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In Response To: CosmO - stand by me! :) ()

Dancer...I need links to your music videos so I can listen to them. You know Dancer this I am going to say to you from my heart as I always speak...So...here goes...

Over the period of time I have been posting on this TNT board...so many times your music have lifted me up from such sad, lonely and depressed times. At one time we had a miss understanding in my chosen words of communication...But...from my heart I tell you I meant no disrespect or harm to you or your soul...please believe that, that's not who I am or have ever been. I am not perfect or try to profess perfection...I only care & respect very deeply for all creation and do so very much try to help. You really know who I am...even if I post under the name of Cosmic Observer and I Thank You for not pushing the issue on that and moving on in a very mellow communication as we both bring our feelings of truth to this board and I do feel that's what this board is all about, each of us bringing our piece of the puzzle together and helping each other and others see and awaken along with us and understanding as we each learn separately and together what it is all really about, in other words..."What's Going On In Our World"... I do so appreciate your music and words of wisdom and good advice at times you share with me. So...Thank You for all the times you have been there for me even when you had no idea you were helping to bring solace to my heart and soul...and yes...I'm standing and trying to stand up and stand by all... in my own little way, which may make some people question my words, thoughts and actions at times...But...I'm just another soul here trying to do the best I can in a positive way even if at times I may come across jaded, harsh and even negative...Truly this I do not mean to be...I am just very blunt and to the point and have always been A No Nonsense Kinda Girl, maybe sometimes too serious and responsible in thought and action. Now :) could I please have the music links so I can hear the music.One of the favorite one's you ever posted to me is this one, there was another similar to this one with three girls singing pretty much the same message , But... can't find it in my favorites any more, when I am feeling tired, weak or sad of heart and soul, I always listen to this, THANK YOU!.....link below


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We Are Not Alone.....
CosmO - stand by me! :)
In Reply.....
not so short first response: YES Of Course! 8) :) :D
Thank You! the little girl is such an Angel. *NM*
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