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Culling the Idiots?

Why, at this point in time, would any sane person have their kids in school?

Quick answer...no sane person would, so be it. Harsh? What's harsher?
A) Thinking for yourself without the guvmint teat to back you or...
B) Buying all the propaganda about guvmints niceness?

The correct answer is A, those whom chose B well, um CHOSE B! Maybe I can make a damn fine idiot compost or something. I'd rather keep living well below the poverty level (outside of the cytsem [sic]) then ever, ever send my kids to school. The choice is there, eat, or be eaten. I'll eat anything I can outwit.

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Plans to take children from schools for mass vaccination & Quarantines,Plans include mass morgue planning.......
Actual Swine Flu Conference Schedule....PDF
Culling the Idiots?
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