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not so short first response: YES Of Course! 8) :) :D
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Hello My Friend!
Sorry, I thought this would have become unnecessary since youtube integrated more headline info into the first page of the clip itself
and also, I thought, if you click or double-click outside of the youtube arrows you get the direct link, I happened to realize this by chance, did you try it?
I presume you have a slow dial-in connection and no high-speed DSL.
Well, instead of more words, as you suggested already, the easy solution:

I will from now on put the direct link underneath (as I had done before)
and use the hint "start-stop autoplay" if it slows down the display aka performance on your side.
CosmO, "your will is god's order for me" ;)

What should I say:
Thank you very much for your many kudos.
My forum-line: If there's only one person in this forum who likes some (at least some, imho) of my shares and gets a few inspirations from my points of view, from my restricted froggie perspective, then I will try to keep going.

As I have said before, I try to maintain good spirits despite all the bad vibes that surround us.

Since my youth I call it


Mein Heiliges Trotzdem
My Holy Frowardness

by chance MHT also stands for
Microsoft HyperText archive file extension

(admitted I have to re-read your long personal posting several times)

Thanks also for your frankliness.
Whenever you make a benevolant inspiring suggestion or helpful criticism,
I will heed your words.

This is a Russian Children Song I replayed and linked for a Russian Sweetheart today.
Maybe you like it as much as I do. I hope so!

It's a ten year old Assyrian Girl.

Russian CLASSIC SONGS MUSIC 10 year old talent

youtuber YouMockMe comments:
"thats creepy and good at´╗┐ the same time ... i'm
gonna go lock myself in a room now"

it's all electricity

Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark

OMD - Electricity

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We Are Not Alone.....
CosmO - stand by me! :)
In Reply.....
not so short first response: YES Of Course! 8) :) :D
Thank You! the little girl is such an Angel. *NM*
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