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More Children? -> Need for more sex? - NO! Only better timing and good health needed. :D

(caution: possibly offensive you appeal)

recommend the following tactics:

one shot - one hit
at the right time

saves a lot of energy
think of carbon dioxide
global warming and such

get out of the marxist Pawlow-Skinner sex treadmill

Pawlow-Skinner conditioning wrecks health and relationsships

sex WITH fun - okay, the trick of nature

sex FOR fun - your stairway to hell

you waste time and energy, men and women in their own ways according to their different preferences


While common sex-for-fun conditioned westerners (aka westheimers) waste their time and energy, physically and mentally, to serve one another in never ending attempts to spend the maximum rate of super-orgasms
(by help of Rude Westheimers et al)

the Muslims keep the flames low,
reduce the holy intercourse
to a divine healthy rate
sublimate for Allah

and spent their precious life time on hard work
to bolster their nests for the raise of their many siblings

the western sex-cult is exhaustive and degrading, it produces

Libertiner Monkeys

full of ever increasing greed for lust
until only exhaustion, boredom and low-level non-spiritual relations are left

what was the goal
of the indoctrination

by the types of
Pawlows and Skinners
to pave the way for
costly consumerism, mutual exploitation and self-destruction

Don't believe it?
better ask

Henry Makow
Sigmund Freud and the Wisdom of the Ancestors

"don't fark your life away"
"oh no no no"

"Stop it, keep your eyes up at head's height
and your hands out of your pockets!"
You dolts and donkeys, dudes and dunces:
"Play no more big spender on credit cards
to please the ladies, geezus, I mean it!"

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You can Win a War Without Fighting, just have more SEX than your enemies! *LINK*
More Children? -> Need for more sex? - NO! Only better timing and good health needed. :D
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