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The 2009 SunWatch Native Flute Gathering will be held August 22nd and 23rd The hours are 10 to 8 on Saturday and 10 to 6 on Sunday. The beautiful music of Native flutes will once again be heard throughout the historic SunWatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park, 2301 West River Road, Dayton, Ohio 45418.

SunWatch Native Flute Gathering "Peoples Choice Award" always honors the Flute Makers. They truely make it happen and none of this would be possible without them. If you come to the Gathering you will see thousands of wonderful flutes and find the special one that speaks to you. Here is the 2008 award winners.

Magic Flute Makers
Wood becomes a flute
when it's loved

I would like to take some time to thank the creators of singing wood. I have such a deep respect and admiration for them. These magical makers of Native flutes are truly artists creating marvelous works of art and are wonderful craftsmen as well. To take a block of wood and transform it into an musical instrument with such harmonic beauty and spiritual sound leaves me in total awe. They put their hearts and souls into their creations hand crafting each flute with its own special mystical voice. These flutes are not turned out at the Yamaha factory a 1000 at a time, but conceived and developed one at a time by one man and his dream. Their dream becomes my dream as I begin to play. All the feeling and emotion that was put into the magic flutes creation comes pouring out as the flute writes the song on my breath. Without these wonderful creative people we would just be whistling in the wind and not have the wings of the Eagle to soar with the sound of our imagination on a journey into the echoes of our mind.

Thank You

john de boer
We all have a song inside us it tells us who we are.
Mitakuye Oyasin !! (we are all related)
Witsatologi nihi! ~Many blessings to you~

Sun Watch Village - Native American Flute - John De Boer
This is a PBS special about the first Ohio farmers the Native American. John Deboer is playing Native American flute for the special.

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