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The Arcturian Corridor *LINK* *PIC*

The Arcturian Corridor
Step 15

Welcome back to our Corridor. We wish to begin by telling you that the summer of 2009 has been very special, for there have been numerous waves of downloadable energy traveling towards Earth. Due to the conditions of your Sun, the magnetosphere of Gaia has been provided with myriad bursts of torsion waves. First, your Sun received the energy from the Galactic Center then passed it on to Earth and the other planets in your Solar System. **

These torsion waves, filled with divine intelligence, unconditional love and divine creativity, have been available for download for those who have prepared their earth vessels to accept the higher frequencies of light. Those who have not prepared their physical forms by integrating their Multidimensional SELF into their bodies may not have been able to fully accept the energies, but there has still been unlimited potential for the expansion of their consciousness.
**For crop circle messages please click:(http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2009/waylandsmithy/comments.html)

Even those of you who were prepared for this moment likely experienced, and still are experiencing, some symptoms of transformation. These symptoms are primarily in your thoughts and your perception of reality. If you continue to surrender to these waves, meditate and ground your earth vessel, there will be fewer symptoms and you will increasingly experience moments of illumination.

The Solar Eclipse in July greatly amplified your feminine power allowing you to accept an augmented in-flow of higher light. Furthermore, the combined energies of Chiron, the wounded warrior, Jupiter, the great amplifier, and Neptune, the bringer of illusion or illumination, have been healing the wounds of your Spiritual Warrior to amplify your masculine power of out-flow. This increased power gives you more courage to be your true SELF in daily life.

It is through receiving and grounding these higher energies that you will find your true enlightenment, as well as assist Gaia in her return to SELF. Because the energies have been so strong, even those of you who were prepared, likely experienced symptoms such as Third Eye headaches, a tingly feeling in your crown and dizziness without nausea. You may still be experiencing these symptoms or they may return whenever you integrate higher frequency light.

You have been in deep cover for most of your incarnations since the fall of Atlantis. However, NOW you have the opportunity to transform your life by awakening to and being your Multidimensional SELF in your daily life. In this manner, you will ground your multidimensional energies into Gaia, as well as serve as a role model for others. All you need DO is to BE faithful in your Knowing.

ALL that you desire shall come to pass. It is time to live within the Core of your SELF without the distractions and entanglements of a complex reality. There is much we have to share with you, and we need you to remain calm in order to receive it. The less you need from the outside reality, the more inner freedom you will have. Therefore, do not become attached to any person, place, situation or thing. Your Home, whatever place on the great body of Gaia that you have perceived as “your home,” shall rise with you, for you have transmuted it by grounding your ever increasing multidimensional downloads.

The transformation of your shell, earth vessel, will activate the further awakening of your Core. Therefore, detach from all that creates stress or fear and hold your heart to that which fills your consciousness with love. Love is the Center Path and will guide you to your true vibration.

Once you have completed your return to SELF, you can easily replicate all that you have loved in your third dimensional realities. In fact, through these replications, you will share with the ONE all that you have learned in your great journey of Light into Matter.

As you move through your process of living your higher expression of SELF there will be many symptoms of transformation, especially in your Third Eye and your brain capacitance. You are now being re-programmed so that you can have conscious access to a larger percentage of your brain. Furthermore, your corpus callosum, between the right and left hemisphere of your brain, will increase its function.

At the fall of Atlantis, your brains became separated into two lobes. The Right Hemisphere, left side of the body, is the feminine, creative, composite and unconscious mechanism of the body. On the other hand, the left hemisphere, right side of the body, is the masculine, logical, detailed, and conscious mechanism of the body. As Earth slipped into a lower, more polarized resonance, the brain also became more polarized creating a greater disconnection between the masculine and feminine hemispheres. The corpus callosum, a neural network connecting the two hemispheres, has allows a minimal communication between the left-brain reasoning and right-brain intuition.

Now that the resonance of your reality is rising, the corpus callosum is being reprogrammed so that it functions as a bridge. This bridge connects the polarities of the brain in such a manner that you will actually create a new brain based on whole brain thinking. Whereas the old brain functioned from the separation principle of “either-or,” the new brain will function from the unity principle of “both-always.”

In fact, not only are the masculine and feminine hemispheres now unifying, they are both being amplified as the neurons run back and forth across the corpus callosum at the speed of thought. Male/female, thoughts/emotions, logical/mystical, individual/holistic now function from the center point—the fulcrum point. From this point of perception all polarities become the edges of a spectrum. For example, male and female become the extremes of androgyny. Thoughts and emotions become boundaries of consciousness and logical and mystical become edges of perception.

Without the effort of having to compare and contrast “separate” polarities, it is quite simple to find the location of the FLOW. The FLOW is the place of the least resistance, the resonance where the photons and electrons can most easily travel the path cut by the torsion waves. These torsion waves arise from the Black Hole in the Galactic Center and travel out into our Galaxy in cycles that enlarge exponentially.

Much like a great river begins as a small stream, the Flow of the torsion waves begins as a particle at the Source and finds it way through the Black Hole and into this Galaxy, where it cycles into your reality in exponentially increasing cycles. Then, a particle of these cycles enters your crown chakra, feminine/inflow, and integrates into your personal/planetary body with the magnetic field of your gratitude. This Flow again expands exponentially as you ground it into the planet, then bring it back into your heart.

Then, using the power of your male/outflow energy, you can project this grounded blend of personal/planetary energies of transformational light out from your heart in ever expanding cycles into your physical environment. In this manner, you serve as a step-down transformer, and as Keepers of the Land, Humanity, in conjunction with the Keepers of the Water, Cetaceans.

The Cetacean Keepers also collect the Flow of torsion waves in their crown chakra, integrate it into their personal and planetary bodies with their gratitude, and then project it out again with their masculine/outflow. The feminine/inflow energy collects the Flow, then uses the energy of the masculine/outflow to project the waves into the three dimensional matrix to assist in the process of transmutation of matter back into its higher expression of SELF/Light.

The bud that holds the seed of life dies when the flower blooms. The flower that holds the seed dies when the seed becomes the fruit. However, the tree remains constant, yet, its fruit falls to the ground and then dies—leaving only the seed within the fruit. The seed goes into the earth to become a new tree.

“Death” is just another word for transmutation. Hence, the physical, earth vessel that you have worn is to be replaced with a crystalline, space vessel. Your tree of life represents your consciousness, which is forever replicating itself in different planets, times, spaces, realities, Solar Systems, Galaxies and dimensions. The tree never dies, as it has created so many versions of its SELF that at least one version is in form, somewhere or some time in some format of manifestation. However the “tree” may decide that it wants to return to the overview (higher dimensions) so that it can observe its creations from the perspective of the ONE. With this return, all that has been learned in the lower worlds is shared and integrated into the greater SELF.

You are one of the many creations of your SELF who is preparing to leave duality and exist in the realm of Unity. To do so, the Mystical Marriage of your male and female essence must be sealed in Light so that your child of love—Lightbody—can begin to expand beyond its cocoon of the physical earth vessel. This merging of genders begins with the merging into ONE of your female/in-flow, pineal gland and your male/out-flow, pituitary gland. This unification initiates your return to the whole brain thinking in which the two hemispheres of your brain act as one unit.

Your “junk DNA” is an on/off system of ones and zeros like a computer, which has the potential to initiate the growth of the “seed” of your multidimensional Lightbody/Merkaba SELF. As the torsion waves enter your crown chakra, which can easily occur if your vessel has already opened that portal, the junk DNA begins to turn ON. Your earth vessel is the third dimensional grounded version of your SELF. Your Lightbody is the “form” of your SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond, and your Merkaba is the space vessel for the inter- and multi-dimensionally traveling, Multidimensional SELF.

Just as your physical form resonates to the frequency of the third dimension, your etheric form resonates to the fourth dimension and your Lightbody resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. Your Lightbody is often perceived as your “body,” whereas your Merkaba is often thought of as your inter-dimensional chariot. However, they are actually differing aspects of your Multidimensional SELF.

Your Lightbody can interface with your earth vessel via consciousness while you still reside in a physical form. However, your earth vessel cannot resonate to the fourth and fifth dimensions, and your Lightbody does not resonate to the third and fourth dimensions, except within your consciousness.

A being (human or non-human) can prepare itself for the acceptance, grounding and integration of this multidimensional energy of the torsion waves by integrating its Multidimensional SELF into its earth vessel. With this integration of SELF, the crown chakra can slowly, steadily accept, ground and integrate the torsion waves into the third dimensional reality and project them into the third/fourth dimensions. As we have stated, the Keepers of the Land and the Keepers of the Water are joining forces to begin the transmutation and ascension of Gaia into the fourth and fifth dimensions by accepting, grounding and projecting this higher dimensional energy into everyday, physical reality.

In your dreams is another reality, one that is exactly the same as the one you live in your daily life. However, this reality is of a higher frequency, which makes it more mutable, more easily changed and improved. It is within this reality that your ascension shall begin, for this is the reality of the Truth. You have lived your entire life in a reality of lies, lies about what is real and about who you are. You have believed these lies because you had not yet attuned your consciousness to your inner voice. In the other realty, the one in your dreams, change is much easier, for all you need do is believe that you can BE, DO and Accept your every desire. Then you can set your intention to create that which you believe is the reality that you wish to create.

Beliefs are the template upon which you organize the particles to form your holographic picture of “life on Earth.” In your daily life, many of your beliefs have been taught to you, or even inherited. However, in your dreams your beliefs come only from your SELF—not your ego self, but your Soul/SELF. This reality is just like your physical life, but it is of a higher dimension. It is the Template for the life that you will project onto the holographic matrix of the third dimension so that your Multidimensional SELF can enter into the “3D Game of Separation and Limitation.”

Whole brain thinking allows instant acceptance, integration and understanding of all information. Through your whole brain thinking you will be able to view the holographic image of your earth vessel, which has been created in the sixth dimension and projected from the fifth dimension. Your original divine blueprint lies within the sixth dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF. Through conscious connections with your sixth dimensional matrix, you can swiftly make adjustments to your Divine Blueprint, which holds the answers to all your questions. YOU are the answers to your questions, and YOU have created the 3D Game from which you are now commencing.

It is with this sixth dimensional template that you will create the change that you are becoming. While you are becoming change, you are changing. Change, the concept that you have too often feared in your daily life, will be the hallmark for the life that you are creating. Hence, make friends with change, embrace it, love it and have faith—in your SELF—that through the darkness is the LIGHT. Within the Light, is the unity and unconditional love that will CHANGE your entire perception of “life on planet Earth.”

We, the Arcturians, are ready to expand our Corridor into the sixth dimension so that you can make the appropriate adjustments to your Divine Matrix. However, first we wish to tell you of another important event on your planet.

Releasing the Illusion of TIME

We wish to share with you that third dimensional TIME has come to an end and exists only in the belief systems of humanity. Belief systems are not easily changed, especially the third dimension belief in the illusion of time. Fortunately, as your consciousness continues to expand far beyond your physical reality, you will increasingly release the structure and safety of your old beliefs to embrace the freedom and power of knowing the TRUTH.

You, dear grounded ones, exist only in the NOW. How is that possible you may ask? It is possible because your consciousness, as well as Gaia’s consciousness, has returned to the resonance of the fifth dimension. Do you remember in the 1980’s when the Harmonic Convergence grounded the beginning of the release of the illusion of time? It was stated that this release had begun because the entire world could have the same experience at the same time. This process has amplified since then with the use of computers, Internet and cell phones. When many humans are focusing on one thing at the same time, everywhere on the planet, they are serving to release the illusion of time.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, there have been many occurrences that have united world consciousness to simultaneously focus on one event, unifying Gaia in the NOW. A few of these occurrences have been 9/11, Olympics in China, the myriad wars and uprisings, the 2008 USA Presidential election and the world financial deterioration. The July eclipse also caught the world’s interest with people setting their clocks to experience the eclipse in “real time.” But, what is real time? The answer is simple. There is only one real time—NOW!

All of your creativity occurs in the NOW. Many of you still hold the experience of the NOW in a third dimensional, sequential fashion, so that is appears to stretch out behind you in the past. Then, the belief in the concept of the past leads your mind to believe that there is also a future in which some unknown event will occur. When the Mayan’s spoke of the “end of time,” they meant the end of the illusion of time.

As the collective and planetary consciousness of Gaia’s humans returns to the NOW, in which Her plants, animals and mineral kingdom already live, more and more humans feel an inner directive to awaken to their true SELF—NOW! Actually, many humans have consciously or unconsciously completed their process of integrating their Multidimensional SELF, and they are striving to BE their SELF in their daily lives. Those in the Corridor have read our words at many different “times,” but they were sent within the NOW. Therefore, reading our communications aligns your consciousness with the NOW in which we exist.

The end of time means to “live in the NOW.” Furthermore, the release of the illusion of time triggers the release in the illusion of space. As your consciousness is re-set from sequential time to NOW, your proprioception (understanding of your form in space) is re-set to HERE. Of course, as long as you wear a third dimensional earth vessel, it will carry you through the many time-sensitive responsibilities that you may need to travel across space to complete. What will initially change with the release of the illusion of time is that you will be free of all attachment to dramas of your past and worries of your future.

Even more important, when you remain in the NOW you can truly live each moment HERE. No longer will you need to worry that you must go there by a certain time. Instead, your sense of NOW will allow you to find yourself HERE in perfect synchronicity with the NOW. Since our messages that enter your pineal gland in ONE flash of the NOW, we appreciate that human language, which is based on sequential words that take time to pronounce, is not a good transmitter for our communications. We also realize that it is a great challenge to live with the knowing that your consciousness is free of time, space and limitation while your earth vessel is still bound by time, space and limitation.

It is your ability to unconditionally love your vessel like a mother loves a toddler that constantly lags behind her or wants to wander off in a different direction. Indeed, it is your consciousness increasingly wandering off to different frequencies and dimensions that is causing your earth vessel problems. Because of the discrepancy between your explorative consciousness and your physical body, you may feel spaced-out, disoriented, cloudy-headed, fatigued, anxious or depressed. Therefore, YOU, your consciousness, will need to pick up your toddler, earth vessel, and carry it into the NOW of the ONE.

But how does that work in daily life? The answer is that in daily life YOU, your consciousness, will need to constantly remind YOU, earth vessel, that you are transmuting into a higher frequency of being. Reassure your grounded form that it must stay HERE in the NOW, with Gaia, to ground all the magnificent information and experiences that YOU, consciousness, are experiencing in the ONE while your earth vessel is going to work, changing the baby, driving a truck, teaching a class, going to school, etc. Before Gaia and all Her inhabitants return to the fifth dimensional ONE, many of Her humans may need to go through the phase in which they appear to be two—consciousness and earth vessel.

Because it is necessary that your consciousness serve as your Scout into the higher frequency in order to prepare the way for your ultimate return, this seeming polarity of consciousness and form will be one of the last polarities to collapse into the unity. This is true because there are many times that your earth vessel needs to totally focus on your third dimensional reality, which has actually already become fourth dimensional.

In fact, it is Gaia’s gradual return to a fourth dimensional resonance that has created many of the planetary changes that have been perceived as disasters. With Gaia’s transmutation into Her fourth dimensional expression, many third dimensional concepts, possessions and ideas have had to be released. This process of release will increase exponentially as Gaia, and her inhabitants expand into the resonance of the fifth dimension. When you keep your consciousness above the frequency of fear, you will realize that whatever you release is replaced by its higher frequency expression.

By joining us in the Corridor you have had a chance to practice inter-dimensional traveling via your consciousness. NOW, you are called upon to consciously and constantly integrate these experiences and any other multidimensional adventures into your earth vessel. In this manner, your Scout, consciousness, can return to your earth vessel, to assist you in BEING your Multidimensional SELF in your daily life.

With the intermingling of your multidimensional consciousness with your earth vessel, you will slowly progress through the process of BEING third dimensional to BEING fourth dimensional and into BEING fifth dimensional. As you continue to release third, then fourth, dimensional beliefs and illusions, it becomes increasingly easy for you to FLOW into and embrace the TRUTH of your multidimensional reality.


Take a moment HERE and NOW to unite the YOU, consciousness, with the YOU, earth vessel, to prepare your Merkaba for an inter-dimensional journey into the sixth dimension. Once there, we, the Arcturians, will assist you in making the appropriate alterations in your Divine Blueprint so that your transmutation into Lightbody can be as easy as greeting a new dawn.

Place your intention on our forehead, brow chakra, pituitary gland, and feel a sense of pressure as though something is flowing into your mind. This “something” is your multidimensionally traveling consciousness. At the same time, focus on the tingling sensation at your crown that seems to travel all the way down your spine and into your root. These energies are assisting you to open, or further open, your Third Eye. Be sure to ground the energy, which is creating these sensations.

When you use your out-flow to ground this energy deep in the Heart of Gaia, use your in-flow to accept that integration of personal and planetary energy back into your form. As the energy flows back up your spine, feel it ignite the Three Fold Flame in the ATMA of your heart. Then experience a rush of euphoria as you welcome the energy flow back into the third ventricle of your brain where the secretions of your pineal and pituitary glands intermingle.

Relax into these sensations and hear or feel a clicking in our Atma as you allow your opened Third Eye to perceive your Merkaba, which we have previously activated. (Sixth Step, November 2008 Newsletter)

You are NOW activating your sixth dimensional Merkaba. Actually, the keys to this activation have always been hidden within your Junk DNA. This Merkaba is far more complex than the one you have already activated, as it is a vast network of many Merkaba, combined into one. Relax now, as you imagine the geometric patterns of your own crystalline Merkaba. This is YOUR Merkaba, so allow your SELF to design it for you.

See the network that contains the many octaves of realities that peek through each multidimensional “window” of your Merkaba. Listen to the subtle tones as each network in your Merkaba is activated. These tones are unfamiliar to your third dimensional hearing and can only be received by your Soul/SELF.

With your opened heart see the myriad colors that glisten in your Merkaba networks and window for they are unrecognizable to your eyes. Close you eyes to better see these colors and ignore all external sounds. Imagine yourself within the center of this Merkaba and look out of it through the many patterns of the myriad multidimensional windows. See the waves of glistening light energy as they surround your Merkaba, directing you toward the sixth dimension.

As this light enters your Merkaba, feel how it integrates into your brain, reprogramming it to activate your expanded perceptions and further opening your Third Eye. Your Third Eye is the Bridge, control center, of your Merkaba and your High heart is your Living Quarters. Feel the Light traveling down from your Third Eye and into your High Heart. See how the energy of your Third Eye cycles down into your Heart Chakra in the pattern of an infinity sign. As the light enters your High Heart, you feel yet another expansion of your Merkaba.

Imagine that you are lying back on a soft bed or gently floating on a still pond. Send lines of energies out from your Third Eye and your High Heart to meet in an arch. At the peak of this arch is a portal. See another line of energy connecting your Throat Chakra, hearing/voice, with this portal at the peak of the arch.

Focus the Intention of your thoughts, Third Eye, and the Intentions of your emotions, High Heart, to meet in your throat chakra. Take long breaths, accompanied by sound, to incorporate the power of sound and light with the power of your intentions.

Use your inhale to gather thought, emotions, light and sound into your intention. With your exhale direct your intention to the portal at the peak of your arch. As you exhale, hear the tones and see the light. You will steer your Merkaba with this form of toning. Take a moment to practice this.Where does this journey lead you?
You will only find the answer by living in the NOW.

We are HERE with you NOW,

The Arcturians
Return to us next month for our journey into the sixth dimension.

Thank you for returning to our Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor. If you are new to our journey, please find the previous steps in the archived newsletters at: http://www.multidimensions.com/TheVision/integration_newsletters.html.
The first newsletter for this process was on September 11, 2008.

You may also wish to visit my new site: http://www.suzanneliephd.com to find out more about being your Multidimensional SELF in daily life and to see through your Eyes of Soul.

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