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Apropos FAT: it's the abbreviation of F-ile A-llocation T-able, ya know :D

it all started with

FAT8 IBM-DOS, followed by
FAT16 WIN311-NT40, finally developped to

Nevertheless FAT32 grew much fatter into
XFAT32 the extended version to address more than 2 Gigabytes of loaden structured data.

Oh my, me gyro gearlooser,
I know things you probably never even thought of - did you?
Thou you all have it in the start partition of your spinning wheel called hard drive without being aware of, are you?

The FAT File Allocation Table is your access to all of your files, folders and data, without FAT you have nothing, no data, no communication, you sit in the dark, not even blue screen but black screen, total blackout


You Need
to NETwork
no fat -> no trans-port -> (k)now no-thing

"come on fatty light my fire"

Thank You for listening,
this was made and transferred via FAT32.


Time to fall back into the

Stillness of Heart

proof of FAT ASS in two parts
do exist thou slightly ass-ymmetric

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