Creation occurred in a week; whether the Ark of the Covenant was a communication device or the Star of Bethlehem a UFO; whether the Pyramids shape has special influence or ancient monuments are Astronomical Markers, and why an Endless Debate exists; what caused the demise of the Dinosaurs, and whether the ancient Ural Map is real; why the ancient Egyptians honored Mummies; whether Sodom and Gomorra were destroyed by the gods; whether El Dorado, the legendary City of Gold, still glitters; why Lemuria & Atlantis disappeared; what is causing the Sicilian Fires and why the Phoenix was revered; whether the Trojan War took place as reported; why the Visigoths were so fierce; whether the Druids build Stonehenge; what occurred at the Tower of Babel; and whether the Coral Obelisk was man-made.

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ZetaTalk: In Whose Service, Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Where the Christian religion is supposedly established in the name of Christ, it is hardly based on the teachings of Jesus. Look to the lifestyle of many at the heads of these religions.

* The Pope lives in grandeur, surrounded by gold and silken robes, servants, and guaranteed comfort throughout retirement. What happened to the message of Jesus, about a rich man reaching heaven?

* The Catholic church is one of the wealthiest entities in the world, yet it is supported by those most poverty-stricken. What happened to the message of Jesus to give unto the poor, share and share alike?

* The Mormon and Catholic churches, both based on the sayings of Jesus, use extreme threats to control and dictate to their masses. Excommunication, which is plainly delivered as eternal damnation to the fires of hell. What happened to the message of Jesus to forgive? Let he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone, etc.

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ZetaTalk: Da Vinci Code, written May 6, 2006

May we know the veracity of, from the knowledgeable Zetas, the Da Vinci code? The central tenet of the book is that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children.

Fascinating and full of intrigue, this story is more than secret societies and their goals of gaining wealth and power through cooperation, more than the tight control religions seek over lay people maintaining a mystique of godliness that cannot be challenged, as the story involves codes laid into art work by a famous artisan, Da Vinci. Is there truth to the tale? There is truth to this tale, but it is also fiction. However, the current version of the Bible is also fiction, in many of its sections, if not deliberately confusing. Primarily, the Bible is hiding the truth by what has been omitted, during the periodic purges that occurred at the hands of those who wanted to enhance the control the evolving Church would have over those they sought to lead. What does the Church stand to gain? Wealth gained from forced contribution to the Church, an inability of the layman to challenge the Church which asserts it is the voice of God, and the sense of power the ability to rule over the personal lives of laymen brings to those at the head of the Church.

Da Vinci did indeed know the truth about the life of Jesus, being omitted from the Bible. We have stated in the past that Jesus was not a virgin, not a celibate man, and had the same desires as a normal man, and indeed married a young woman in her early teens, a situation so common as to be the norm in the culture and times. He had children, almost half a dozen, primarily girls as his marital relations were frequent and he took care to include his wife in sexual arousal, being a conscientious and caring husband. Was his wife Mary Magdalene, ever present during his life and at the foot of his cross during his death, along with his mother? Yes. Did Jesus die on the cross? Yes, as the rule was to not remove a man from crucifixion until death was certain. Did his wife and children then move to France and become part of the aristocracy? They of course escaped the area, fearing reprisals, but had no need or means to travel that far. His blood line, mere DNA
not at all related to his spiritual nature, is irrelevant. They disbursed, married and had children, and were simply genetic code, just human, not bearing his depth of spirit.

Was Da Vinci giving clues in his artwork? What other means was available to him, with the grim hand of the religious elite determined to eliminate the truth from the evolving Bible? More secrets are in his artwork than have been discovered to date. Should this inflame those intent on uncovering the truth, there is another secret omitted from the Bible more important for those living today - the truth about prior pole shifts and the forthcoming shift. It is also no secret that the Kolbrin, considered a parallel Bible and hidden from destruction in Scottish monasteries, details the pole shift causing the Flood and occurring during the Exodus. This material originated from the Egyptians, who kept immaculate records. Should this origin cause the faithful to discount the Kolbrin, look to the Book of Enoch, another book carried forward from the Jews, the originators of the Old Testament, who also were required by their laws to record only the truth, and not embellish. Enoch, a man mentioned in the Old Testament, was dropped because it described the forthcoming pole shift, and the signs that would preclude this. The Third Secret of the Fatima, also about the forthcoming pole shift, is yet another example of the Church suppressing the truth, as they care not for informing and empowering their flock, but only about continuing their control and positions of power.

I would love to have the Zeta's comment on the recent alleged discovery of the Judas Gospel.

Truth can be turned into falsehood by being sculpted to deliver a different message. This is true in the case of the Da Vinci Code discoveries, where the normal life of Jesus as a married man was removed from the texts allowed to be delivered to the masses so that the religious elite could claim a relationship to God they did not have. The crucifixion was to be enhanced, something done to Jesus, the worst horror. Thus, being betrayed by a friend, by a bribery, was a better part of the story than any desire Jesus might have had to become a martyr. It is often said that the establishment hesitates to kill someone the common man has come to admire and look to, as the person then becomes larger in death than in life. Look at the life of Martin Luther King, for instance. Would the US be celebrating his day had he lived? Information removed from the texts allowed the role of Judas to become what it is today, a traitor.

Signs of the Times #1590

Breaking The Da Vinci Code book claims almost everything our fathers taught us about Christ is false. Why? Because of a single meeting of bishops in 325, at the city of Nicea in modern-day Turkey. There church leaders who wanted to consolidate their power base, called, anachronistically, the Vatican, or the Roman Catholic church, created a divine Christ and an infallible Scripture-both novelties that had never before existed among Christians. Until that moment in history, Jesus was viewed by his followers as a mortal prophet, a great and powerful man, but a man nonetheless.

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ZetaTalk: Hopi Indians, Note: written on Sep 15, 1996

The Hopi Indians are instrumental in the Awakening, as their culture is open to contact with extraterrestrials and thus they have had open contact ahead of most of the rest of the world. Unlike closed cultures, where denial rules so strongly that those suggesting that visitations are occurring are punished and even killed, the Hopi honored their contactees, and likewise treated their visitors with respect. Consequently the Hopi are being used as a communication vehicle during the Transformation period. Those among them brave enough to tell their stories to the world are running the same risk as all who further the Awakening, as the establishment wants the status quo to continue and death and injury and endless harassment are common tools of the establishment. The Hopi are perhaps better suited than most to be educators, as their true stories are often scoffed at as being just Indian legends, so the impact their stories make to a great extent go

The Hopi have long been visited, and this is one of the reasons they invite visitations. Children are told at their grandparent's knee about such visitations, and take this all to be as real as the Sun and the Moon. As with the rest of humanity, the Hopi fell under the rule that all visitations should be placed only in the subconscious after Earth's Transformation vote concluded some 50 years ago. To reduce fear and anxiety, which would incline humans toward the Service-to-Self, all visitations are to be recorded only in the subconscious, as the vote was overwhelmingly for the Earth to become a home for those entities in the Service-to-Other. Knowing the likely outcome of the vote, those visitors in contact with the Hopi set about giving them some ammunition to use during the coming Transformation period. There were several significant visits, each with a particular purpose.

* About the time of the deliberate crash at Roswell, the Hopi were visited by the same aliens that intended to sacrifice themselves and die in the crash. This was to spread a countering message to any the military would propagate, and in truth the Hopi message has been propagated as widely as the true information leaked about the crash at Roswell. These stories of small hominoid aliens visiting the Hopi about the time of the Roswell crash have often been interpreted as crash survivors taking refuge among the Hopi, which was not the case. However, this detail is irrelevant in the scheme of things, as the point intended was made.

* As has repeatedly been done during visitations, those aliens visiting the Hopi attempted to explain the meaning and intent of those Star Children who incarnated as Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha. As is usually the case, the message gets partly understood and partly distorted during repeated telling, as the ear of the listener hears what it wishes to hear. In particular, as the Hopi live in a predominantly Christian nation, what they passed on about the history of Jesus got immediately distorted by faithful Christians who chose not to offend the church elite. Where the Hopi were told that the legacy of Jesus continues, many chose to hear that he had progeny, wishing to cling to a living remnant of Jesus rather than having stand on their own.

* The coming cataclysms were relayed in great detail to the Hopi, who feel a responsibility to alert as much of humanity as will listen to their warnings. As with most warnings about the coming pole shift, these warnings are discounted as poetry, or the usual dressing the passage of the millennium is given. The Hopi plan to escalate their warnings, and as the American Indian is revered throughout the world more so than they are revered in their own land, they are ideally positioned to be the messengers of such a devastating message.
We wish them well in this endeavor.

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ZetaTalk: Bible Code, Note: written on Feb 15, 2000,

The Bible Code does not exist. This is nonsense. The Bible Code is something that people have pieced together. They have stated that periodically, every third beat or according to some pattern, that something appears in the text. Why would Jesus, who spoke very simply to the common man, who stated his message over and over so it would not get garbled, speak in such codes and then bury them so that only certain individuals could find them? If one took snowflakes landing on the edge of a razor and analyzed them in an attempt to find a pattern, and tried hard enough, one could make them say almost anything. This has been done with Nostradamus. He was quite telepathic and aware of what was going on in his own world and had a great success rate. But he did not predict the future in his quatrains, which can be interpreted in millions of ways. Just because someone interprets it this way or that way does not make it so. The Bible Code does not exist. Anyone who has the capacity to challenge this assertion will find it to be a bunch of nonsense.

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ZetaTalk: King David, Note: written on Jul 15, 1997,

Like many humans who bore genes originating from the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet, King David was greatly admired for his strength and courage. That he took on one of these giants in the historic David and Goliath battle is not surprising, as he had a personal hatred of their domination, learned at his mother’s knee. Female slaves, who were held in bondage to act as more than cooks and maids, became pregnant on occasion by the brutish and fiercely strong soldiers working in service to the mining outposts the 12th Planet rulers routinely put into place during every periodic passage of the 12th Planet through the Solar System.
Chosen for their unhesitating brutality in the line of duty, these soldiers were used to keep the human slaves that worked the mines in line, and seldom displayed any tenderness, not even to their lovers.

Most often, a female slave that had been impregnated would die in childbirth, unable to deliver an oversized infant, taking her infant with her. On rare occasions half-breeds survived, often without their mothers who bled to death or were torn beyond repair. David’s mother, like he, bore genes from a half-breed, and thus had the hips to bear the product of rape and live. Beyond the great strength and unflinching courage which are traits of the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet, they have a singleness of purpose when aroused into anger.
Thus he became a leader of the downtrodden, and was held in great esteem, this reverence expressed in devotion to his symbol, the Star of David. His lineage, the House of David, was noted primarily for its courageous leadership, not surprising when one considers the ancestry.

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ZetaTalk: David and Goliath, Note: written on Feb 15, 2002,

There is confusion about the Quarantine, as this was not a one-day imposition such that on Tuesday, all must vacate Earth. The giant hominoids on the 12th Planet in fact are unaware that a Quarantine was imposed! What they became aware of was increasing problems while living on Earth. They considered Earth to be a swamp, in any case, full of carnivores their world does not have, and disease. They lost Gold shipments in heavy storms at sea, lost slaves and soldiers to accidents, and became disenchanted with living on Earth.
They were already on Mars, and this became increasingly attractive. After leaving, in the main, they found mankind increasing in numbers and tinkering with technology, tool, etc. However, there were some who liked living on Earth, enjoyed pushing their slaves about and raping captive women, and were loath to leave. Thus, tales like David and Goliath have their roots in truth.

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ZetaTalk: Annunaki, Note: written by Jul 15, 1995,

The Annunaki are the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet, spoken of in many names in the legends of man as is their planet - Marduk, Wormwood, the 12th Planet, and lately the inbound Planet X discovered by NASA in 1983. These giants were approximately 50% larger than man, as their home planet is more dense and massive and the gravity on the surface that much stronger. Larger bones are needed to support life there.
These giants came to Earth during the passages of their home planet, which traverses the solar system every 3,657 years, as the ancient Sumerians recorded. They mined for gold, a mineral rare on their wandering planet which spent much of it’s orbit hovering between the two binary suns it orbits - the Sun and it’s dark twin some 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances from the Sun. Much ZetaTalk exists on this matter in the Worlds and Science and Rules section of ZetaTalk, so we will not be redundant on this matter.

However, until recently, there was a Service-to-Self scam ongoing by aliens and humans in contact with these aliens regarding terrifying humanity with warnings about a return of these giants to Earth. They are quarantined, kept at a distance in the solar system from mankind on Earth, though allowed to continue mining operations on a moon of Mars. Due to the Rules of Engagement between ourselves and these Service-to-Self aliens we could not discuss this scam without engaging them, and our efforts were needed elsewhere, so we declined the engagement. Since the scam has been dropped, we can now discussion this. There will be no return of these giants, who claimed erroneously in their past literature that they had genetically engineered mankind. They did not do so, are not the creators of man, and man stands in fact as their full equal as 3rd Density hominoids. Earth, in fact, is undergoing a transformation ahead of the home of these giant hominoids, so could in many respects be considered more progressive.

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Crucifixion was A Method of Capital Punishment until abolished by Emperor Constantine l. The Church replaced it with burning victims on a stake or other means of deadly torture.



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,

Crucifixion(from Latin crucifixio, noun of process from perfect passive participle crucifixus, fixed to a cross, from prefix cruci-, cross, + verb ficere, fix or do, variant form of facere, do or make)
is an ancient method of execution, whereby the condemned person is tied or nailed to a large wooden cross(of various shapes) and left to hang until dead.

It was in use particularly among the Persians, Seleucids, Carthaginians, and Romans from about the 6th century BC to the 4th century AD, when in the year 337 Emperor Constantine I abolished it in his empire, out of veneration for Jesus Christ, the most famous victim of crucifixion. It has sometimes been used even in modern times.
A crucifix, (from Latin crucifixus or cruci fixus, past participle passive of crucifigere or cruci figere, "crucify", "fix to a cross"), an image of Christ crucified on a cross, is for Catholic Christians the main symbol of their religion, but most Protestant Christians prefer to use a cross without the figure (the "corpus" – Latin for "body") of Christ.

Crucifixion of Jesus

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The crucifixion of Jesus is an event described in all four gospels which takes place immediately after his arrest
and trial. In Christian theology, the death of Jesus by crucifixion is a core event on which much depends. It represents a critical aspect of the doctrine of salvation, portraying the suffering and death of the Messiah as necessary for the forgiveness of sins. According to the New Testament, Jesus rose from the dead after three days and appeared to his Disciples on different occasions during a forty day period before his ascension to heaven.

In Mark, Jesus is crucified along with two rebels, and the day goes dark for three hours. Jesus calls out to God, then gives a shout and dies. The curtain of the Temple is torn in two. Matthew follows Mark, adding an earthquake and the resurrection of saints. Luke also follows Mark, though he describes the rebels as common criminals, one of whom defends Jesus, who promises that the two of them will be together in paradise. Luke portrays Jesus as impassive in the face of his crucifixion. John includes several of the same elements as those found in Mark, though they are treated differently.

Jesus' redemptive suffering and death by crucifixion are referred to as the Passion, from the Latin verb patior, to experience. In the Christian tradition, Jesus is said to have died for the sins of the world, a doctrine generally known as atonement, and in some cases as substitutionary atonement. Jesus' suffering is said to be foretold in Hebrew scripture, such as in Isaiah's songs of the suffering servant.

Historians regard Jesus' crucifixion under Pontius Pilate as a historical event. Early Christians are considered unlikely to have invented Jesus' crucifixion because it embarrassed them (see criterion of embarrassment).

The Crucifixion, by Vouet, 1622, Genoa


A Kosmon Bible in the Words of Jehovih and his Angel Embassadors
by John Ballou Newbrough

The Text of OAHSPE can also be downloaded free from the following address:

The Kosmon Era Bible

Joshu ben Joseph, also known as, Jesus of Nazareth; the New Kosmon Era Bible story of his Birth, Teachings, Doctrines, Death and Ascension.

God's Book of Eskra

This is the beginning of history again, and from the time of Moses down to four hundred years ago.

Chapter XLII

The Birth, Teachings, Death and Ascension of Joshu Ben Joseph (AKA Jesus).

1. God, Jehovih's Son, was wise above all these trials, for he had the light of Jehovih's kingdoms with him.
2. And it will be shown, presently, how much further ahead are the plans laid out by Jehovih's Sons, than by His enemies.

3. Because Pharaoh persecuted the Israelites, Moses put a curse upon Pharaoh. Now, after hundreds of years in the lower heavens, behold, Pharaoh was cast into hell, and then into chaos, and none but Moses could deliver him, as hath been previously described.

4. So, Moses descended from the higher heavens, and delivered Pharaoh, and he provided Pharaoh a new name, Illaes, and sent him back to earth to labor with the Israelites, in order to fulfill his shortness in righteous works. Illaes, therefore, became a willing volunteer, and many angels with him.

5. And these angels inspired seven hundred Israelites to separate themselves from all other people, and to go and live by direction of the angels of Jehovih. Moreover, the angels inspired these people to call themselves Es'eans, as commanded by Moses in heaven.

6. These Es'eans were, therefore, a separate people, pledged to Jehovih, to have no king nor earth-ruler, save their rab'bahs. And they dwelt in communities and families of tens and twenties and hundreds, holding all things in common. But in marriage, they were monagamic; neither would they have more than one suit of clothes each; and they lived on fruit and herbs only; nor ate they fish nor flesh of anything that had ever breathed the breath of life. And they bathed every morning at sunrise, and worshipped before the altar of Jehovih, doing, in all things, after the manner of the ancient Faithists. By virtue of the angel hosts, who were with them, did they these things. And they held communion with the angels of heaven, every night before going to sleep.

7. Illaes had said: Because I persecuted the Faithists, and raised up my hands against them and against Jehovih, I was instrumental, in part for their fall. Now will I labor with them, to re-establish them in purity and love. And he so labored.

8. And Illaes and his angel hosts made the camps of the Es'eans their dwelling places, watching over these few Israelites, day and night for hundreds of years. Yea, without leaving them, these faithful angels guarded them from all the warring hosts of angels, belonging to the armies of Baal and Ashtaroth, and to the Triune God, Looeamong, and his hosts.

9. And, though the Es'eans lived in great purity of body and soul, yet they were evilly slandered by the world's people around about them on every side.

10. But Jehovih prospered the seed of the Es'eans, in holiness and love, for many generations.

11. Then came Gafonaya, chief of the loo'is, according to the command of God, to raise up an heir to the Voice of Jehovih. And, in four generations more, an heir was born, and named, Joshu, and he was the child of Joseph and his wife, Mara, devout worshippers of Jehovih, who stood aloof from all other people, save the Es'eans.

12. And, because of the extreme youth of Mara, the child was of doubtful sex, whereupon the rab'bahs said, the child was an iesu, signifying neutral.

13. The time of the birth of the child, was three days after the descent of a heavenly ship from the throne of God. And many of the Es'eans looked up and beheld the star, and they felt the cold wind of the higher heavens fall upon the place and around about the tent, where the child was born. And they said, one to another: Jehovih, remembers us.

14. Gafonaya, the chief angel of the loo'is, knew beforehand what the birth would be, and he sent out around about the Es'ean encampments extra guardian angels; and these notified the descending hosts of heaven of what was near at hand.

15. So the messengers from heaven tarried until after the child was born, acquainting Illaes of the time ahead when Moses and Elias, with their hosts would come to complete the deliverance of the spirits of the Eguptians, whom Moses had colonized in atmospherea.

16. Illaes said: Thank Jehovih, I shall once more look upon Moses' face.

17. When the birth was completed, the angels of heaven re-entered their star-ship and hastened back to Paradise, God's heavenly seat.

Chapter XLIII

1. When Joshu was grown up, and ready for his labor, God provided a host of one hundred million angels to make a line of light from his Holy Council down to the earth; and they so made it.

2. And God provided a guardian host of two thousand million angels to protect the line of communications; for it was war times in heaven and earth.

3. Then came Moses from his etherean realms, accompanied by Elias and a sufficient host. And he came to Paradise, to God on the throne, where due preparation had been made for them. For the heavenly kingdoms of God were stirred from center to circumference, when it was heralded abroad that Moses and Elias were coming.

4. And Paradise was like a new heavenly city, being acceded by an influx of more than a thousand million visitors for the occasion.

5. And heralds and receivers and marshals and musicians extended every way.

6. A whole book might be written on the glory of the occasion, when that etherean ship descended from the higher heavens. Suffice it, Moses was received according to the custom of Gods. And God said to Moses and Elias: Come ye, and honor my throne; and I will proclaim a file before the throne, to be followed by two days' recreation
7. Then Moses and Elias went up, and sat on the throne of God, that they might look upon Moses' face. And Moses stood up before them. Moses said: I remember standing on the earth whilst the hosts that came out of Egupt passed before me! Great Jehovih, what symbols of things Thou givest. And ever with a new thrill of joy to the soul. O Thou Almighty!

8. That was all he said; but so great was the love and glory in his face as he stood on the throne of God that every soul that passed said: Moses, blessed Son of Jehovih!

9. And God granted two days' recreation, during which time the ethereans mingled with the atmosphereans in great delight. After that, Moses, with his hosts, went to Elaban, his colony of Eguptians, who were now raised high in the grades. And Moses had them removed to Aroqu, where they were duly prepared and adorned as Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. And, after suitable preparation, Moses provided for their ascent to the Nirvanian fields of Metapotamas, in etherea, sending them in charge of his own hosts.

10. After that, Moses and his remaining hosts descended to the earth, to Kanna'yan, to the tribes of Es'eans, which had been raised up by Illaes (Pharaoh). And great was the meeting betwixt Illaes and Moses. The former broke down with emotion. He said: All praise to Thee, O Jehovih! Thou has remembered me at last.

11. Moses came to him, and said: I have come for thee, O Nu'ghan! I have a place prepared for thee and thy hosts in my etherean kingdoms! Thou hast done well!

12. Then Moses and his hosts drew their otevan down to the angel camp, which was near the camp of the mortals, the Es'eans, and they made the light to fall upon the boat; and it came to pass that many of the Es'eans looked up and beheld the otevan, calling it a chariot.

13. And Moses and Elias went and stood before Joshu, and he saw them.

14. Moses said unto him: My son! my son! The light of Eloih is upon thee. Israel, through thee, shall regain the All One, which was lost.

15. Thereupon, Moses and his hosts, together with Illaes and his hosts, went into the otevan, and immediately took course for Paradise, God's heavenly seat, where they arrived in due season. And, after three days, they again entered the fire-ship, and took course for Moses' etherean realms.

Chapter XLIV

Doctrines of Joshu and his death.

1. God said: These were my doctrines, as I taught through Joshu:

2. Thou shalt keep the ten commandments of Moses.

3. Thou shalt not engage in war, nor abet war.

4. Thou shalt eat no flesh of any animal, or fish, or bird, or fowl, or creeping thing which Jehovih created alive.

5. Thou shalt dwell in families, after the manner of the ancient Israelites, who held all things in common.

6. Thou shalt have no king nor queen, nor bow down in worship to any, save thy Creator.

7. Thou shalt not call on the name of angels to worship them, nor to counsel with them on the affairs of earth.

8. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, and do unto thy fellow man as thou wouldst have him do unto thee.

9. Thou shalt return good for evil, and pity to them that sin.

10. It hath been said: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; but I say, return good for evil.

11. And if a man smite thee on one cheek, turn the other unto him also.

12. The man shall have but one wife, and the woman but one husband.

13. As the children honor the father, so will the family be blest with peace and plenty.

14. Remember, that all things are of Jehovih, and ye are His servants, to help one another.

15. And as much as ye do these services to one another, so serve ye Jehovih.

16. Behold only the virtues and wisdom in thy neighbor; his faults thou shalt not discover.
17. His matters are with his Creater.

18. Call not on the name of any God or Lord in worship; but worship Jehovih only.

19. And when thou prayest, let it be after this manner:

20. Jehovih, who rulest in heaven and earth, hallowed be Thy name, and reverent amongst men. Sufficient unto me is my daily bread; and, as much as I forgive those that trespass against me, forgive Thou me, and make me steadfast, to shun temptation, for all honor and glory are Thine, worlds without end. Amen!

21. To visit the sick and distressed, the helpless and blind, and to relieve them; to provide for the widow and orphan, and keep thyself unspotted before men; these are the way of redemption.

22. Thou shalt take no part in the governments of men, but observe the will of Jehovih, being obedient unto all governments for His sake.

23. All men are the children of One Father, who is Jehovih; and whosoever chooseth Him, and keepeth His commandments, is His chosen.

24. To preserve the seed of His chosen, thou shalt not wed but with the chosen.

25. Contend not with any man for opinion's sake, nor for any earthly thing.

26. And let thy speech be for other's joy; nor open not thy mouth, if thy words will give pain.

27. Therefore, be considerate of thy speech; teaching others by gentleness and love, to be respectful toward all men.

28. Preserve the sacred days of the rab'bahs; and the rites and ceremonies of emethachavah.

29. For three years, Joshu traveled amongst the Israelites, preaching, and restoring the ancient doctrines.

30. And there were gathered in groups, of tens and twenties and fifties, more than two thousand Israelites, of the ancient Order of Moses, who became steadfast followers of the teachings of Joshu.

31. But, because of persecution, by the apostate Jews, they kept themselves aloof from the world, having signs and pass-words, whereby they knew one another.

32. First, the God, Baal, and after him, Thoth, inspired the kings and rulers, against these Faithists.

33. And they proved them by commanding them to eat flesh, even swine's flesh, the which, if they refused,
was testimony sufficient before the laws, to convict them of being enemies against the Gods.

34. So, they were scourged, and put to death, whenever found.

35. Now, it came to pass, that Joshu went into Jerusalem to preach, and in not many days thereafter, he was accused of preaching Jehovih.

36. And he was arrested, and whilst being carried to prison, he said:

37. Ye are hypocrites and blasphemers! Ye practice none of the commandments, but all the evils of satan.

38. Behold, the temple shall be rent in twain, and ye shall become vagabonds on the earth.

39. At that, the multitude cast stones upon him, and killed him!

40. And Jehovih sent a chariot of fire, and bore his soul to Paradise.

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