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Thereupon, Moses and his hosts, together with Illaes and his hosts, went into the otevan, and immediately took course for Paradise, God's heavenly seat, where they arrived in due season. And, after three days, they again entered the fire-ship, and took course for Moses' etherean realms.

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The new Bible is called OAHSPE, which in Vedic means Earth, Sky and Spirit.
A Kosmon Era Bible in the Words of Jehovih and His Angel Embassadors
by John Ballou Newbrough [1882]



Eskra is the Word of the Everlasting Fountain, it is the Sermon of Jehovih, it is a book that will last forever; it’s words will never die, outliving worlds not yet created.

Nu-ghan was Pharaoh of Egypt at the time of the Exodus

This story is about the curse Moses placed on Pharaoh prior to the Exodus of Israel from Egypt and how Moses returned to earth and removed the curse and renamed Nu-ghan and sent his soul back to earth to protect the ancestors of Joshu ben Joseph (Jesus) until his birth.

“And Moses gathered up of the yellow, cloud-like mantle, and made a mantle, and clothed Nu-ghan; and he named him, Illaes, signifying, Servant of Light.”

Note: Moses was an Egyptian lawgiver. He was cotemporaneous with Capilya of India, and Chine of China, living two thousand four hundred years after Abram (3400 B.K.). Moses was a large man, a pure I'huan, copper coloured, and of great strength educated as a prince by his foster-father Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and master of many languages. He rebuilt what had been lost since Abram's time and also taught the Zarathustrian doctrine of one Great Spirit, Whom they worshipped secretly under the Name Jehovih. But in public worship, and to avoid persecution, they called him God or Lord. The name Jehovih was maintained by Moses as too sacred to be spoken Save in whisper and with month to ear. He taught that spirits who ministered to mortal nations and empires were titled God or Lord.

God's Book of Eskra


Chapter XVI


1. HAMONASTAS, one of the chief marshals of God, and for the heavenly city of Paradise, came before the throne, duly saluting, and saying: 2. O God, Son of Jehovih, I would speak before thee! God said: Speak thou, my son. 3. Hamonastas said: There standeth without the city of Paradise, beyond the pillars of fire, and in company with thy high-raised captains, one, Nu-ghan, delivered from one of the hells of Hassa, over Egupt, and he crieth out continually: O God, Son of Jehovih! Deliver me! Deliver thou me! O Moses! Moses! Moses! 4. He is distracted, continually using the same words over and over, without ceasing. Now behold, the nurses and physicians have tried all remedies they can invent, but failed utterly to break the spell upon him. 5. For seventy days have they labored, and, as a last resort, they have brought him hither, that they might learn from thee. 6. God said: Nu-ghan! Is this not one of the Pharaohs, who took up arms against the Faithists of Egupt? Return thou, Hamonastas, to the keepers of this man, and cause him to be blindfolded, that he may endure the light of the throne; after which thou and his keepers shall bring him before me. 7. Hamonastas saluted and departed, and after a certain time, returned with the keepers and with Nu-ghan, who was crying out unceasingly, even as had been said. 8. And now, when he was quite before the throne of God, God said to him: Behold me, I am God, Son of Jehovih: what wouldst thou? 9. But the man heard not what God said, but kept crying out as before. Whereupon God said unto the keepers: Remove ye the blinds a little, that the light may come upon him. 10. And they removed the blinds a little; but, lo and behold, the light made him more distracted than before. And when God saw his deplorable suffering, he inquired of his keepers, how long the man had been in hell, and they said: Seventy and six years, and in a knot, three years! 11. God said: I know that this is Pharaoh, who persecuted the Jews. Take him again without the walls, and there retain him. I will send one of my swift messengers to Lika, in etherea, who knoweth the abiding place of p. 675 Moses. Perhaps Moses put a curse upon him! If so, only Moses can deliver him. 12. And the keepers took the spirit, Nu-ghan, without the city, as commanded by God. And God sent Haeroponitis, sister of Raban, a swift messenger, in an arrow-ship of fire, to the etherean worlds, to Gussawanitcha, to Lika's sojourning place at that time, commanding her to lay the matter before the Nirvanian chief, Lika. 13. Hereupon the report continueth in the words of Haeroponitis, that is, these are her words, to wit: In not many days' time I came before Jehovih's throne, whereon sat Lika, through whose etherean provinces the solar phalanx was now traveling, and I told him the story of Nu-ghan. 14. Whereupon Lika, Son of Jehovih, said: Let my reporters of destinations go find Moses: and it if be that Moses put a judgment on Nu-ghan, then must Moses return to the lower heavens, and deliver him. The justice of Jehovih reacheth to all time and place. 15. Haeroponitis continued: Whereupon I saluted before the throne of Jehovih, and in company with the reporters of destinations, started forth again in the etherean realms, and after passing through seven worlds, and upward of three hundred Nirvanian kingdoms, we entered the plains of Sapeas, where are situated the colleges and schools of Embassies, belonging to the Ghiturpsan board of Ritivius. And here we found Moses! 16. Who no sooner looked upon us, having been told that he was inquired after, than he prophesied the cause. 17. Moses said: Alas me! Because thou hast come for me, thou hast awakened in me that which slept all these hundreds of years. Yea, it is true, I put a curse upon Pharaoh; for I said unto him: Thou shalt yet call upon me to deliver thee out of torments. And I added thereto, afterward, saying of the blood of the sacrifice of the lamb: This shall be the testimony of innocent blood against thyself and thy people for what the Hebrews have suffered. 18. Instead of this, I should have forgiven him. O Jehovih! Jehovih! I have sinned before Thee! And Thou hast searched me out after all these years, and brought the matter home to me. 19. Thou art just, O Thou Almighty! In Thy name and by Thy wisdom and power will I return to the lower heavens, and take in charge the man and people I adjudged! 20. And Moses wept; and he gave command to the builders to provide him at once with a suitable boat of great fleetness. And then Moses procured thirty thousand volunteers to go with him. 21. And when all things were in readiness, Moses took leave of his companions, and he and his hosts entered his fire-boat, and presently our two vessels were underway, as if in a race, for the red star, the earth. And, after some days, we arrived in the heavens of the earth, even at the city of Paradise, the abiding place of God. 22. Such is the brief heavenly report of Haeroponitis, for, on her arrival in Paradise, her mission was completed for the present. 23. When it was known in Paradise, that Moses was coming, great joy was manifested, for God and the Holy Eleven and the Holy Council, all desired to see Moses. And God commanded the full board of marshals and also the musicians to go without the capital, and meet Moses, and escort him before the throne. And they accomplished these things; and Moses came before the throne of God, saluting in the sign, JUDGMENT OF TIME! And God answered him under the sign, THY LABOR IS OUR JOY AND GLORY! 24. And God said: In Jehovih's name, O Moses, come thou, and honor my throne. 25. And Moses went up, and sat on the throne, on the right hand of God. And Moses said unto the Holy Council and to the Holy Eleven: 26. Your God shall be my God. In his love and dominion am I cast by Jehovih's will, to deliver those that have suffered from me and my words. 27. God said: Shall we not have a day of recreation first? 28. Moses said: Nay; till I have delivered Nu-ghan, that was Pharaoh, there can be no peace. Suffer, therefore, thy marshals to go to the keepers of this man, and bring him before this throne. 29. And now again, after awhile, Nu-ghan was brought in, all muffled up, to keep the light from hurting him. And he was still crying out: O God, Son of Jehovih! O Moses! Moses! Moses! 30. And when Moses beheld this, he was nigh overcome by the pitiful scene. And Moses brushed away his tears, and rose up, raising his hands to Jehovih, saying: Light of Thy Light, O Jehovih. Power of Thy Power, O Jehovih! Deliver Thou him, whom I accursed! Put his griefs and sorrows upon me, that hath sinned against him! 31. A mantle of yellow light, cloud-like, descended upon Moses, as he stood p. 676 transfixed before Jehovih. All the place was still as death! 32. The blinds and muffles on Nu-ghan fell off, and he stood silent and motionless, gazing with fixed awe upon the holy scene, and upon Moses on the throne of God! 33. The spirit of Jehovih moved upon the holy place, and the musicians felt the power. It was the light of one who was mighty, from the etherean worlds! 34. Gently, then, the music of ten thousand voices fell upon the holy audience. First mild, as if far off, then louder and louder, as if coming near, till soon the words of the anthem proclaimed Jehovih's praise. 35. Nu'ghan turned not his eyes from the glory of Moses and the etherean mantle, for he knew Moses, even as it were but yesterday they parted in Egupt, on the earth. 36. Slowly, now, Moses lowered his upstretched arms, and his hands were brilliant, like yellow fire. And Moses said, solemnly: All praise to Thee, Jehovih! (Eloih!) Thou art just, Thou Almighty Creator! 37. Nu-ghan added: For through Him is all deliverance, worlds without end. In Thy praise will I sing forever, O Jehovih. Thou, Most High God of Moses, my Deliverer. Make me strong, O Jehovih, that I can look upon him, whom I persecuted and abused. 38. Then Moses looked upon Pharaoh (Nu-ghan) and said: These things had to be. Thou wert the last of the pyramidal age of man, and I the first founder of the migration of the righteous. All things are done by Jehovih, in His own way and time. 39. As, by my curse upon thee and thy people, have I been bound to come back to deliver thee and them; so, by thy curse against Israel, shalt thou now return down to the earth, and labor to lift up Israel. 40. For Israel hath fallen from communities, and hath taken to kings, after the manner of the heathen and idolater. Her people are divided and broken up, and many of them have become worshipers of the false Gods, Baal and Ashtaroth. 41. Yea, they are forgetful of my commandment of peace and love, and have taken to war and to earthly aggrandizement. 42. And thou shalt take with thee ten thousand angels of exalted grades, and go down to the earth, to the habitations of the Israelites; and, by inspiration, thou and thy hosts shall select and inspire such of the Israelites as are within reach of inspiration, and thou shalt take them away from all other of their people, and from the heathen and idolatrous tribes, that are around about them. 43. And thou and thy hosts shall abide with these mortals hundreds of years; re-establishing them in peace and non-resistance, after the manner of the doctrines in the es'sean worlds. And thou shalt call them, Es'seans, that they may be distinguished from all other peoples. 44. Nu-ghan said: Thy decree is most just, O Moses, and I know of a truth thy words are Jehovih's. I pray thee, how long shall this labor be for me and my hosts? 45. Moses said: Some hundreds of years! Until thou hast raised a light sufficient unto Jehovih, that peace and love and the doctrine of good for evil be again re-established from the blood of the Israelites, even as by the blood of the lamb, I delivered Jehovih's people out of Egupt. 46. And when thou hast perfected the generations of the Es'seans, thou shalt have sent to thee from the throne of God certain loo'is, and they will labor with thee until an Israelite is born into the mortal world capable of the Father's Voice. 47. Nu-ghan said: Hear me now in my plea, O Moses, thou, Son of the Most High: When I died, as to the earth, and entered heaven, as to these worlds, I found my kingdom, as to what was before me, in heaven waiting for me. 48. And they were miserable, being beggars and slaves and idiots, because of the slavery I had put upon them in the earth-life. And I could not escape them, or put them aside. If I went away objectively, then subjectively I remembered them, and was drawn back to them. 49. Yea, I was like a young colt that first being haltered, pulleth away, but faileth; then pulleth again, and faileth, and so on, until he findeth he can not escape, then tamely submitteth; even so was I bound to my kingdom, and obliged in the end to yeild and become a slave unto them, to provide for them. For I had so dispoiled them of their talents, they were as helpless as infants; and many of them wicked in the extreme. 50. Nevertheless, I accepted that which I could not escape; I toiled with them hundreds of years, restoring them as well as I could. And in time a ray of happiness came to me, in the hope that in hundreds of years to come I should find my way out. p. 677 51. But, alas me! darkness (a'ji) came upon my already dark heaven. My evil ones, such as I had had slaughtered on earth, came upon me for vengeance sake. Anarchy overflooded me and my people. They became very demons of madness, and they seized me, and bound me, and bruised me and suffocated me with their horrid smells. Millions of them! And their curses pierced me like poisoned arrows. Long I fought them; and I cried out unto thee and to Jehovih! But, alas! I was in hell. None could hear my prayers. For days and months and years I held out, but only to experience new and more terrible horrors! 52. How long this woe was upon me, I know not. I only remember, that my soul sickened within me; and I felt a sinking and a fainting, like an endless death, that could not extinguish me. To me it seemed ten thousand ages! 53. Suddenly I find myself here! Distracted before thee, thou holy Son of the Great Spirit! Whence came I? What hath occurred? Or is this but a spell of delirious dream? And will I relapse again into yonder terrible nightmare of horrors? How can I go hence, that mine old kingdom come not upon me? 54. Do they not wait hereabout somewhere? To seize me again, for renewed torments? O teach me, thou, Moses! How can I fulfill thy righteous judgment? And not be entrapped again, and, perhaps, forever!
55. Moses said: I will give thee a new name, and I will clothe thee in garments of mine own making, so they will rather flee from thee, than come to thee.


Chapter XLII

1. GOD, Jehovih's Son, was wise above all these trials, for he had the light of Jehovih's kingdoms with him. 2. And it will be shown, presently, how much further ahead are the plans laid out by Jehovih's Sons, than by His enemies. 3. Because Pharaoh persecuted the Israelites, Moses put a curse upon Pharaoh. Now, after hundreds of years in the lower heavens, behold, Pharaoh was cast into hell, and then into chaos, and none but Moses could deliver him, as hath been previously described. 4. So, Moses descended from the higher heavens, and delivered Pharaoh, and he provided Pharaoh a new name, Illaes, and sent him back to earth to labor with the Israelites, in order to fulfill his shortness in righteous works. Illaes, therefore, became a willing volunteer, and many angels with him. 5. And these angels inspired seven hundred Israelites to separate themselves from all other people, and to go and live by direction of the angels of Jehovih. Moreover, the angels inspired these people to call themselves Es'eans, as commanded by Moses in heaven. 6. These Es'eans were, therefore, a separate people, pledged to Jehovih, to have no king nor earth-ruler, save their rab'bahs. And they dwelt in communities and families of tens and twenties and hundreds, holding all things in common. But in marriage, they were monagamic; neither would they have more than one suit of clothes each; and they lived on fruit and herbs only; nor ate they fish nor flesh of anything that had ever breathed the breath of life. And they bathed every morning at sunrise, and worshipped before the altar of Jehovih, doing, in all things, after the manner of the ancient Faithists. By virtue of the angel hosts, who were with them, did they these things. And they held communion with the angels of heaven, every night before going to sleep 7. Illaes had said: Because I persecuted the Faithists, and raised up my hands against them and against Jehovih, I was instrumental, in part for their fall. Now will I labor with them, to re-establish them in purity and love. And he so labored. 8. And Illaes and his angel hosts made the camps of the Es'eans their dwelling places, watching over these few Israelites, day and night for hundreds of years. Yea, without leaving them, these faithful angels guarded them from all the warring hosts of angels, belonging to the armies of Baal and Ashtaroth, and to the Triune God, Looeamong, and his hosts. 9. And, though the Es'eans lived in great purity of body and soul, yet they were evilly slandered by the world's people around about them on every side. 10. But Jehovih prospered the seed of the Es'eans, in holiness and love, for many generations.

The Birth of Joshu ben Joseph

11. Then came Gafonaya, chief of the loo'is, according to the command of God, to raise up an heir to the Voice of Jehovih. And, in four generations more, an heir was born, and named, Joshu, and he was the child of Joseph and his wife, Mara, devout worshippers of Jehovih, who stood aloof from all other people, save the Es'eans. 12. And, because of the extreme youth of Mara, the child was of doubtful sex, whereupon the rab'bahs said, the child was an iesu, signifying neutral. 13. The time of the birth of the child, was three days after the descent of a heavenly ship from the throne of God. And many of the Es'eans looked up and beheld the star, and they felt the cold wind of the higher heavens fall upon the place and around about
the tent, where the child was born.

And they said, one to another: Jehovih, remembers us. 14. Gafonaya, the chief angel of the loo'is, knew beforehand what the birth would be, and he sent out around about the Es'ean encampments extra guardian angels; and these notified the descending hosts of heaven of what was near at hand. 15. So the messengers from heaven tarried until after the child was born, acquainting Illaes of the time ahead when Moses and Elias, with their hosts would come to complete the deliverance of the spirits of the Eguptians, whom Moses had colonized in atmospherea. 16. Illaes said: Thank Jehovih, I shall once more look upon Moses' face.17.

When the birth was completed, the angels of heaven re-entered their star-ship and hastened back to Paradise, God's heavenly seat.

Chapter XLIII

1. WHEN Joshu was grown up, and ready for his labor, God provided a host of one hundred million angels to make a line of light from his Holy Council down to the earth; and they so made it. 2. And God provided a guardian host of two thousand million angels to protect the line of communications; for it was war times in heaven and earth. 3. Then came Moses from his etherean realms, accompanied by Elias and a sufficient host. And he came to Paradise, to God on the throne, where due preparation had been made for them. For the heavenly kingdoms of God were stirred from center to circumference, when it was heralded abroad that Moses and Elias were coming. 4. And Paradise was like a new heavenly city, being acceded by an influx of more than a thousand million visitors for the occasion. 5. And heralds and receivers and marshals and musicians extended every way. 6. A whole book might be written on the glory of the occasion, when that etherean ship descended from the higher heavens. Suffice it, Moses was received according to the custom of Gods. And God said to Moses and Elias: Come ye, and honor my throne; and I will proclaim a file before the throne, to be followed by two days' recreation. 7. Then Moses and Elias went up, and sat on the throne of God, that they might look upon Moses' face. And Moses stood up before them. Moses said: I remember standing on the earth whilst the hosts that came out of Egupt passed before me! Great Jehovih, what symbols of things Thou givest. And ever with a new thrill of joy to the soul. O Thou Almighty! 8. That was all he said; but so great was the love and glory in his face as he stood on the throne of God that every soul that passed said: Moses, blessed Son of Jehovih! 9. And God granted two days' recreation, during which time the ethereans mingled with the atmosphereans in great delight. After that, Moses, with his hosts, went to Elaban, his colony of Eguptians, who were now raised high in the grades. And Moses had them removed to Aroqu, where they were duly prepared and adorned as Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. And, after suitable preparation, Moses provided for their ascent to the Nirvanian fields of Metapotamas, in etherea, sending them in charge of his own hosts. 10. After that, Moses and his remaining hosts descended to the earth, to Kanna'yan, to the tribes of Es'eans, which had been raised up by Illaes (Pharaoh). And great was the meeting betwixt Illaes and Moses. The former broke down with emotion. He said: All praise to Thee, O Jehovih! Thou has remembered me at last. 11. Moses came to him, and said: I have come for thee, O Nu'ghan! I have a place prepared for thee and thy hosts in my etherean kingdoms! Thou hast done well! 12. Then Moses and his hosts drew their otevan down to the angel camp, which was near the camp of the mortals, the Es'eans, and they made the light to fall upon the boat; and it came to pass that many of the Es'eans looked up and beheld the otevan, calling it a chariot. 13. And Moses and Elias went and stood before Joshu, and he saw them. 14. Moses said unto him: My son! my son! The light of Eloih is upon thee. Israel, through thee, shall regain the All One, which was lost. 15. Thereupon, Moses and his hosts, together with Illaes and his hosts, went into the otevan, and immediately took course for Paradise, God's heavenly seat, where they arrived in due season. And, after three days, they again entered the fire-ship, and took course for Moses' etherean realms.

Chapter XLIV


1. GOD said: These were my doctrines, as I taught through Joshu:
2. Thou shalt keep the ten commandments of Moses.
3. Thou shalt not engage in war, nor abet war.
4. Thou shalt eat no flesh of any animal, or fish, or bird, or fowl, or creeping thing which Jehovih created alive.
5. Thou shalt dwell in families, after the manner of the ancient Israelites, who held all things in common.
6. Thou shalt have no king nor queen, nor bow down in worship to any, save thy Creator.
7. Thou shalt not call on the name p. 709 of angels to worship them, nor to counsel with them on the affairs of earth.
8. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, and do unto thy fellow man as thou wouldst have him do unto thee.
9. Thou shalt return good for evil, and pity to them that sin.
10. It hath been said: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; but I say, return good for evil.
11. And if a man smite thee on one cheek, turn the other unto him also.
12. The man shall have but one wife, and the woman but one husband.
13. As the children honor the father, so will the family be blest with peace and plenty.
14. Remember, that all things are of Jehovih, and ye are His servants, to help one another.
15. And as much as ye do these services to one another, so serve ye Jehovih.
16. Behold only the virtues and wisdom in thy neighbor; his faults thou shalt not discover.
17. His matters are with his Creator.
18. Call not on the name of any God or Lord in worship; but worship Jehovih only.
19. And when thou prayest, let it be after this manner:20.
Jehovih, who rulest in heaven and earth, hallowed be Thy name, and reverent amongst men. Sufficient unto me is my daily bread; and, as much as I forgive those that trespass against me, forgive Thou me, and make me steadfast, to shun temptation, for all honor and glory are Thine, worlds without end. Amen!
21. To visit the sick and distressed, the helpless and blind, and to relieve them; to provide for the widow and orphan, and keep thyself unspotted before men; these are the way of redemption.
22. Thou shalt take no part in the governments of men, but observe the will of Jehovih, being obedient unto all governments for His sake.
23. All men are the children of One Father, who is Jehovih; and whosoever chooseth Him, and keepeth His commandments, is His chosen. 24.
To preserve the seed of His chosen, thou shalt not wed but with the chosen.
25. Contend not with any man for opinion's sake, nor for any earthly thing. 26. And let thy speech be for other's joy; nor open not thy mouth, if thy words will give pain.
27. Therefore, be considerate of thy speech; teaching others by gentleness and love, to be respectful toward all men.
28. Preserve the sacred days of the rab'bahs; and the rites and ceremonies of emethachavah.29.
For three years, Joshu traveled amongst the Israelites, preaching, and restoring the ancient doctrines.
30. And there were gathered in groups, of tens and twenties and fifties, more than two thousand Israelites, of the ancient Order of Moses, who became steadfast followers of the teachings of Joshu. 31. But, because of persecution, by the apostate Jews, they kept themselves aloof from the world, having signs and pass-words, whereby they knew one another. 32. First, the God, Baal, and after him, Thoth, inspired the kings and rulers, against these Faithists. 33. And they proved them by commanding them to eat flesh, even swine's flesh, the which, if they refused, was testimony sufficient before the laws, to convict them of being enemies against the Gods. 34. So, they were scourged, and put to death, whenever found 35. Now, it came to pass, that Joshu went into Jerusalem to preach, and in not many days thereafter, he was accused of preaching Jehovih.36. And he was arrested, and whilst being carried to prison, he said: 37.

“Ye are hypocrites and blasphemers! Ye practice none of the commandments, but all the evils of satan. Behold, the temple shall be rent in twain, and ye shall become vagabonds on the earth.”

39. At that, the multitude cast stones upon him, and killed him!
40. And Jehovih sent a chariot of fire, and bore his soul to Paradise.

Note: Today we call these chariots (star-ships) UFO’s and the Angels that fly them Aliens.

Majestic 12 (MJ12) was established by President Truman to deal with the aliens (ET’s) now present on and above Planet Earth. The two crews of the Roswell Incident crashes were from the Reticuli Star System and six of the seven crewmen perished in the explosions of the two star-ships. The crashes were intentional to let man know for certain he is not alone in space and time.
The surviving crewman was interviewed telepathically and the content of the interview has been published on the internet and a summary of the major disclosures can be found at ZetaTalk@zetatalk.com.


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