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muy bien - ¡muchas gracias, Observador Cosmica!

Si un observador cósmica
también funcionarios terrenal?

The Medical Mafia
Ghislaine Lanctôt

(utuber eyeOOsee said one day ago)

This six part series is the best yet. Thank you beyond words for posting.
We CAN choose to leave this prison, without GOING anywhere. We choose to advance to a higher state of being. We take back our power. We stop giving it away.
Ghis, thankyou for the insight. I was teetering on the balance and your truthful words helped me see what the decisions truly are...from which we all must make. And only we can make that decision.

Takeover By The NWO? With US! NO!





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The Medical Mafia,Artic Ice Exaggeration,Steven Greer, Great Interview with Henry Deacon
muy bien - ¡muchas gracias, Observador Cosmica!
Glad to help...you are very welcome.....
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