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Re: Thanks Zany...Great Info! I have a question....What good is it doing to even try to awaken people... *PIC*

Hi Cosmic Observer,

Thank you for your kind comments on the posts.

If I'm reading correctly, your MAIN question is, "What good is it doing to even try to awaken people..." ?

I don't think it's a matter of "doing" anything or even "trying". We awaken others in ways that we don't perceive, understand or know. In other words, it's a largely invisible process in which we just "are" ourselves, which represents a certain frequency band in the awakening process. THere are no "better" or superior bands on the station, just different perceptions which accompany each frequency.

The "higher" one rises in consciousness, the more humility and compassion occur, in conjunction with our opening of the chamber within our hearts (or, "heart chakra") if you like that term. It's really connecting at the level of heart, one by one, and opening to larger connections with nature, spirit and the sentience of ALL life in "All That Is" which creates our own changes in frequency, which then is broadcast out 24/7/365, even while sleeping. In sleep, we do amazing things; some who are a bit ahead of us remember, and share their experiences.

Regarding what you said about the "why bother, if they have it all sewn up?" That's precisely the attitude they are trying to create in everyone, and that's one of the reasons why it's so important to remain AWAKE and to continue in the Awakening Process. It's a process, and there's more... MUCH more, to follow. Even if we look at just the lives of those who have attained amazing abilities, and this is happening right now, each day, then we know that ws have barely tapped into our OWN POWER. The PTB don't WANT us to know about that, or to continue trying. And we must always remember that NO ONE PERSON has ALL, or even MOST OF the "answers" or information. Each person is literally a "pawn" and is only given a small bit of the total picture, some of it being DISinformation. WE, however, can go within and by askinig our own questions of our own "Higher Self", which is accessible, get answers, as long as those anawers don't alter the outcome of events in a significant way.

Now: what is the greatest way to defeat those who are presently in control?

DO NOT EXPRESS ANY NEGATIVITY WHATSOEVER! This includes all forms of anger, injustice, jealousy, fury, comparisons, "accidents", anything that sets one off is FOOD for those who presently control the majority.

"They" live on negativity, it is their source of food. It may sound strange, but if you just look into the world at the level of hatred, intolerance, wars, rape, beatings, crime, corruption, etc., you can see that these things are all orchestrated at a much higher level from FREQUENCY CONTROL. If enough people "AWAKEN" to their OWN frequencies, it creates shifts and cracks in the veneer, allowing even more "light" (information) to get through.

Light is information. Information is power. Power will return to the people and the sheeple when enough begin to question the status quo, and start looking for the truth about things...it doesn't matter where that thread begins; for some, it may be curiousity about something they heard of called ZEITGEIST. For another, it may be something else. When enough people start tuning into the truth, it goes VIRAL. For instance:

I have a good friend, a rancher across the river, who one might consider to be a "good 'ol boy redneck beer guzzlin fool". Well, he got caught drinking while driving (finally!). As part of his sentence, he has to go to a weekly class. This week, the woman leading the class asked for people to share something that interested them that week. One guy, tatooed and a bit "scary" talked for over 15 minutes about ZEITGEIST, the Movie! Well, my friend was watching the others, and they were all eyes on, jaws dropped in amazement at the information he was sharing. So, my friend came over and I played it for him... WOW. He "knew" intuitively ALL OF IT. It was as if it had been coded within, and was merely waiting for some light switch to turn it ON.

Now, he's telling all his family, friends, etc., about it, and is even getting on the computer!

So, nothing is wasted! Remember, the only person you can change is YOU. When we begin to think we're here to "change the world", or change other people, that becomes a self-defeating trap which sucks many good people in, and the only way it leads is towards frustration and despair; again, negative emotions. There is no legitimate organic vehicle within that creates negativity. It HAS TO BE created outside ourselves, yet it can only be monitored and controlled from within. This is a great "secret" which not enough people have realized, and is part of the "awakening process" we're all in.

Besides that little story, we tend to forget that we're souls (spirit having a human experience in a disposable body), eternal and infinite and non local. We come in heavily VEILED in consciousness, and it takes decades, lifetimes or even longer to "wake up" to the truth of our own being. Once we do, that slowly begins to alter how we perceive things. This crazy world, which is full of ugliness created by humans (largely) is a place where the light and dark "duke it out" and manifest all that cannot be in the higher densities beyond about the 5th or 6th. Remember, we're currently in the 3rd, VERY CLOSE to the 4th, and some tickle the 5th already!

You know, I've always loved James Bond films. Ever since a little kid, I've been a huge fan... also, of the comic book hero flicks, of late. There's a reason why. Some might have difficulty "swallowing" ideas about there being some kind of "divine plan" which operates invisibly within numerous cosmic cycles, some far greater than trillions of years. However, we CAN see that there ARE cosmic cycles which seem to reflect different "energies". And, every 2,000 years or so, we move into another sign of the Zodiac. We're moving from Pisces, the fish, into Aquarius...

Last, there are MANY INTERSECTING EVENTS which are coming into play, very similar to the part in V for Vendetta where V sets up the dominos, and at a certain moment simply flicks the first one, causing them all to fall. This is what I SUSPECT is happening NOW: WE are the dominos, and not all of us are quite lined up properly yet, for the entire chain to move like a WAVE, an unstoppable wave at that! But, the time is coming, and it's soon... so, all we can REALLY do is "get our own houses in order". In doing that much, continuing to reduce negativity, keep positive, purify our thoughts and emotions and actions, learn how to act less sefISHly, and be more caring about others, and continue spreading our light, joy and beingness. This is a prescription for a "Great Cure".

There's one more thing which I don't have time to go into now, but it has to do with the idea of a coming pole shift, and with the influx of etheric energies which literally "spiritualize matter" down to the atomic levels. Literally everything becomes "illumined" or illuminated....this has been talked about for ages, and is the cause for the paintings of "Saints" with halos... the soul becomes so infused with Light particles, manna, alchemical gold, that it literally glows in the dark!

That is coming. But we can't focus on the future, even though it is merging with us, here, the anchors for these various timelines, so that they can all neatly dovetail together "at the right moment". Fortunately, we are not privvy to that moment, or we'd go fruitcakes!

So, dear friend(s), develop patience, tolerance, open mindedness, non-judgmentalism, compassion and most of all a connection with "earth/gaia/terra" in all her forms and splendor...

Zany Mystic

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Thanks Zany...Great Info! I have a question....What good is it doing to even try to awaken people...
Re: Thanks Zany...Great Info! I have a question....What good is it doing to even try to awaken people... *PIC*
Thanks so very much Zany...you soothe my tired & weary soul! Beautiful picture...it looks just like where I grew up as a child. *NM*
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