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We Are Not Alone.....

You Are Not Alone


How The Battle Will Be Won


In Answer To Zack..."How The Battle Will Be Won"


Another Point Of View From "How The Battle Is Going To Be Won"


How To Win The Battle...come together and unite with a common goal for all of Humanity

IMHO....These young kid's have it right...we older folk are not coming together in unity the way we really need to do in order for this new change to develop and come into manifestation.
These kid's are deep thinkers and doers....We on the other hand are reading channeling, praying, meditating, going to work shops..etc...etc and just maybe that is one way to help...But...we are not united together in a bonded strength that we need in order to win this battle along with the light.....and why...IMHO...We are being duped, short changed and led down the path of delusion by being told that just meditating, sending love, praying, chanting, changing our words, deeds and thoughts will bring the change and all we have to do is just Be...All the above I have mentioned is all good and maybe all a part of creating the change...But...to believe that is all that is needed and do nothing else is not seeing, that to make the change it has to be a combination of complete unity and lots of hard work.......In other words get off our asses and get together and unite instead of sitting behind closed doors at our computer and reading, posting and believing in this 2012 shift and that it will all be ok if we just sit here and do as we have been doing up until now...which has gotten us where we are right now in the first place. Get together with your neighbors, friends...etc and discuss ways you feel that can make a stronger Community, Country and World...discuss ways we can bring this so very badly needed positive change in Now...You know some of us are waiting for the ET's to come help & the 2012 shift and some wait for Jesus and God to come and on and on...How about we do it Ourselves...We CAN you know...But..we need to do it together and in a very peaceful and united manner.
Complete Unity with community, friends, family and all like minded indavuial in harmony and peaceful resalutation and solutions, calm communication and discussions not heated and angered fights with one another. Respect for each others points of view and freely sharing with each other within our groups and outside our groups as well our own individuals solutions bringing them together to create a World where we all come together as One and work together as One for the betterment and change for all of humanity...for all creation. We do not need to even bring such negative energy in this discussion such as blaming our Goverment and all it is doing. Our main goal would be to focus on how to bring a better World into our community we live in, keeping it crime free and bringing our neighbors together to share and help each other in difficult times and by keeping politics & religion out of discussions we can come together respecting each others feelings and point of view on these subjects with a respect and no bars and judgements of each other, with the common goal of making our community better and let it spread on out to other communities as they learn of what we are doing, in a peaceful, productive manner.
This is just my little rant for today...what's yours????

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We Are Not Alone.....
CosmO - stand by me! :)
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not so short first response: YES Of Course! 8) :) :D
Thank You! the little girl is such an Angel. *NM*
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