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Re: More Links To Strange Object Heading Toward The Sun. *PIC*

I wrote to the SOHO people at GSFC and got a prompt reply regarding the image

found here:


"Dear Matthew

That image looks rather strange indeed. As these structures are out of focus and
moving through a large fraction of the LASCO C3 field of view during the 19 sec
exposure time, they must be caused by debris that is moving relatively close in
front of the spacecraft.

During the last week we had a lot of "action" on SOHO, with door closures,
thruster firings (station keeping and momentum management maneuvers), a 180
degree roll, and door openings again. Some of the doors are spring-loaded, i.e.
they produce quite a "bang" when they open. The MLI (multi-layer-insulation)
that is wrapped around the spacecraft and most instruments has become quite
brittle over the more than 13 years SOHO has been in orbit. It is therefore
quite possible that these structures are caused by a flake of MLI that has come
off after a door opening.

These spacecraft maneuvers are also the reason why you can't find images from
the 11th to the 13th. During that time, the LASCO doors were closed to protect
the sensitive optics of LASCO from contamination during the thruster firings.

Hope this helps.
Best regards,
George Dimitoglou


There it is. There is no strange object "Hellion-1957" that is going to hit the Sun.
It is one of many malicious internet hoaxes.

The Stupid! It Burns!

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More Links To Strange Object Heading Toward The Sun.
Re: More Links To Strange Object Heading Toward The Sun. *PIC*
thanks for sharing - you put me 'in the know' :D
I am receiving the message Document not found at your picture link *NM*
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